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Welcome to another episode Social disorder You may remember last episode where Chris tried to drown me in a lake and I won yeah, it was almost murder Yes, and the experiment [this] week is a survey where we’re getting [people] to answer questions about their relationships and sex yes We’re trying to get them to admit their sexual deviance and sign up for our special Sexual deviancy class the only twist is me and Aaron wrote each other surveys And we made them as difficult as possible for each other to get through the location has also changed for the survey We are deep within the historical streets of Austin, Texas about 100 feet from my apartment we have a [two-hour] time limit and whoever gets the most people to sign up for the class and gets through the most questions on The surveys wins and the best man when wish I could say the same for you and Would you uh you have time for a quick survey [Lai’s] would you like to take a survey no okay? Which all time for a real quick survey? So would you [want] to take a survey by chance? Okay, damn it. Let’s get in contest. [hey], would you have time for a quick study, okay? Cool? I’m gonna read you some pickup lines, and you tell me which ones you think are the most effective What winks and it’s like a tiger? What winks and then it’s like a tiger? All right, so I’m asking you a question what winks, and then what it’s like a tiger if you wink no no, okay? no one huh, have you ever fantasized about sexual relations with a fictional myth such as Santa Claus the Easter bunny or Labor Day I Think that’s a typo to cross that [out] [no], if an acquaintance asked to see your feet without providing an explanation would you show them, please yeah? Yeah? Yeah, may, I see your feet [my] [to] fix just one is fine Thank you Which food do you find sexier exhibit f or exhibit g? What is that a potato? I don’t know are they I’m wondering the research It seems like the person who wrote it would probably be a little off. Yeah According to the survey you do have some level of sexual deviancy But if you take this class it can help you raise awareness of different things and you get a $50 it gets it to fit a tall harvest That’s a restaurant. It’s really good unlimited breadsticks. Yeah, okay, and [you] know if you want I can call you sometime all right, there’s a $50 gift certificate to olive Garden and it for you, and you may come away knowing a little bit more about yourself. Okay, no You Chris can you help me put on a condom on a piece of fruit, and you tell me if you’ve applied it correctly You have a preference many men and women find body hair on a man attractive for instance I fall into the category described as Level 10 [hairy] what level of body hair do you find attractive [one] being level one hairy ten being level ten hairy? I think I’m – oh – really so you wouldn’t go for a level ten No All right, I’m gonna hold this in out. Do you think you can put it on oh? Sorry on a scale of one to ten one being an inch and ten being 11 inches What is the size of your ideal mates genitals? doesn’t look like so one Bucket one inch May I see your feet Studies showed that woman’s instinct is actually the most reliable way to predict a man’s penis size Can you please draw what you think my penis might look like based on your instincts? Who’s going to drive you want to draw together which part? I guess I’ll just stand here I need you to point out the five erogenous zones on a body lips And a feet you got it. I was worried you might forget to be here actually publishing alright What did you guys let’s see what you get [I]? Mean it’s not bad It’s a group left right I’m going to give you three compliments so can you tell me what you think about them? [your] eyes are really pretty and your lips or succulent, and if we were to be in a romantic encounter, I think you’d be great [dominating] There is a class that informs you more about sex no You go, you’ll admit you have some sexual deviancy that you would like to work on But you do get a $50 tip it get to olive Garden Yeah, thank you so much All right, I’m getting desperate hey, what would any of you guys want to take a survey on? relationships Okay, well there’s a question right here. Have you ever fantasize about sex with a member of the same sex so that works? Nice is right there. Have you had the random urge to kiss me or see me naked during this interview? Are you under Force? I have you know? Can I see your feet? I’m gonna make three different noises. Can you tell me which you would prefer to hear from your partner and ben? Yeah, the first one So here’s the next one [oh] and this one is like a I Would Say [b] B [well] this must be a repeat but Kind of see your feet Do you think that a? Registered sex offender such as myself can still be a productive member of society okay now let me preface this I was peeing in public Not doing anything weird Right yeah, yeah, sure and I can still be forgiving surveys yeah, I mean yeah yeah Okay Yes, you did into the category that we refer to as a sexual deviant Deviancy level of like six if you want to take a class just to get a little more educated if you want I can give You my number Would you be interested in signing up for it? No? No no, okay? Not at all? What about with a fake name and email address? No, negative. Thank you. Yeah What are your names? That man dead man her name is Dead man Take mine, really yeah, yeah, right. Do you think people another right to commit People have a right to commit suicide [do] this Survey this [is] this any given day. How often would you say you think about sex? Well mean remember [info] there is pretty much all the time all time. I’ll say like 37 I don’t want 3 run 11 different women damn. Do you have any other names or phone numbers? Then choosing a friend. Do you look more at their sense of right and wrong or their agreement with you? I’d want a friend that wouldn’t screw me over and would be in position where I couldn’t succeed, so I guess the first one Cool, all right. Well thank you guys so much The guys name was just wolf Communication is important in fetish expiration would you feel comfortable communicate with something like this on exhibit? H? Jesus [+1] in the ball game, it’s a ball gag yeah [harper], or I need help [oh] [well] although I don’t think I’m gonna be you know helping Okay, thank you, sir Watching seems a fellow survey man Did I win? No, you didn’t I want that was bull you made a survey way too hard. [they] just [took] [wicked] [cream] I didn’t like a crazy I couldn’t get through it I have an innocence to my face [that] makes people want to take their shoes off these are sexually unintimidating [thank] you so much for winning myself and click the loser to subscribe so you can see me, but [help] Chris get out Next time on social disorder Chris, and I set up a speed-dating event to see who is better the art of romance Unfortunately we also wrote strange tasks for each other to perform with each new date It’s a battle to see who can be the most eligible bachelor while dealing with the other sabotage

  1. Chris is wearing a red shirt outside a business with a red logo. Thus he seems more legitimate. This, coupled with his natural Chrissitude, gave Aaron no hope of victory.

  2. I like how Aaron was wearing a blue shirt, Chris was wearing a red shirt, and the guy who gave Aaron a survey wore purple.

  3. "Do you think people have the right to commit suicide?"

    I love that Aaron's response is, "What kind of survey is this?!" My reaction was, "Just wait until you hear Aaron's survey."

  4. i love playing the game find the camera men and this one is really easy someone i think its brandon is right behind aaron with his face in his backpack lol

  5. do you think a registered sex offender such as myself can still be a functioning member of society. easily the best part I'm dying over here

  6. When someone surveying people about sex asks you "what kind of survey is this?" You know your survey is a little out there

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