Social Justice Alchemy #53   Your Capitalism Effulgent (Mirror)

[Laughter] like it's now a common thing were just like we're just going to be talking and like we're probably gonna go live like live now or something like that and so it's just like okay 10 we're alive and like it's another weekend sigh oh yeah so welcome to another week but remember the workweek is fiction Monday definitely so you can get rid of them if you really want to this is social justice alchemy but yet we are we haven't like figured out it's like no [Laughter] come up with like something else it's like yeah yeah I tried workshopping something last week but I fucked it up horribly okay he says he's to neck up to come okay well we've already gone live so in fact we went live just before Jonathan went into the weekly spiel well I don't know if anyone besides us is listening so you know oh for watching so there's at least five that these two people in us that's ridiculous oh hey we got some like subscribers we've got people that as part of the notification game I guess I don't know maybe some people do like it the Bell don't ma'am it's here although he's too tired to actually talk to us shit oh shit because on that Twitter that's the pronoun there do use em they're not like you – nothin okay so this week was Juneteenth what Juneteenth june 19th when we celebrate white people finally ending slavery without anyone explaining it to them or anything like that at all they just you know because we're so good we're wonderful like that in fact June 19th is not the end of slavery it is the anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery in the Confederate States not in the non rebelling States ok the trade goes I mean yes so Juneteenth celebrates you know when some white people were finally forced to the extreme of ending slavery in some places as a measure to punish other white people not as a way of doing a good thing yeah so it's it's a very very black hole in my country abolished slavery whenever I'm in the early 19th century owned slaves so we don't learn bad in school maybe oh I didn't pay attention I don't know history is something I hate well I hate it because I don't know I hate history too because of all the atrocities that like my people white people caught oh yeah no no we did all the good things it was it was foreigners who did the bad foreigners poor French with other organizations and debris on and stuff but again there's also the British who like kill everyone on almost every continent possible they probably even did it to like penguins on the Antarctic yeah but when you have colonized that out of the black countries in the world you don't feel like or I personally don't feel like saying well it was at least we're not as bad as the bread you know well we have been going at the at least we're not but as bad as the Brits for centuries now but you know what I mean weird France actually abolished slavery in France proper in 1315 yeah but we still but she still had slavery in the colony which was abolished during the French Revolution during the first okay but then it was reestablished with Napoleon and yeah and then it was Riobamba shhhhht under the second republic yeah you had that you had to do it twice you had to take a mulligan aside of manniac mm-hmm a small one well apparently he was actually at average height but yeah for the time yeah I know but I don't know it's a urban legend of sorts in France that Napoleon was born it's a it's an urban legend everywhere yeah people like Sarkozy can feel good you know yes because Sarkozy isn't average height is a small guy you married a model who is fucking gigantic so that's funny well no that's not funny because I don't give a shit you know but it is super uncomfortable about that so I hate him so you know yeah yeah hating people no yay Shannon shot in Florida yeah Shannon freighter had joy from pain specifically other people's pain well other terrible people's yes it's not ready pain its misfortunes yes suffering no misfortunes No you know one of the joys of heaven is laughing at the sinners suffering in hell that's that's cannon really hmm okay right yep Saint Augustine wrote that that was one of the things you do in heaven is laugh at people suffering in hell well that's not very nice and those were the good people go WOW okay so like I would go with like my I've Lincoln I think it was Mark Twain it said that uh he'll go to heaven for the accommodations but he would go the hell for the company in with you hearing what you said about like what people in heaven do I'm thinking I'm still gonna go with Mark Twain on going to hell for them rather laugh with the sinners and crap ok so just an aside how do I fucking stop dude the G funded on the chat that's playing not that I don't appreciate seeing that not even scroll up that's the only thing I know of okay thanks yeah that's one of the things I hate about a lot of places that you can't stop gifs yeah I can I get just like I added another one that's like a would they would would be not as unplug there are a lot of Christians in Turkey a minute I'm asking is the only one in the chat so there's only one in a chat sorry baby but I keep misgendering you I suck anyways what's new in the u.s. except more content with concentration camps and mafia them let's see probably already trump has been trumping it up all over the place you know saying that he would definitely take help from the foreign government no collusion but I totally would have if they'd offered it can't remember if that was this Baker last week though this week was it okay Trump say yeah I'm gonna send mrs. to like Iran and ends like who doesn't like that so it's like terms like okay I won't I guess it so it was just like more of that let's see we are trying to go to war with Iran but instead of making up lies about weapons of mass destruction we are bumble fuckin our way into it sideways with a lie about oil tankers or something we're doing this Vietnam thing I think yeah trying to whip up a gulf of tonkin nice I guess I guess it's like it was easy for us to PI Iraq had weapons of mass destructions because they we didn't think a lot of effort to lie about that they did they did and so and Plus this was like we already was like understand that Saddam Hussein's not a nice guy we put him into power though we forgot that or we're told that or they forgot that or they don't care so yeah but now it's just like hey that's waited Arctic dude the Vietnam thing in its yeah if we go to war with Iran it will not go well for us nope it is not the chaotic clusterfuck that Afghanistan was before we went in nor the ready to be toppled us placed dictator of Iraq yeah there was Iran that country was a super progressive until the US with it yeah oh they want to go to war with them I mean well we could I wish one day your country would assume what they do nice if we just like you know not meddle in other people's affairs but there's the Marone doctrine because if you do middle go with it don't act like you you know what I mean it's the same no no we're the good guys good guys don't meddle we're liberate we're spreading freedom and democracy yeah too much sarcasm for me there I just took a look at things to chat about document and there should be nice and oh stop calling in self socialist yes question caught my ayah he's not a socialist yeah the answer is yes I don't care how much he normalizes socialism if is spreading something that is not socialism it's not me all he's doing is spreading the lie that socialism is when the government does things and the more things the government does the more socialist or it is but if the government does everything that is communism little thing since capitalism and there's no government and it's anarchism and Oh for those are wrong you yeah well for knock ISM does no governmental as we there's no rule in class yeah yeah there so govern ins and you can have that without the institution of the state no I know but I mean what we what we mean when we say governments that's what governments would be under anarchism is not something that has ever existed yet well not that has existed in small