Social Classes - Metalheads, Goths and Emos

so fuckers this this is a subject we are passionate about this is about QB savile it's about what it's about what something that really pisses us off yeah which is at school we'll be walking along some of the seasonal bit yeah but yeah right yeah that yes what we're talking about oh just think about it right you see us you know the kind of music we listen to right and then you make an accusation about us which is wrong by the way I'm pretty sure being an emo isn't simply defined by the music you listen to but the lifestyle you live and and then the fact that most people who don't even know about social classes they're like oh look at these emo gods the two different things yes and we're neither of them like final example when I first sort of started getting on the metal scene rock scene properly my mum and Rylan my brother would just constantly sort of you know they got me you know like pick up meters yeah yeah yeah like just little things like if they were even just ever be listening to radio and that they have really shit song like you know for instance Janice would come on so I'll put my headphones in let me hold off here from the front boo back there like shield faggots pop so he he must be a golfer listen to Satan the snow wasn't the same thing all right we can sort of brush past pissed because we listen to music where there may or may not be mentions of Satan in it do not mean we do believe in say Slipknot for instance they know if they have the 8/8 own son 9 sided it's the pepper no it's not the parent girl they have they have the pentacle triangle on their hips or the pinnacles and everyone sees that they don't even they isn't even the pentagram but they just act as an acid pure Satanism and we're atheists with a with them we haven't even made any sort of upper being so to make the assumption that we're Satanists it's no stupid well you can't really judge people by the music they listen to unless they've given you a reason to otherwise let's say I listen to nothing but Christian rock because I told you I was Christian let it be safe to say that I was a Christian cutter but I stone and I'm not so just unless I've told you specifically that the reason I'm listening to this is because it has views that I agree with I probably just like the song yeah and like with my arm T as well again when she sort of found out I was on the metal scene because I think I uploaded as he was slipping I was my cover photo on Facebook or this might be Marilyn Manson this way that's something like she she sent me a message saying you know I Brandon how are you it was like um I'm fine I'm doing good she's like are you though you know this this this goth stuff it might all seem funny and cool for her words to you but there's that stuff attached to it I worry about you okay the the worrying that's what annoys me oh you're gonna be a little bit I might be a gofund I'm not at the moment am i and into one yeah does that make people on fun with me I might be the nicest guy in the world because I'm with God from my ex what am I like am i secluded am I just like really depressing I have to I just I genuinely met people who society call them Goths they call themselves Goths they're really nice people yeah most of them I can't say that about all of them I haven't met all of them but just because there is you are in a social class firstly it doesn't mean that they should make any accusations against you personally but in our case just because of the music we listen to you cannot give us a social class and you cannot define us because it has nothing to do with who we are and this sort of ties in with what I was about to say is like if you if you like to say to someone how you're gay you must like you must like Glee that's courses like a stereotype and there's not racism homophobia homophobia like discrimination discrimination because someone's got a different culture different tastes what's the difference between someone calling the black person Nigel Nigel that's our word for it and someone calling the metalhead at golf there is no difference to say this ties in with a story that we heard about about a month ago which is in Manchester in Manchester years ago there was some girl and her boyfriend 16 and 50s in for that and they were just hanging it apart just not not like who they're good for they killed them thought they're hanging in a park no they're just just hanging around doing nothing 23 I think it was freelance yeah I mean that's I just they just like attack them and the girl was beaten up and obviously the guy I guess he tried to stand up to her but she she died then we can rest in peace to her because she was just a normal person then the difference was she I think she had her hair dyed or up in spikes so she had clothes she was wearing like this studded belt and she had like red hair she was identifiable as somebody in a different social class so people killed her where's the logic in that and like it's just this year that the police have really taken us into account because her parents have been campaigning ever since was something that she would believe in and all us as a community of metalheads scoffs emails whatever like now in Manchester Police are gonna take action against people discriminating metalhead scoffs emails or Punk's yeah and I think that's right and that should be like that in the whole country that should that should definitely be a thing because you can't you can't go around discriminate discriminating against people and then expecting to get away with it because if you offended a black person because of their color or a Christian because of their beliefs people would have forgave you for it that would be considered wrong yeah so having a go at somebody who is a goth or in our case not a goth but calling us that's that's no different you're still doing the same thing and we've said about this before it's like in school if you wanted to they make primary school they make you sing hymns and shit because you know half the teachers are really happy clappy Christians yay gods but if we try to like for sports day we want to do a song we want to do even before I forget all the blistery says something like that but we're not sure we'll be able to do it because Slipknot a fate of it and what's the difference between Satanists they worship Satan as a godly figure Christians they worship God there's no difference it's just the person yeah so why are they allowed to discriminate against us something we don't even believe and we just wanna sounds really cheesy but we want to sort of be the birth of metal in our school don't we we want everyone to say oh here I go and just the cut a very long story short what we're saying is don't discriminate people because of a different social class and don't discriminate us when we're not actually in that social class yeah don't just see us automatically think oh he's got dark hair he's obviously an emo he's obviously part of a cult and this is one more thing Christians not just Christians I'm being the school in that just people who generalize male heads is like pricks and people who are mean they have they only care about themselves then themselves are the people being naughty because they are being hypocrites they're being mean to a social class which they don't even understand does that make sense I've been a business pretty much they're the ones cool and someone mean but that's being mean to them because they don't even know them if you know them never like killed someone yeah fair enough even a Christian if they've killed someone there's no difference between that and a Satanist who's killed someone but there is in the public's eyes yeah with the question let Polly be again I'm forgiveness with the sameness he should be with the devil way belongs but surely enough given the sameness what he would want what what we're trying to say is everybody should get along they don't that's in that's not possible doesn't do many different views but at least down to the my new thing of us walking through school or a person walking through school for the first time who is ago right let's say someone who is they both as long black hair wears a studded collar because they want to be they represent what they're feeling that's what they want to do it's their individuality they're allowed to you picking on them because the hair different is pathetic and that's the thing that's really wrong is how they're going to get bullied for it and that's what I like about sort of you know being a meta left light and Callum as well we we sort of we are a bit oppressed by like you know the general society your teenage girls you love one direction the boys you love Jake Bobo whatever sort of half hipster people hipsters mainstream now that sort of anomaly but we all sort of unite and we find like help with each other like of us we talk to each other about anything that's annoying us yeah and we understand each other because we get each other because we are from the same sort of culture like a Christian were taught that so another Christian and I've got we talk to each other about music yeah so we're no different to any other and social class that's a good point we are no different to you just because we listen to different things believe in different things we know yeah so don't treat us any differently yeah I just want to have a serious point at the end if any of you out there have watch this video and have been like oh yeah no that's happening to me I am going through that you can talk you can talk to people around you and now that we're here we're going to talk to us you can private message you can comment mobile exchange Skype you tell something will happen are you guarantee if you comment you will get a lot of likes because the people watching this will be like I said our community so we'll get each other and you shouldn't have to put up with that yeah and this is what we're doing to help you and to get the word out yeah so uh thanks for thanks in us Shamu better and we'll see you next take care you

