Social Media Experiment

hi I'm Jack Vale and I wanted to see how easy it would be to get personal information from complete strangers and while I'm at it of course freak them out a little bit keep in mind when you watch this video I got all of this information just by searching their personal social media posts and I got it by searching for the closest Twitter Instagram and other social media posts to my current location let's go sorry bother you are you is your name Jessica yeah I'm Jack hi hi nice to meet ya Ashley whenever it comes to me and I know who it is I know it's weird but I have to shout it out to see if I'm right and in that case I was right so what are you Stephanie how do you know are you doing I'm Jack you just make that happen you said that no um Elena right yeah yeah no I'm just gonna say happy birthday someone in your family's referred to as pops is it a like a dad or a grandpa so you were tripping me out right now really yeah happy birthday happy birthday to you – because I know you were actually I should have said it to you because yours before hers but anyway well it's been like seven weeks now or something like that but anyway good to see you guys see you later like a little white curly dog sort of like a little white dog that's creepy given doll Paris wait it wasn't Paris oh it was like the first few letters like hair or par or something like that am i right no I don't know if you get it seriously Blanca or blanket is that how did I know it's wet blanket Blanca Blanca okay is that you mom how do you know and bear I feel like or something like like yeah that's right yeah recently like had lunch dinner or something like that chicken it was chicken involved I know for sure you just shut the hell up nickel nickel nickel Nicki good here haha Emma's all right yeah yeah you're kidding me yeah you were tripping me out who's who's like Richard I keep thinking Richard ha what is it what is it what is it Richard Parker like Peter Parker cuz I had a spider-man I had a spider-man flashback he last name starts with a K scrap the prowl crop crow crowd like that who told you to do that because that's a life in somewhere seriously drop it there's some business that you're in some kind of a business that has to do a self sell company or phone company or something like that yes oh wait wait eight is it AT&T AT&T yeah let me see what else I can find out from your Instagram so this is a social media experiment video cameras through that picture we were able to find out all kinds of other stuff oh no it was just it was just a little prank hidden camera right here welcome see you later so my name is Jack Vale – so I use social media all the time and this experiment has definitely made me think a little differently about it but I want to know what you guys think does it creep you out that a stranger can get this information about you or no big deal let me know what you think in the comments below see you later

  1. Hey what kind of an idiot posts on instagram on a public account,and then bitches about getting their privacy invaded?

  2. Last two guys were pissed off because they were out on a date with each other and figured out they was going to get outted , that is why they were mad

  3. Despite the prank nature there is a serious dimension to this, namely people putting so many personal details online. Crazy.

  4. Flipping dangerous to have social media. That is exactly why I will not have a Facebook or Twitter account.

  5. I think this was a good experiment because it shows some how accessible they are to the public

  6. All your farting videos are hilarious, but this one kind of scares me knowing how people can find out my personal info.

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