places but yes yeah it exists and about all indigenous society isn't no but you know they do in the big big scale in the Western world yeah then it's just like and that's why people is like don't believe that it's possible if they will say there's always be hierarchies it's just like I don't know I don't I don't think it's possible right now to be honest people are not ready for it there's people are still very variable the people in the most greedy people I know are the one who have money you know what I mean yeah a lot of people say greed comes from need and I disagree with that because I don't know any system of keeping score people are going to go for the big score they do it with likes and views and shares and they do it with money it doesn't matter that you don't need that much money they're just going to run up the score what do people power want more power yeah I mean that's why I say I don't think people are already it serving people except you know what I mean yeah that's definitely I think that's definitely true it was just like investment yeah it says in the chat we have been shaped we have been brainwashed we have a lot of things as societies – yeah it was like it was only when I started to like engage the defenders and that like I also started to like engage in anti-capitalist and semantics is thought from like some youtubers and I was like you're right ever since it's like what sex she's old five years old like at least first grade or maybe even kindergarten I begin to every single day of my school day standing at attention and over my heart and giving the pledge of allegiance to a magical cloth I was hanging from the wall that's supposed to represent my country and he's like was at the age of five or six did I know what the term allegiance meant it did I know what I was doing when I was pledging it no it's just something I was doing that's one of those weird American things you do we don't do that in France and we're still very capitalistic but yeah it's kind of like when you it's when how you're talking in school of like no other like viable system nothing and you're just all grew up in capitalist and we kind of it's just assumed that we everyone wants to be that CEO and go up the hierarchy you have to like do well with in order to go up hey if you're down at the bottom of the hierarchy always because you didn't do well enough and it's like how do how the D program people from that is what is is a challenge especially when you see you know a lot of people put fucking Churchill of all people with capitalism no democracy is the worst system except for all the others that have been tried yeah something anyways when you have to quote a war criminal and fucking racist and a genocide on monster monster exactly the guys who opposed Hitler because he don't feel inadequate compared to him oh we're talking about Churchill yeah because people quote him to to defend our society as it yesterday like don't call don't quote a genocidal maniac and the war criminal – yeah I mean if I say it's not a good look yeah cause like he would have codes like does dark in the German major owns a right to the major I say not and other stuff like that as like the dump the YouTuber dumpster flower illustrated that quite well it took up almost all of my part for of his video series of the dark side of liberalism that I Churchill is not at a much different from Hitler in fact he had like a mini like little skit of a game show of like is this quote from Hitler or Churchill yeah you know at least in France we we were we were at war with Germany because they invaded us hmm well some of you were at war with Germany yeah oh yeah you know that fucking fucker dude of man home last year commemorated fucking Peter I'm Patton yeah the US general pound know who is government he was the I don't know what C's right what his rank is what's above a general their Admiral no Admiral is a equivalent rank he was the of the Vichy regime yeah in France in French this rank was Mary shallots Oh Marshall probably Oh instead of having ranks above general we have different ranks of general yeah so there's Brigadier General was in charge of the grades then there's a rank above one here oh and he also didn't like the Jews he was one of those better Hitler than Blum types yeah yeah yes well he accepted to to be the $30 of the corporation so Mehmet is drunk and you're blushing my accent is pretty ridiculous but anyways France is pretty ridiculous fuck I will never understand why during English people find the French accent nice I mean when I hear someone talking French with a heavy accent we have no effort like I do it's it's pissing me off to be honest I don't find it cute well I'm making some kind of an effort a Shh it's any accent really people just love me no effort one day just for the lulz oh hey I mean John Hawkwood actually does understand some French so he can able to communicate with him no I'm talking about just not making an effort for the accent just going you know full-bore I don't give a fuck I'm going to say everything as French as possible yeah French caricature well you there's no such thing as a French person really you'd be you'd be going full Lyonnaise leonesse yeah unassuming French people have accents based on where they're from in France oh yeah and they have very much the accent of where I live between the it's not a thick accent like in the north of this South Asian accent so they almost was about to ask the Parisian accidents because we definitely we have established our social justice alchemy that Parisians are different than other French areas for areas of France in terms of like they're just hassles Harris is the Boston of France is what you're saying no it's complicated to to to compare because you don't have really it's not the u.s. is not centralized sure Paris is the capital of France it's the city who is the most populous and the biggest and stepping they are better than the rest because of that I guess I don't know they're assholes I think New York can't be the closest thing in the American context in some ways yes yeah there's that yeah yeah I think every country with a centralized capital is the same the u.s. is kind of an exception on that front true cuz New York's not the capital of the USA is Washington DC yeah but when we think of strong personalities we think Los Angeles New York sure not Washington DC I don't think I know anyone from there there was the one heir who was convicted of doing crack and then got reelected don't members know unless I'm thinking of Toronto you okay yeah there's Rob Ford they do mayor Toronto that first lied and said no I did not do crack but then eventually admitted that yes I did do crack as well as like extramarital affairs as well but then his brother Doug Ford then became the provision the leader of the provisional government of Ontario basically the governor of the offensive ontario and it's dug for it's kind of like Candace don't Trump in a way no I was right DC Mayor Marion Barry who was mayor from 79 to 91 was arrested in 1990 for smoking crack with his girlfriend and was reelected in 1994 if he's like just smoking crack and didn't harm anyone else it's okay he was elected to the City Council in 92 re-elected to the mayor in 94 he served until 2000 and he returned to the DC Council stayed there until 2014 you know he died years ago yeah okay he was born in 36 and he was involved in DC politics starting in 1971 until basically oh two ends and well of course there are why wouldn't there be an extra and then it's like mayonnaise except no that's not even Bennet that's that's Spanish and there's no why not really in my own don't try to understand French we don't understand it you want okay what should I understand that girls know not girls anime no tentacle porn tentacle porn is easy to understand [Laughter] I already know too much I know enough to like shock some people Dante California's fun at least I don't know I like tentacles dead cool and pretty no I'm a porn isn't has nothing to do with actual tentacles tentacle porn is just a missus it's silly yeah but I just had the problem of like just like mm-hm I'd like