  1. the nine-sided pentagram is called a repentagram.

  2. I've been called punk/emo/goth for listening to skinless dying fetus Cannibal Corpse behemoth venom slayer metallica or mayham. STOP THE PROFILING!!!!


  3. ive never experience parents who tell you that you cant listen to a certain type of music. Im á metalhead and always have been and both my parents are metalheads as well and my brother likes rap and my parents never told him he cant listen to it (even though they hated rap) and they even download albums for him.

  4. You guys speak the truth I'm in secondary school in year 9 and pretty much all I hear from people is either "you're an emo accept it" or "why do you like music with screaming?!" And my answer is always "why do you like music with whining in?"

  5. I think you're referring to Sophie Lancaster, a goth girl who was beaten to death in my hometown of Rawtenstall (near Manchester ). My username is a dedication to her, i wear a bracelet with her name on it everyday and regularly visit the park she was killed in. The police up here are the first in the country to monitor hate crime against people of alternative subcultures. I personally identify as a goth, but have friends from every subculture.
    And P.S, why don't boys like you live up here? There are literally no alternative boys who aren't asshats in my town. Whhhhhhhyyyy??? 😉 🙂 XD but for real, you guys are cute, hilarious and make brilliant points. I've subscribed and i hope your channel gets really big. Lotsa love to ya both 👍💀❤

  6. Hey! You guys are awesome, and I have a similar view about the same subject. I have long black hair and dress pretty scene-ish and people all just assume that i'm emo lol I think its bolony

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