Social Justice Warrior Training Video, LEAKED! | Decoded | MTV News

(typewriter clicks) – There’s a war going on out there and we need warriors. Social Justice Warriors! Maggot! Are you ready to promote social justice, acceptance, and tolerance? – Yes, sir! – What did you call me? – Yes, ma’am! – You wanna try that again? – Yes, gender neutral pronoun! – There may be hope for you yet! Maggot! Let me hear your war cry! – [All] Everyone deserves
basic dignity and respect! – Basic training begins now! On the battlefield you
maggots will encounter fake facts and you must
know how to disarm them! Blacks are lazy and eating
up all the food stamps! – Actually, the majority of food stamps go to white families. – Planned Parenthood harvests
baby parts for profit! – That claim is based on
an intentionally misleading video from anti-abortion activists. – Muslims were celebrating
in New Jersey after 9/11! – There is zero footage
or eyewitness reports that ever happened. – All right, maggot, this room simulates the YouTube comments section. Consider this your trigger warning! – Okay! – [Man whispering] Ban all Muslims. – [Man whispering] First grade
teachers need to be armed. – [Woman whispering] Donald
Trump should be president. – [Man whispering] Build a wall. [overlapping whispers] – [Warrior] Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, God! – [Warrior] Who thinks
like this any more?! Oh my God, (sobbing) I-
I can’t take it in there! I don’t feel safe! – We’re coming, buddy! – Yes, we can! Here’s your granola bar, it’s all organic. – We support you, we love you. – Good job, maggots! We’re in this war together! And for your final test, you’ll have to pass target practice! – Feminism isn’t about taking
away the rights of men. It’s about equal rights for everyone! – Political correctness is just treating others with respect. The bigger question is, “Why do you want “to say politically
incorrect things so badly?” – Why aren’t you saying anything?! – There’s nothing for me to say! It would be inappropriate
for me to dominate this particular conversation! – Good job, maggot! – Can you stop calling
us “maggots,” please?! – It’s disrespectful and fly
larva are an invaluable part of our ecosystem. – Excellent point, ma- soldiers! Congratulations! You are all officially
Social Justice Warriors. You will be on the front
lines of social justice. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit threads, and I know you will make me proud. Now go out there and give them hell! Respectfully. (upbeat music) – [crying] There’s just
so many microagressions. And macroagressions, too! – What did they say? – They said white privilege didn’t exist. – Okay, that offends me. I’ve benefited from white privilege. That offends me! (upbeat music)

  1. Should training be

    Yelling really loud

    Throwing objects and groups of in armed people

    Clamming to be anti System then calling help from police when your safe space in invaded?

    Wearing masks and black clothes going around trashing hard working businesses shops?

  2. This…. This is the ultimate shit post…. Words cannot describe how much I love this…. it's just too perfect

  3. Poe's Law in action right here folks. Doesn't get better than this other than the "Beta as Fuck" video.

  4. Sooooo I understood from the whitesplaining video that white people shouldnt interrupt or talk over POC when talking about issues of race, but why wasn't the white guy allowed to say anything? Where in the line between whitesplaining and standing up for others rights?

    (Not trying to troll, honestly curious)

  5. This is hilarious for unintended reasons. And can I say that I'd love to see FR do more acting rather than activism?

  6. Ya know i thought the twerking butt ebegger guy was the cringiest ive ever seen then i saw the waifu birthday guy and i thought that as cringier, but this takes the cringe cake congrats mtv you get the blackandsilverdiamond award of cringiest video of internet history.

  7. For those that have a hard time identifying whether a video creator portraying SJWs is a SJW:

    If SJWs are portrayed as having any interest in being respectful or even trying to debate with logic, then the content creator is a Social Justice Warrior.

    Otherwise they are generally portrayed as an emotional violent mess of hypocrisy that initially make claims of bogeymen (Patriarchy, Gamergate, Alt Right) then silence critics with hate labels (racist, misogynist, nazi). They don't debate because that requires an extended interaction with opposing views, which is in direct violation of their safe space.

  8. >The majority of food stamps go to white families.
    >White people are killed twice as often by police, but you have to look at population size.
    Unless food stamps go to white people at a disproportionate rate, you can only pick one.