to have consent in my poor what the fuck is that world minute yes and look at the chat no I hear you're drunk okay so we will try this minute which I not shocked but surprised it's fair enjoy oh yay oh I was wondering there might be Turkish for tentacle porn is fun no Turkish is very different from franchiser language it's very smooth yeah yeah French is not a smooth language – no no it's not yeah you really have to earth it's the tapioca of language smooth with chunky bits you're a comment now judge yes it is your minute come being drank with us not being drunk wonderful wink with you I do have a drink with you right now it's only it's not even noon there come on that's why it's just one I mean I don't drive this is kind of why I don't drive because like I don't drink if you're not gonna drive that's half the fun no don't drink and drive kids their kids listen to this probably not I hope there are that would be wonderful okay paste me the link to the two year of Sandy Cherokee and to me I met on Facebook your friends so I'll be on it oh trying to remember how to invite people to the thing no there's no I think Jonathan knows how to sew our babies isn't admin so maybe that doesn't work you know I don't know okay happened on Facebook to invite the ma'am it ain't often you Browns to H like that almost certainly not because that's what I was saying a lot of people think Turkish sounds like Arabic and it doesn't at all right well I have played Assassin's Creed Revelations so I'm pretty sure I know everything there is to know about Turkey that's I have played a video game therefore I speak Turkish yeah gamer logic i remarried [Laughter] Johanna has like I said mermaid were saying already that's what she is there more need to do later judge no I'm joking I have of course but the thing I don't think she bought the thing either oh my god my Internet's running super slow because I'm streaming this shit it I already set it to like amendment on Facebook okay this is like the instant invite to discord server for the ass effect yes [Laughter] one because I'm a fan of Bioware oh she visits him yes how you doing guys I'm lonely I'm just trying to find the YouTube channel again because I for some reason I'm so disappointed us anyway so it's a very British and a little bit drunk you don't sound excessively drunk I kind of kind of depends doesn't like yeah I I actually have a mongrel of an accent it's it's not Brits it's it's a it's a mix of a lot of things but yeah I know I don't have an American accent that's for sure definitely not you do sound like some of the people on navara media though oh no what Navaro it's a YouTube channel British Communists one communist yeah yeah you remember when Piers Morgan was just like mint erupt in constantly the yes yeah yeah that that woman who said communist yeah she's under barred media yes that's ash Sarkar yes I'm literally a communist you idiot I think she called him an idiot there yeah well yeah calling an idiot is an idiot's there's a good trait yes peace Morgan I mean we're talking about Piers Morgan in peace actually yeah actually called him piss Morgan don't fuck him because I mean I've got a milkshake is yet yeah milk shake him or whatever punch him don't fuck him I mean he did you deserve that yeah yeah definitely nonce I have to stop reading Twitter and not paying attention okay I'm here okay I'm just like a PC no bar to be to be good at multitasking and no you didn't I just didn't care enough with age and medication and I suck now oh that's how it is going away isn't it indeed so am i doing you wanna watching Good Omens here I will get to it soon enough I still have to watch John wick chapter 2 Oh for fuck's sake watch Good Omens III show you can watch Good Omens – I know I know I know my boy no no I hear that Netflix is going to cancel Netflix has responded okay yes Amazon cancels something promise not to cancel stranger things we won't cancel good ohm yes obviously I mean yeah and John have read the book too that's why I'm on his ass and not on Jonathan's ass because I don't really read the book and it's not a self proclaimed project fan you know it's it's a thing though it's so so good an adaptation probably it's probably the only show that I would recommend over the book first really it's it's it's better because their show it's a little more project and a little less Gaiman which is strange because gamin actually wrote for television I know but yeah that's the project humor in its that agree with that I think there is more Amanda Palmer in that tell Damon or Pratchett right now it is so fucking beautiful and the progress progressiveness well nothing my way prettier than I imagined when I read yeah yeah I imagined her basically as Hermione is described from G books no she's beautiful anime is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life yeah but that's that's I mean that's actually I – point for the show if you ask me you know no I don't think so because she's a very well but oh yeah yeah I've only watched three episodes so far I'm really forcing myself to go slowly because there's only six episodes I'm on my second oh yeah I'm right now I'm not surprised it is it is really good guys you really should should watch it especially if you read the books it's going to be it's it's a different experience for someone who read the books and someone who haven't you really should give it a go and I mean if you haven't read the books perfect it I thought Adams really good at but the way he was written I imagined him to be like more imposing that makes sense yeah but I imagine him like Dennis the Menace I don't know small blonde yeah yeah kind of just a grubby little kid yeah two ends in Dennis thank you pleasantly surprised then because he's basically I think Neil Gaiman imagine him like that as well yeah they show is amazing my favorite is newts by the way Newton now Newt Scamander you know from the Harry Potter spin-off the he's dead of the Oh is there not achieve not the chief and okay the guy who can't use a computer really is your favorite even looks like I found it pretty forgettable and CI I forgot him again it's in the books I really didn't like him but in here I did oh it's it's it's that thing that's why I'm trying to say the characters are more likeable the characters you're supposed to like are more likeable in the show more likeable then then crawl in the books when I say my favorites I'm tan inton Sheen are like that I'd like to be a sheen Tennant sandwich please TMI again sorry I don't mind if you don't know mammatus is flood okay I kinda am yeah do you I are you simply that I would have a problem with that no it's just it's just an FYI I know you don't have any problem with that Malone another the new most popular member of the show the Turkish dude with the British accent oh my god and a slut I mean obviously people are gonna love it yeah sex sells was it was it was it that the expression sex sells like God even in print ads for dog food they will have like sexy hot Roma hot models like carrying their dogs or just walking you haven't to sell fucking cars for real I did and it's not success though it's women bodies sell mm-hmm yeah yeah of course buddy yeah it's it's it's it's a faced nature of it isn't it like obviously people when people say sex sells that's which is why we gotta end patriarchy among many other reasons and all the other a course about just Bible hierarchies by that you know John leliana's here is a salad with bacon and croutons and mayonnaise no we don't eat mayonnaise in a yo we are the French capital of gastronomy vegetarian right so yeah you're a salad we eat a fucking shitload of pig here Indian that's like the cities' thing it's it's right it's yeah it's repeated for it everyone no not reputed I don't think that world exists stipple it's like friends see that's how that's how popular man it is okay because like as a ringtone wait for him because yeah yeah no no fun now is that does that something anything to do with Captain Marvel no second sorry no oh okay because it's a fine boy like you well know you you are pretty actually reasonable with Captain Marvel Jonathan