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what's at stake with an unbalanced society that simple destruction we're in the process of potentially destroying our planet and ourselves because we're out of balance real change is gonna have to fall to communities communities means you and it means me it means everybody who cares about changing or correcting the world in early 2014 I published a pamphlet a friend read it her name is Irene and her reaction was quite interesting to me because she said you know I knew these kinds of things were happening but I never knew it was that bad then she asked the question that so many people have asked me ever since what can I do about it what can I do maybe you're asking yourself that right now that's why we designed this MOOC a massive open online course but it's a MOOC for groups so we're a group this way the Irene question really becomes what can we do maybe you're already working in a group you want to create some change but you need some help maybe you have an idea for a social initiative but you don't know what to do with it maybe you're ready for a global conversation about what you want to do or maybe you're just concerned about some change that needs to happen in this world that's out of balance and you don't know what to do with that this group's for you this group uses a very different pedagogy social learning in this group means sharing your ideas and experience with one another the learning in this MOOC is going to be dynamic sometimes unpredictable and fun so what can you expect from this group well you can certainly expect Henry as his provocative self you can also expect to hear from other world-class thinkers and doers on an amazing array of topics that include co-creating designing scaling resourcing and assessing this is an opportunity to join a global conversation about changing the world creating positive sustainable social change it's really about social learning for social impact when Irene asked what can I do about it I thought you know there's so many ways in which everybody can get involved either by joining something they can see or by creating something new and addressing some problem if they really care about and getting colleagues friends family to work with it do something about it starts something that's gonna make a huge difference in your life and the life of other people in the life of this planet you

  1. At this moment, there is too much division going on in this country. Whites vs Black, Republicans vs Republicans.. Riots happened here, riots happened there, California running low in water, Israel feels betrayed by this trade deal with Iran. So with all that being said, the real title should be is.. "CAN WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!"  first so America can move forward in making progress for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

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