  9. 1:44 Target Practice – Advanced difficulty version! (I have time to burn so I thought I'd have fun commenting on this silly segment of the video)
    Target 1:
    Topic – Men's rights and issues!
    SJW – "Feminism isn't about taking away the rights of men it's about equal rights for everyone."
    Counter attack – "Then why do US feminists never talk about men's issues. Why do so many of them demonize men and call them oppressors? Why do they say that all men are sexists and privileged by default even though women have many court related privileges? Why do different groups of feminists keep invading MRA meetings that talk about men's issues (like male suicide) and do everything in their power to censor them by shutting them down?"
    Target 2:
    Topic – PC police
    SJW: Political correctness is just treating others with respect! Why do you want to say Politically incorrect things?
    Counter attack – Because facts are sometimes not very PC. They don't care about people's feelings. If SJWs value different opinions and respect then why do they lose their shit every time someone opposes their viewpoints with common sense and a different opinion? Why do they put labels on everyone who disagrees? Like calling anyone who disagrees racist, sexist, privileged, straight white male? Why do they keep shutting down events of people who oppose SJW ideology like the MRA and people like Ben Sharpio and Milo Yiannopoulos? Why do they brand everyone who comes to speak against SJWs as hate speech anarchists?
    Target 3:
    Topic – stupid person says "I can't breathe!"
    SJW – "I say nothing because it would be inappropriate for me to dominate this particular conversation!"
    Counterattack – Congrats! You have what is called "White guilt!". You feel ashamed of being a straight white male and that is why you don't dare to give this dumb black guy advice on how to breathe again because you're afraid that people would call you a racist.

  10. the pure fact that none of the people in this video as well as the people who made it have never experienced what its really like to be in the military or had any kind of real difficulty in there sad pathetic lives is really fucking funny

  11. These lefties say that "white silence = violence" and yet label you when you get involved in controversial conversations. Fuck these guys.

  12. So you're pointing out everything wrong with what you are doing, but then you keep on doing it. Are you mentally handicapped?

  13. Social Justice Warrior is a pejorative, it's meant to make fun of the idiots who think "Ban bossy" and shit like that is an important crusade and not just a bunch of first world people looking to be offended by anything.

  14. This bullshit is backfiring and blowing up in MTV's face. The dislikes and comments on these videos are PURE F'n GOLD.

  15. Okay first of all, your hair is wayyyyyy out of regs. Secondly, all your trainees are wearing the wrong shirt. That’s not even a real uniform shirt. Also, your cover is pulled down way too low over your head, and why are you wearing it indoors anyway?

  16. I cant tell if they are mocking or supporting the snowflakes? it looks like it could come straight off buzzfeed even? answer negate this rubbish altogether in media and stop entertaining it.

  17. I love that video.
    Social Justice Warriors are special.
    Don't insult or throw your anger on me.

  18. 1. Whites on the vast majority of the population; So, of course they're going to be the majority of food stamp applicants.

    2. Feminist Groups have attacked MRA meetings, Shut down Men's March, Attacked Father's Day, Ignore issues that negatively impact males.

  19. There isn't an acronym for how I feel… its a combination of hysterical laughing, complete amazement & awe, and just sadness. To think that there are people who legitimately think like this out in the real world is just saddening. Sad, very sad people… still laughing!!

  20. "Everyone deserves tolerance and respect… except conservatives, who we accuse of being intolerant as we push for marxist equality of outcome instead of capitalist equality of opportunity"

  21. SJW are upset about every thing , SJW men are EUNUCHS, they cut off balls to to come a male Feminists ,, so women like them ,,, weak minds men ,, new feminists are idiots, ,, a lot of people from the Left are turn the back on SJWs

  22. The dishonesty and transparent Neo Marxism in this video was pure cringe. You would think they would include at least one honest argument, but no.

  23. I love satire. I also love watching white supremacist dickheads get so confused by it they hurt themselves and end up not only proving the point, but also agreeing with you.

  24. “Femenist is about equal rights for everyone”
    We already have that
    “Political correctness is just treating others with respect”
    No, it’s calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist sexist homophobe. Which isn’t even being PC
    “Why do you wanna say politically incorrect things so badly?”
    Because everythingnto you is politically incorrect

  25. You people are pathetic. You always been a joke, and you always will be. The likes you got were probably just from viewers who thought you were making a parody.

  26. Good job at making fun of yourselves! Keep up the good work and keep making centrist, swing voters, moderates, libertarians, independents (all the silent majority) and even some Democrats vote Republican!

  27. So lemme get this straight…The white guy can't speak on an issue that could potentially put us all in danger?

    Yes black people are targeted more by police, but police brutality could affect anyone. White people are still humans.

    Also this video is misleading, most SJWS I've ever seen have been white women.

  28. As someone with Autism (as well as a few other disabilities) all i can say is, I'd rather be friends with some that would make light jokes about my disabilities than some who is feeling like they are walking on egg shells or is so pathetic they need to appoligise for nothing.

    Heres a joke, How many autists does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, because their all screaming and drooling.

  29. I'm curious how many actors passed on this video because they didn't want to "sign up for willing oppression".

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