yeah it's a pretty good movie yeah I know it's gonna say that's really good no but okay talk about how Captain Marvel is awesome minute it's it's it's basically the best film that's that's never made I mean what do you want me to say that's how much of a fanboy is yeah I'm a fanboy it's it's and it's it's a mediocre superhero film I mean it's it's it brings nothing that's revolutionary to the table but brings fucking fun and I think it's it is it is it is and what I'm gonna say was what I was gonna say is that except for a couple of things first it's really fun with a woman lead and second the whole point of the film the whole gaslighting by decree the whole crew yourself prove yourself to me thing you know setting up impossible and unrealistic measures of birth for her the whole idea is it's it's about patriarchy it's so beautifully put it's flew over so many people's heads it's it's the only revolutionary thing about that film for me and it's it's like people are listing feminists moments from that film and people they they can't go deeper than fucking would you smile for me motorcycle douchebag actually the whole film is about parties finding that high finding her strings hallo yeah that was definitely part of the whole thing worse like she was like being had to be forced to be submissive and that like and constrained with like her powers cuz I can G will be able to control or de decree won't be able to control her and so horrified she finally discovers herself and she finally lets loose and also says to the bad guy of the film I was like I don't need to prove anything to you and and game yet so don't answer what I'm going to say but if she isn't the one who will fucking kill tennis I'm going to be very very angry so that's why I'm going to say I'm trying so hard not comments about that don't comment on this and I already been spoiled some stuff that I am NOT going to it to say online because it's big stuff but once we add custom anymore I know you movie so so I'll say it's at that moment but I don't think Santos is asexual of course he is a six year joke but I am allowed okay frustrated is that man needs to fuck [Laughter] yeah he's an insult for the entire universe when you think about it a lot of villains are basically in cells mmm that at everything that goes wrong well maybe not Ultron Ultron is definitely a voiced by James Patterson it's perfect that that's I mean in the comics they have kids at least really yeah Ultron has kids yeah I don't want to know how like no builds up okay I don't want to know I don't know I'm just guessing it's actually you you you you're talking about a very important thing I think you know how the Whillans are in cells is a codes for us like did you have you realized that people why people didn't like episode 8 Star Wars oh yeah have you seen oh what's his name the detective oh fuck me Sherlock probably yeah okay really good yeah he nailed it email it and that's why all the yeah all the people yeah all the people who hate to the last Jedi hates it because it broke with their expectations of what them the sis has white males were supposed to be they were supposed to be the heroes they are they're kind of like don't tell me the odds kind of things that kind of heroes ISM heroics were rewarded and yet in the last Jedi it wasn't and so and yeah I haven't seen that all of that video but yet like a lot of what like I John Macintosh you like those is the pop culture detective you know is amazing I love all these videos anyways I've I've also seen another an analysis that's I think hits the spots along with that one like it was boats the heroes were not the sea sets males right and and that the you know the argument date was rehashing of the same thing The Empire Strikes Back was about Empire Strikes Back was about Nazis in you know the Second World War and blowing up was he called Alderaan planets and stuff and now it's not about Nazis it's deliberately coded to be neo Nazis is basically an insult right dude yeah and the whole first order is neo Nazis who looked back at the atrocities of the empire and said yep we want that we want to do that it's it's so ran with an inside job they didn't actually but they should have of them it might be my favorite too because like yeah there's a lot to like about it but it's like it's but he's so funny how it's just like there's there's a course like the upset in spoiled man babies that like absolutely hate loss should I but there's also like other Star Wars fans to our fans of the old Star Wars movies but yet don't like how the kylo Ren and the new order they don't seen this much threat to me and it's just kind of like but I think that's guys kind of like intentional of how they're portrayed in it maybe it's because you're a dude I see kylo Ren and a thousand red flags yeah for me that guy is worse than Vader oh definitely definitely and he was he's so well written and so well yeah yes that's one of the things that makes the new trilogy so much better is that it doesn't have what's his nuts George Lucas who is oh yeah so mediocre it's so many things I so agree with you I'm a die-hard Star Wars fan and I hate that fucker [Laughter] yes he's a wanker yeah he has been reined in he can't have full control he just like he doesn't he's not he's not that good no he's a good creator yes good is it it should stop there and let qualified people do the rest like hey do G definitely the very best of the Star Wars movies he was involved in was the one he had the least control over Episode five Empire mm-hmm West lest you die away where are you as the least confident know last year I was the first of the new yeah yeah episode eight oh so sorry um you may return to the Jedi yeah we're talking about Z I was when he brought me he came back into control and that's why it had a walks yeah for real I'm 40 years old and the Ewok scared the shit out of me I was a child I tell its people for fuck's sake why why does everyone find him huge they're tiny people have you seen that fucking teeth model for foods oh my god and tone-tone out the best animals ever in the galaxy mm-hmm they are like the Stowers alpacas Lukie walk people well it's a thing isn't it they were actually the same they were supposed to beat you when it was originally here yeah and then he was like oh let's make these things so we can sell toys fucker he's an excellent businessman so I have to give it a credit for that just that did proves I'd like a excellent businessman doesn't necessarily make a good creative director or at least not one that have should have full control for everything yeah the problem is on his creativity is its competence technical competence it doesn't know how to direct it doesn't know how to produce it doesn't know how to write you need to stop doing this the original Star Wars movie now a new hope was basically a ripoff of a Japanese film wasn't in reporters everything is a ripoff of Japanese or a Chinese film anyway genre mm-hmm yeah but that's more Tarantino thing no actually yeah yeah what's his name Oh the whole Western wisdom Joey is a rip of human Fistful of Dollars Fistful of Dollars was basically a scene for scene remake a life I like kung fu movies but the intellectual Asian stuff I find that boring yes yes yes tears of some skiers also as can be seen as my god I don't understand that culture it's a thing I understand Chinese culture because I studied it at University but Japanese culture I asked why I don't get it I especially medieval Japanese culture I already don't get it on them but it I mean I I really love a couple of these films like NASA's Allah and the other one oh I'm sure it's the samurais you entertained I met making me watch movies without giant robots in it is hard enough [Laughter] I need to be entertained for ya character so has not done giant robots at all to his film crews King Lear his version of at one time I think I think it's got to be one of the most serious directors in the history of cinema with some Italian dude he's he's really influential that's for sure barks oh yes I really have to say this when he said I need to be entertained I imagined crucifer going are you not