Social Justice: Equality, Equity or Something Else? Students Speak

[Music] NYLE>>I’m a veteran, served eight years in the Navy KEISEY>>This is my first semester here and I’m an elementary education major. DINI>>this is my 3rd semester here I’m studying biological science . CALEB>>I graduated from Richard Montgomery High School and I’m studying cyber security and computer science LUDVINE>>I’m deaf, my major is general studies to be a social worker. YODIT>>I’m a proud mom, mother of four. MAURICIO>>I just graduated from Northwood high school ADELA>>coming from a different country where the educational system is completely different sometimes meeting people that expect that you know how is the system here works it’s hard MAURICIO>>I’m really happy that I’m a part
of a college that accepts for- accepts anyone with any backgrounds CAROLINA GALEANO>>Each one of you has experienced some kind of barrier obstacle that is unique to you right to what you’ve gone through to your upbringing or to the circumstances around you YODIT>>You know I’m doing double-life you know
like being parent, being work, and college you know so I always think those things NYLE>>When I was getting out we had one week they gave us a one-week course when they sat you
down in the classroom and say hey this is how you be a civilian. ADELA>>I’m from a different background so I need you to adjust to my needs so I can
be equal to everyone else LUDEVINE>> I can do the work. I just I just
need a little help with it. MAURICIO>> I wanted to make a name for myself
– I didn’t want the status of a being an immigrant stop me from going from going- succumbing
to the tru- like what they’ve- society’s been saying DINI>>a friend’s friend she’s um she’s undocumented so she’s not able to pay she wants to finish but I don’t think it’s gonna take a little bit longer for her to
finish just to pay it off. KEISEY>> when I got here I was like okay
one now because you don’t have parents or family members to go to to talk about
like the college process or like if you need help on a paper or financial aid and registration NYLE>>so if I’m gonna be a full-time student I have that in one hand alright it’s like
picking apples things like all right but in this hand I still got to pay my rent, so you
know it’s like okay which one comes first? You know it’s like I got to take care of them
both now it’s like alright now what do I eat YODIT>>some of my friend they have degree back
home, but by learning spending this time at the college they kind of feeling discouraged
because you know I know as a second English language learner this kind of tough you know
to to meet the qualification ADELA>>everyone has different backgrounds and
we cannot treat everyone the same way LUDEVINE>>these challenges don’t – don’t make
it don’t make us who we are. CALEB>> we don’t know what we don’t know right.
and we have to getting out of high school getting out of the military or what have you
we have to rely on the counselors. NYLE>>you gotta learn where to start first
right nobody knows where you’re supposed to start unless you unless you did the research
on your own but then again I did my own research and that kind of messed me up a little bit
so as I’m saying like I think everybody I think that’s one of the biggest forefronts
that we should be pushing is academic counseling MAURICIO>>so one of the important things I wanted
to add on was that within this academic counseling that they be educated with with to be able
to support immigrants because the reality is we can’t we can’t file FAFSA -we can’t
um go for financial aid or these opportunities that are open to other students ADELA>>I think there are a lot of scholarships opportunities out there that’s students just
don’t know, so maybe make them more accessible to students so students are more aware where
to find them because I know for sure once that I got more involved in different activities
that’s when I found a lot of resources and a lot of things, KEISEY>>when we’re talking about helping hands like MC is like that helping hand like
they provide you with scholarships and resources counselors it’s like for me I was in ACES so
my ACES coach was a big like resource MAURICIO>>promote or share more of the success
stories with um with individuals who have barriers- and promote how how much of a difference
we are making YODIT>>I see many kind of people without
any disability, barrier of language, barrier of cultural, being immigrant, being in this
country so so I think that’s the reason make me to think to to go to school. if I
go to school if I have degree, if I have if I know more, if I integrate I can make more
difference so I think that’s the beginning of the opportunity at MC


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