1. I found my first driver's license recently in a box of stuff in my attic. I was wearing a Social D t-shirt. Oh, nostalgia…

  2. Social D music was there for me when nobody else was and recover from my addiction I'm 3 years clean now

  3. Am i the only one here from the shield? I was watching it and i recognized that voice , i was like siiiiick !!!!

  4. It's amazing to me that Social Distortion have been making music like this since 1978!!! Imagine how many bands wouldn't have existed if they hadn't been inspired by this band…

  5. When I was a kid.. this song was on Midnight Club LA and I couldn’t stop listening to it! Glad I found it again all these years later.

  6. Racing in an old beat up Scirocco to this tune in Midnight Club LA was the bomb! Love this song to bits.

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