entertained only instead of you know swarthy Italian dudes cutting each other's heads off she wants giant robots cutting each other off yeah Oh superheroes that are having fun honestly the Marvel movies I proved eye-to-eye I enjoyed the most Captain Marvel and venom because one very good from a cinematic standpoint but oft so much fun to watch about guardians of the galaxy it kind of taken seriously and it's not in the same I really liked a guardian of the galaxy but at the same time starlet is a fuck-boy and yeah fuck him basically I loved both films but me to see sprats turns out to be a homophobe disappointing it well not that disappointing I'm used to it now so but I'm sure Marty will say it again in the large hat but the only good hero is a sandwich or today a popsicle because we are in June and this week we are going to have a heatwave in France well where I live anyways so we are going to hit the 40 degrees Celsius in the shade so that's a hundred degrees Fahrenheit that's going to be super fun that's a Thursday and Friday it's just gonna get it chances are just gonna get worse in July and August special yeah so why y'all don't racist because there's no way I'm putting on leggings with that hit no fucking way I are you complaining about heat yeah 22:07 hours here at the moment and it's 32 degrees oh really what is that an American yeah yeah around the 8th year here it's 28 degrees Celsius so just for yes but I had not really you know I am living in France not even in the fucking South of France it shouldn't be so hot right now okay so the fucking that's what you get for buying into the Chinese lie of the Americans stole all the winters and we are left with the fucking heat waves thank you Mary kans I'm sorry yes you specifically I'm just gonna have forest fires in the Pacific West our rainforest is gonna catch on fire are you will have ash fall in Seattle again well it's yet a big polluter in the u.s. it's a pretty progressive no not really it's like there are ports I think yeah there are many it's like there aren't much industry going on there it's mostly tech we still have ports and Amazon Microsoft is here in the region and so and Starbucks yeah burn it to the ground yeah that's the thing we have to two of the richest like people end up on the planet and Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos and yet we don't have a state tax so it's only the federal taxes if yes it is backwards we had instead have sales tax for day yeah you know I say that every week but your country is weird yes fucked up our countries of third world at least buy on stolen wealth well now we have a Turkish citizen so countries are weird my country's so fucked up I don't let me start that will be the only thing we'll talk about so Leslie I in Turkey so fucked up that the European Union doesn't want them in it imagine that so fucked up did you have a leader the Trump likes I mean the European you run to say when not no you're a little too much you have to be first have you recognized the genocide yet there was no genistein no I mean your country I know no it's not I don't think it's ever gonna happen because that means an you know yeah you don't have a nice I don't think it's gonna happen it's might happen in about 50 years if the world doesn't go to shit that is in 50 years if the like if the tomorrow morning if you have a progressive and really like I good states like good people completely change laws and you know no new presuming stuff like that it will take 50 years for us to get back on track okay then then there might happen and what bar not far left is people like yourself not fucking communists like yourself but your average person are they on board with recognizing it I mean it's there are camps it's it's it's considered on no no because of the whole brainwashing thing obviously I mean we are human review lessons I think especially these days it's I'm not really sure if we can like America is a bit bigger and you know has yeah that's more strong and they are going the same path actually I can see what has your elected though I don't even know that yeah he is elected not not is we're not in that's yeah like really elected or wink I mean with with with with some help I'm sure after you pronounce his name because between the French that say L Dogon and the Americans that say are the one how is this is aired on it's not that different I mean Turkish has it's it's a more fanatic language so we have those sounds that you don't and we we don't have half of the sounds you have by the way fun fact I can't differentiate between V and there we I know what to do you know it's my mouth I know what you mean yeah I know what to do with my mouth so I can differentiate them like you can hear me say fee or we but I can't tell the difference you can't yeah it's the same sound yeah researchers show funny yeah research has shown that different languages sort of train you to pick up certain sounds and that's why you know you will have a lot of trouble picking up sounds from other languages just because you didn't grow up with them yeah like the stereotype of Asian folks having trouble with R and L just because they don't have those phone yeah and the it's like the same stereotype of Vlad the Impaler going with bees everywhere like okay it's the same same principle so how do you pronounce your name my name my real name or cv g'v thanks mate oh okay so do you pronounce the H but it's really really softer than so it's an aspirated H not a okay mates yeah yeah it's it's it's a thing though no every day the same way that's what I was meaning earlier when I said it was smooth you know they are not very a lot of our sounds in your in your language the hours are rolled on the tongue and there's not some hour sounds like in French or in Arabic oh yeah which is yeah there's no ghazal noises yeah no no girl stops no harsh like you the way you put it's like the sound but you know how to do it I'm sure Jonathan doesn't know how to John you see French I know you know how to Jonathan I'm pretty sure it doesn't know how to it's a fucking difficult song songs sound to make well song wasn't wrong neither in case I'm the the reason I probably could do it is because I'm a singer well I was I know I really said oh yeah I like it but I like metal I'm sorry I apologize I started my day playing The Sims in the my murmured stuff with disturb this in my ears it was pretty fun I like bring this seems we've fucking metal in my ears with mermaids metal mermaids yeah okay so it's metal mermaids and yet you're not listening to Dethklok well you don't want to murder the mermaid so that makes total sense what desk was Dethklok it's a fictional basically a fictional Bamber from Facebook I thought you said death cook and I was like I don't want to do anything to do with that that kind of sounds better actually has failed me once again I immediately looked up heavy metal mermaids and the closest I got was a hipster Ariel oh by the way Jon Brockman I I've seen the YouTube and I see the funny names that he gave all four got to keep myself entertained somehow some random free well I'm not I'm not complaining about mine complaining about mine either I don't know why it's I'm fidgety and I'm not all right I'd Captain Marvel for basically nothing III get to get food earlier I catch you Jonathan when you wanted to ask yes about his take on ask him your questions that I cut you like 30 minutes ago yeah okay what does minutes take on asking because no on your fucking country maybe yeah yeah that's a good start what do you think of USA oh I mean in a general sense I love the people of say like most of you forks are actually most of you folks have a good starting point in my opinion not John John Atanasoff an asshole with it see it's the country where the American Dream was you know concede so it's like if he wants to be an asshole he should be able to I mean right circumstances yeah yeah especially if your father owns half the what's really was that that works that works see I was going to spin the wheel to that fucker the other one the space guy what was his name oh yeah we saw him in a video the other day