Social Media Experiment #JESUS

are you hey soos I'll bet you $20 that I know five things about you that no stranger should possibly know drool in and take me up on that bet I got you I got one thing already right because I said your name is hey soos you like baseball doing it blue there's a blue team that you like Dodgers you like the Dodgers am i right okay that's number two The Simpsons or know something Simpson who's Simpson well the baby is the baby's name Simpson last name is Simpson what in it we call you something you call her Simpson okay so I got so I got that who is who's Bell they're Nagas you're sorry that's who it's a dog yeah just whose dog is that it's your dog yeah I sensed it like you're fond of Bell like you spent some time with the dog or something right okay great I'm at for hey-zeus Dodgers baby the baby Simpson and Belle the dog could you put up your hand like this you see your other one don't record I see you doing I see my sees like medicine or pills or something coming out of your hands to other people like you work in that environment you gather in a pharmacy or something like that you do okay I get a pharmacy there you go right and you know these I know a lot of stuff about people watch this Melinda Melinda no oh no I didn't get her right but I use me yeah I'm not I mean I'm trying to but I didn't get that one right I'm usually you got it right it's a middle name it's our middle name there you go see when I say we're shooting a hidden camera prank called the social media experiment hey soos posted up on Instagram a picture of himself on that car ha ha ha and through through that picture we were able to start looking at other photos and other postings to figure out all the other information so I'm gonna give you the 20 bucks anyway Thanks it's good to meet you thanks good to meet you all right good to meet you is your name Jessica yeah hi I'm Jack hey hi nice to meet ya how are you

  1. jack you should go to people pretend your angel of death say their full name and that they well die today then walk away i would be scared shitless

  2. You should walk up to random strangers and pretend your a physic and start freaking people out instead of social media lol

  3. I am starting to like these videos by Jack Vale. Not only is he entertaining us, he is also teaching us a lesson on responsible social media.

  4. This reeks of Fortune Teller bullshit….Fortune tellers are gonna start using this shit, that is, if they haven't already

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  6. If you're ever in Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas, make sure to look at the Instagram hash tag "#thejontruck" and freak my friend out

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