SOCIAL CLASS DISASTERS - Marrying of a different class

what's keeping you here anyway Mary Blakesley you thought you'd marry her but remember what she said that day in the car her car of course but can't you see it's impossible dear it's not just money we live in different world hello I'm Paul Pluto the method actor who plays Archibald Chesterfield the third and today I'm talking about social class social class today we've got a very interesting discussion on social class and this is a question which I've been sent it's been been emailed in and the question goes that what happens if one one person is upper class and they marry another person who is working-class what class would this child have and it's a very very very very interesting discussion I can certainly say that so in this particular scenario an aristocratic lady married a working class working class men okay what class would the baby become would the baby become middle class working class and upper class meet in the middle would the child carry on from the mother and become aristocratic blueblood upper class or would the child follow with his father and would he follow with his father and become working-class and the answer is quite complicated in 1694 the churches of the world concluded that religion would follow the mother's path so this is basically because a lot of the bitches were having relations outside the marital home so to ensure purity within the religious order it was decided that the religions would follow through with the mummer hence if you have a Catholic father and a Jewish mother the child would be Jewish that was conceded in 1694 however the other concession that was laid that the the mark of Honor hereditary and title would follow with the father so we've spoken to the the people at concern and the answer is if a working-class woman admit on an upper-class woman marries a working-class man the child would continue with the father's class traits also any coat of arms would then be extinguished they would not be able to use them because it follows through with the farmer so the son would take the father's name the son would take the father's class and social standing these are the rules of engagement these are the rules of engagement the classes should not mix just like a Catholic should not marry a Protestant working class should not marry upper-class this is a precedent for disaster and in our experience looking at mixed marriages whether it's race whether it's social class or religion always leads to divorce that's correct one should marry one's own kind one should marry one's own social class one should marry within their own group these are the laws of engagement and you should follow them two for contentment and happiness in your life the ability to rise from an ascribed status to an achieved one is called vertical mobility and is particularly characteristic of the United States there are class lines within each general group and these vary geographically and in relation to nationality religion and race class exists in the United States as it does everywhere and it plays a vital part in the life of every community although young Ted Eastwood has an ascribed status of middle class the better festus he achieves during his lifetime may be higher than the one he was born with it could be true four years later dave22 now has a job at a local gas station although he's still only a gas station attendant he's studying to be an automobile mechanic the driver of the car is his old friend of high school days Gil Eames Gil has graduated from college now and is on his way to start work in his father's Factory Dave is going to be married just as soon as his job of auto mechanic comes through Guild's first day of work in his father's factory turned up still another familiar face Ted eastwood has a job in the bookkeeping department mr. Ames is taking his son on a tour of all the departments of the factory some day Gil will take over the business and today he's beginning to learn about it kind of rocked you didn't it Gil Eames with his future all laid out for him but you you're Ted eastwood stuck in a job you'll be in all your life why don't you get out what's keeping you here anyway Mary Blakeslee you thought you'd marry her but remember what she said that day in the car her car of course but can't you see it's impossible to it it's not just money we live in different worlds sure different worlds inside this town but there are other worlds bigger towns you've got some money saved go to New York give it a try for six months and if you fail only they're not going to fail and Ted didn't fail he had talent and the ability to work hard he started with a job in the art department of a large advertising agency they called him a production assistant but actually he was a sort of a glorified errand boy but at least he was through with booking and close to the kind of work he liked at night he took courses in commercial art and advertising and spent a good deal of his free time working and studying at home in the years that followed Ted gained a thorough technical knowledge of his feet by the time he was thirty years old he was the head of the art department of an advertising agency horizontal mobility moving from one place to another has resulted in vertical mobility for Ted eastwood a movement upward from his ascribed status to an achieved status that is largely the result of his professional standing class lines are drawn differently in a large city like New York although they are still there here professional standing power and wealth are of great importance it is possible for members of socially prominent families theater people who may have come from the lower-class and successful businessmen of the middle class to mix socially and Ted is an accepted member of the group but when ted returns to his hometown on a vacation how does he fare as he anew achieved status back there too but he meets the girl he wanted to marry have things changed the town is small enough so that Mary has heard about Ted's success in New York but this isn't New York Mary is married to Gil now and although they are friendly enough toward Ted he still isn't part of their world and he never will be in this town the ascribed status of his parents is still the class to which he belongs

  1. There is something reassuring in the knowledge that Archie will be properly compensated for the effort put into this video.

  2. Paul your not an American, and I think I can speak for my fellow countrymen when I say "stay the fuck out".

  3. If a Brisbane e-begging bogan who only shampoos once a week and wears Taxi cologne marries a wealthy, upscale, chic, sophisticated Bangkok ladyboy, will the bogan husband be accepted into the elite Bangkok social circles? No, never. Will the rich ladyboy want to be accepted into the Brisbane bogan vegemite social circles that congregate at the Inala Plaza spring roll restaurant? No, because she/he will never go to Brisbane cause it's a shitter city with overpriced parking and glory holes in the public toilets. The marriage is doomed to failure.

  4. You better pray that your children will not take after you. But on the other hand they can't take what you don't have….a social standing and/or a class.This topic is way too advanced for you.

  5. Recall one of the most famous quotes from The Great Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan to Jay Gatsby: "Rich girls don't marry poor boys, Jay Gatsby."

  6. In Britain today, things have evolved. There is a class lower than working class. We call it "Welfare State from cradle to grave" class. AKA Idle bastard Class, now entering their second generation (so now normalised). These "beggars" want the fine things in life, but refuse to work. They inevitably claim state benefits. Whilst, for example, also running a paid Youtube channel – spouting off about any old bullshit that "well off" people will watch (and very occasionally donate towards).
    So, in order: Lower Class, Working Class, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class and Aristocracy. Aristocracy is controlled through blood lines.

  7. Looking deep into the character that is ArchieLuxury you will find he is in the upper class, like the Royal Family so to speak. Prince Harry is a similar class to ArchieLuxury.

  8. Am I the only one that thinks Arch looks a bit like Hitler? Maybe it was what he was saying…

  9. Me: Hey Archie, what do you think about class?
    Archie: I like class. I like class. I gotta tell you. I like class. Yeah. I like class. Donate now. Work wiff me, not against me.

  10. Holy shit! Did you guys see that avengers trailer? Kick ass! Listen, I am grateful I live in a age where my comic book hero’s are brought to life on the silver screen. I even liked Justice League, fuck the hate. Anyways peace and love, peace and love fuckers! Mousy out!

  11. I think this pearl of wisdom belongs to a different era perhaps. The era Archie grew up in. In today’s world class is made and broken much faster, and racial lines are not as important largely thanks to the Anglosphere being pervasive enough as to render distinguished individuals from other cultures compatible cross-culturally (or racially), if wealth and education are comparable.

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