with with my partner I don't remember what that was a music video I think wait I'm going to Anne Marie hey don't be in this music video was okay he did the Elan must know he was in the music video or they just like take his likeness those are important distinctions talking about his r.i.p Harambee music video don't remember either okay but that was some music video I think from the early 20000 I I don't remember who cares we know it's fucking fake face and we do look at each other and we were like what the fuck oh yeah anyway no worries well I was trying to get out was it's like you guys have a good starting point you have good valleys actually by the way they turned out I I wouldn't live in the u.s. yes you you guys need to go more social democratic and I think that's gonna happen I mean it's I'm not talking about like in a couple of years now obviously but I think there is potential there like because of the people like IOC than I am before the show I was talking about how she is getting shit for calling concentration camps concentration camps is because Republicans don't want didn't know that they've got bad horrible shit that they were doing or they're supporting is bad horrible shit so they tried to like name it something else like deer camp and what's his name the guy who played Sulu George Takei okay said he has been in to American concentration camps mm-hmm and he confirms that what's going on right now is indeed concentration camps yep and I love the best to it sir these days people are going on about well we shouldn't call them concentration counts because you know Godwin's law and such and Godwin himself advice for God's sake call them Nazis they are absolutely Nazis there are concentration camps they are a concentration camp is a place where you pit large numbers of people without trial I mean this is yeah coming to the new crime they are not death camps but they are concentration camps concentration camps I think there is a difference between the two though I do your research and you know I mean if even if they don't it doesn't matter because it's a matter of time before they you become death camps give them no toothbrushes and soap yeah we don't need to give them the basic necessities because well they're only supposed to be there for like 72 hours at Moses and so those places don't have those but you're keeping there and then there for weeks and months I mean people are dying there people are getting raped there how long before it just becomes normal and systematized it's it's it's going to be it's going to be so run-of-the-mill and day today that they will become that camps it's that's why it's important concentration camps and not anything else they want people to call them detention centers or whatever the same thing yes they're they're losing their shit they always lose their shit over vocabulary not everything yeah conservatives are so are the biggest snow flakes I have ever seen those people wouldn't survive have the shit Martinez folk have to deal with honestly and not people with multiple marginalization just pick one be a woman or a black person or a member of the LGBTQ mm-hmm autistic I don't just pick one they wouldn't be able to to survive it I swear death oh my god spoiled little brats never had it knock on wood oh did you remember that girl loser shit lose a shit because we were saying mean thing about a youtuber that was about Jake I tweeted to her that I would like to to exchange no nothing's change switch problems yeah yeah this referring to a twenty thread weeks ago where yes cuz Jake from Haku and Jake did this dream was Kevin Logan and I think Chrissy winners joined that stream and Chrissy winners and/or Kevin was calling Jake out for his sexist remarks and this missile of like Chrissy winners if I remember correctly Christie took him to task for being a douche and he responded by being a douche I made it about 15 to 20 minutes into that before I said fuck this guy he's a douche yeah I I haven't watched it either because honestly I don't care about that drama but I mean every day well no not every day but every week I learn about someone from left tube who is an asshole no I'm not fucking an anarchist that they are not bread tube I'm sorry I'm not going to refer to them I don't know that he's even left tube I think it's just that this youtuber yeah this guy is not an auntie sjw you know so anyways so my list of the shit face is growing really really from Peter coffin – yeah after him I swear my list is is really getting big they're all fucking wankers I mean III was I used to be an 80s back – yeah now I'm like fuckin leavin let live traumatized by TJ Kerr and the like oh my god it's like the worst of the progressives do you know Steve shibez I'm not sure no I don't think you should watch his channel if you're into atheism that is cool that's he's progressing he's not a leftist but he is progressive well he can he can he listened to like leftist and anarchist but yet he hasn't like engaged with that he's left a jacent yeah exactly he's open but he's not committed and he's left curious yeah yeah because like well I've been asking questions like ask away so I tried to read the first question you read it it took him 15 minutes did that not last time but the time before that you did cut it down a little bit she geek Jonathan here a mission on earth is to convert to anarchism the the followers of progressive but pretty liberal youtubers if not if not youtubers themselves themself its I mean there's no covert converting Christie or Steve yeah it is yeah but it's funny because Steve as show every two weeks live show where he answers questions from patrons and the people in the live chat and every time Jonathan has questions that basically Jonathan writes an essay on anarchism with the question is going to say it's it's good ambition by you may want to work on your prose because Steve is nice and he's going to read it I only want to show for Jonathan's question now let me guess 400 words of it is background information understand your question and then about 100 about 15 words of a is the question because Steve reads out the entire question now thoughts put that in the form of a question like I said work on your prose that's amazing so I should like read up or engage with more media or literature on it to like more and more especially to like answer the common questions that we'll get because if I if I don't have the answer then I wouldn't be that good of a pastor for anarchists and so I got a I got a educate myself a lot I think any ways that to say Steve shibez is an IPS youtuber that is a real ally to to every single marginal folks honestly he rocks mm-hmm yeah if you're interested in atheism not activism because he's not really an activist per se anymore anyway yeah III subscribes right now and watches stuff yeah I'll show you a tricky so your you'll enjoy you you'll love the track actually reach a lot about yep well I wouldn't call myself a Trekkie but yeah what's your favorite Star Trek series you if you're a Trekkie you won't like the answer Voyager is my favorite is discovery and I'm I'm still his friend so you know I quite like discovery yeah I love it it's problematic in some ways but I love it it is discovery your favorite – yes it is I thought you were talking about me we talked about his discovery is my favorite it's it's guys problems but you know I said it is my favorite but oh is it yeah and Steve likes discovery his favorite is Deep Space nine it's it's always will be this face now this past mine is my favorite – yep these anything Cisco's just ing for me TNG was my favorite because but rixty world is amazing Patrick Stewart is I'd like to sleep EMT I used to old now come on also have you seen his friendship with Ian McKellen do you feel the boy autism between the two of them I mean I super fancy I tend to not ship real persons I think can McKinnon is fucking gay yes mm-hmm shipping real people is problematic it is not for them to because they love each other even if it's not like that I'm wary of that I wouldn't ship them but okay there have been night's party sketches boys and girls these days these days yeah all day no no no no I'm actually I have a mass brush from a girl Slater yeah it's yeah it's it's it's new actually after five years I I had the proverbial 5x going so it's good it's it's progress as well to my mental health cos I haven't been able to feel I know it's I mean actually we have another chance to talk about this yeah I've I've been feeling much much better it's like most of the stuff that I will not repeat here because those would be those we'd have some trigger warnings attached to them but you know them they've they haven't been it's most of most of my daily routine is done like I'm not thinking about some of the things I used to yeah and my days thinking it's a real job quote-unquote helping with that it it is but it's surprisingly because it's a public service job actually it's so you get to help people it kinda I am managing I was he called landfill area and I'm making it's better for people and it's it's kind of helping my mental health lots because you know I know if the team I'm working with and I they're that thing would have been a like would keep being a disaster and it's not now so it's it's contract it's in contrast with my past Jo past industry where I used to work in the energy industry and we used to kinda cleaned up after fucking BP and she'll and such no there was that was really bad yeah the dissonance was yeah but even not talking about that when I met you you were just freelance translator and that went with when I financial stuff stability stuff was really really out there yeah it was it definitely helps that I'm being paid much better now so now you want you only doing jobs you want to yes yes basically and I'm going very slow about it and I'm having fun with that so it's best for girls yeah I'm really much much better and to be honest with you that shows the reason I didn't want to come talk to you for the start of the thing was when I'm drunk I'm so used to being a bitter drunk you see I mean okay it's it's a thing I haven't been for a while all right I'm drunk and I'm having fun you see what I mean it's it's it's kind of new it's not new that was half my life but for the for the last five years or five six years it's it's a new thing are you coping drinking with antidepressants I can do that if I drink I fall asleep I am falling asleep okay no kept keeping me up and when I see when I drink if I drink a glass of wine just a glass of wine of beer of beer I fall asleep right away not in one hour right away well I'm I take or sisto's of antidepressants oh yes yeah go ahead which is why I am little czar no sir can deliver and she can have fun drinking through as Moses through our proxy with it just so happens that I also like not often but quite often it's weird way of saying that like I don't drink a lot but I drink you what I'm fucking drunk own it right now okay well you'll see it in the video I'll come up I will have like bottles of liquor next to me that's I don't have liquor in my room right now I put it back in the kitchen but yet it was it I had to put the liquor back into the kitchen so that wasn't in my room and all reach where I am right shut up to nothing I don't care if you drink or not of course giving you shit but I don't mind being my little auto Circuit liver yeah I was surprisingly okay and not stop stopping drinking alcohol though I don't really need it I'm I'm a pretty person considering my life and all basically it's I mean I don't drink a lot either I mean you could say that I mean the first first pint is on me but then it's drunk minutes who's drinking so I could say I drink really really small amounts yes you feel the effects those effects that you of the antidepressants I don't know it's I've got this type of alcoholism I the first drink is on me like I can control it if I'm not gonna drink I'm not gonna drink you see but if I start drinking then where I stop it completely depends on how I rolled the dice that that really yeah always it's always an adventure think of it like exciting adventure you don't know where you are like in addition I once woke up in a difference if you're a fun drunk now if you have fun it's all good yeah yeah I'm definitely having fun and um it's it's it's the feeling like I'm not gonna say I'm cured or anything you know it's not something that you know we all know I think I think well maybe not Jonathan because Jonathan is too giorious person I know but pretty sure John knows depression do yeah I'm on antidepressants and I used to drink don't drink anymore yeah oh you too like Tom – mm-hmm yeah I drank myself unconscious every night for a decade once did the math or set to about 40,000 drinks over the 10-year period young – well it's the thing Alco prescient and it's it's not gonna help I mean I know I a pro I could have I probably could have gotten out earlier if I did a drink it's all and I'm and I'm aware that I'm lucky everything kind of came together in I got help and I kind of am on a high now like yeah you have to want to get better though you know it's it's you always want it's just sometimes you can't I was after my mother died I was in such denial well the thing is fucked up I fucked my life I fucked the life of a lot of people before realizing I needed to to get my soup and stuff that's being an asshole that's what saying no it's it's it's a process some people get there soon some it can be really hard it's and I'm I'm gonna say since like no hug feels everyone who's fighting depression day today is a true warrior it's yeah so fucking hard to function yep fuck fuck function it's fucking hard to gets it's fucking hard to fucking get out get other bad it's it's it's a war and it's being physically disabled on top of that yeah when I was diagnosed eight Oh God I thought I wanted to die I really wanted I meant it you know I really wanted you for my doctor I would up to my new medicine that's that's why I was talking about it I mean I I don't it's it's the most surprising bits for me I mean I still joke about that among friends but I had this like I don't want to kill myself but I want to disappear yeah I don't know I want to stop existing going on and that kinda to like it was my daily routine I wanted to not exist all the time and it it's gone now it's it's so weird and it's so strange it feels good it's it feels like how you feel right after I sinus infection or something you know when you start feeling better and you you you can now breathe through your nose that that feeling it's it's yes it has the same sweetness to it it's I also kind of feel like it's like romanticizing it and feel like I'm I lost a friend or something but I know it's just it's just the arabesque like emo boy inside of me it's no I yeah it's it's not anymore – Utley better it's definitely boy is dead yeah well yeah good for him okay okay forget him yeah yeah you understand why I I was pissed at your friend the other day when yeah obviously yeah you made a post on Facebook about depression and one of his friends made a joke that was so awful like she said I liked you better when you had depression or something oh they know each other but I read that I lost my shit yeah I basically had never say that to someone I even teach I don't know I lost my shit about that she doesn't understand what she said it's it's the thing and I'm not defending her or anything no I know you explained to me that yeah I I just I just know what she meant and I understand that you know intentions and payments to hell in smell of asphalt all that jazz it's it was a horrible thing to say did you change a little in your in your needs since then you're not I don't know I lost when when I I stopped being depressed I I lost some friends because oh yeah anymore and some people but I was a better person before when I was more sad and creative and I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't really care it's like I remember that dude I can't remember his name he said something like when I starts on antidepressants I my concern was will I lose my edge cuz there's a composer when I lose my edge you know will I be able to do what I love to do but then I started the antidepressants and in a week someone said I love you and I believed them for the first time in my life oh fuck music from that you see what I mean but you you not you're not going to do the original music I mean creativity is more difficult now for me and note that I'm I've been on antidepressants for I mean I lost my it it's going to come back babe it's just a big red spots three years before your your your body and your brain really is finger correlation is not causation I'm not blaming I'm not blaming the fact that I lost my edge – I haven't been singing I haven't been composing I mean you see what I mean like yeah it's it's lack of practice it's nothing else it's there is a change in brain chemistry obviously but I mean I'm fucking happy I don't have to be a composer I mean as long as I'm happy I know I know babe I am right there with you it's that the same i felt when i realized i i couldn't sue anymore well I can but a little just a little and at the beginning as I go from that and then I I discovered something else and I feel better doing what I do then I ever felt when I I was creating clothing I don't care anymore yeah I mean being so I'm getting old and older and and I am all turn out of shit to give I mean yeah we grow more and more radical who say you become more and more conservative as you age I mean those are the fuckers who have money like yeah I mean you become more progressive because you don't want your fucking money at the last you know during the last two decades of your life is what they're trying to say but we don't have fucking money I mean I don't believe we would be like that because we have to get richer you become more of a selfish bastard yeah that's what they're saying yeah that's basically what they're saying yeah maybe but I don't know that the more I age and the more I am I mean I don't think I don't think five years ago I would have said guillotine the motherfuckers on the internet and being upstairs about it because I am serious about it for real no no I'm not half serious verities no I'm outside us about the guillotine we are in 2019 for fuck's sake what I mean is I don't know I I don't have patience anymore did the Demura age the less patient I am with to bullshit I think what she said I can't remember her name I'm I'm really drunk someone someone said women grow more radical by age and one day a bunch of grandmas will silently take over the world oh yes please yeah it's a radical race radical left less is what they they're feminist writer and I think that's goes for all of the marginalized people like we age we become more radical because patients yeah yeah it's it's human nature I mean we've been trying and it's not happening we get angry or it right Lisa I mean that's what I call righteous anger yeah it's a good anger it's an anger that feels good yep so honest and I think like if the anger is like targeted at the right kind of problem like a teen mother fucking rich I was like yeah don't reach though that's food poisoning don't you don't know where it's disgusting don't fucking eat the rich it's not clean healthy what if we prepare dried and cooking and curry yeah I mean Chari you can eat anything in curry or in gumbo but yeah basically collect the fat turn it into soap remember that too or explosives compost notice how those have connotations about compost is a good idea I mean that's composter rich yeah you can't copy what I don't think you can compost meat or maybe just has to take special precautions compost I'm sure it's going it's wood I don't know I know some people use a cat piece because it's full of sulfur no I swear I thought you saw sadness I haven't seen that movie and I haven't read the book and I'm too old for this teenager shit I'm officially an old colonel like we say in my in my country and all an old asshole and old hag that's a good thing to be yeah I like that yeah I was a young fool and I like to hold a hike better I'm happier now that's funny because I'm riddled with the pressure and I'm in pain always every day and but now you're a mermaid and I I'm fat as fuck and that's really not comfortable but I've never felt as good in my life as that how bizarre it is yep when I was in my 20s I was thin and beautiful and young and and I did roller derby and but oh god I felt like shit and now there are you still a shit but I think that is wisdom because that's basically what antidepressant do because the antidepressant start cure depression to just let you feel good about it on that note maybe we should go ahead and call it a day it's been about two hours now it's almost a day already it's midnight now no it's it's an hour to midnight we have two hours in in the winter though I I don't know you don't change our father we we we do and then we don't and it's it's been it's been a mess lately so this year because I'm pretty sure winter when we met yeah yeah it's there was two hours difference yeah yeah it's probably we haven't changed this year I don't know okay thanks thanks for suffering through my drunken ramblings I'm so happy we finally get to talk yeah yeah once yeah yeah real high quality willpower checks do we have to do the paid shit death you don't have to if you don't want to Jonathan could do it for you I'm sure we are coming into the end of our show now has been a great talking to with minutes and so I actually didn't get so much training the commercials not I didn't go into like broadcasting earth with that but today no buts go ahead it was just a remark we are fucking yeah yeah that's like I guess I want to be a youtuber I don't know but little are know our friend here the French woman that's a fawn of guillotines yeah she is little uh no at Twitter so at Latoya no she is little honor on YouTube she may eventually have a video up who knows hey I have I have worked on like my video of get to get you but she's also the has a Facebook page of the Crypt character and she is a admin on the Facebook group of anarchist memes so that's litter on oh sorry animals do the best age of of them or she is the creator of the Facebook page misandry animal so check that out to mebut it's also a admin on like Anika's memes as well oh okay no no no no you're just making shit up I have so much for professional I don't I don't do the admin thing to be honest so I'm not sure he's an anarchist I mean he's a fucking call me for sure but I wonder I guess you can become this without end anyway anyway that's a different talking for another time and we are we're at the end of the show so now too far my pictures I am somewhere in a geek somewhere in a geek on Twitter summer any geek on youtube I will be posting more YouTube videos so I check the spaces for that please give money to our friends and comrades in the description or at least I'll put it in the comment because like phoenix rising of the channel fetus pricing 87 could use money she has a GoFundMe campaign so share that around if you can give you can foxy Jezebel has GoFundMe campaign she lost money for everyone I need your enough of fuck sake yes yes yes yes has a kid she needs it more than the others so yeah yeah so Johanna our friend and comrade who has a kid is racing the kid she could really use some money she has a bacon bowl but like if you can argue via PayPal to Saphir Joe at and that'll be it all right Matt would you like to make any pitches do you have a youtube channel or Twitter hanger I don't have anything to page really powering yeah I'm a boring person but I'll be here with you guys from time to time if you have me John stop inserting my friends I'm going to come hit you with my cane alchemy watch them they are fun I was that for a bitch thank you thank you and as for me in addition to the social justice Alchemy's where I occasionally play guitar or video game stream video games on the evenings yeah you can also find me on a D&D podcast dungeons and debacles hosted by my friend Kevin a lot of fun heck of a lot of different from this one it's a podcast and we livestream our game sessions on Sunday afternoons at 2 o'clock Lincoln the thing and with that we'll go ahead and call it a day thanks for stopping by bye

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