Social (2019 Short Film)

suspenseful music building What a day, What a day [pounds on door] [Background Music] [Intense Piano] [Phone Vibrating] Hey, What’s up? Not much, just chillin waiting on your ass to go live already Damn pimpin I just I just started the computer Give me a minute Yo, For real Bro? You’re slow as **** You know your people are waiting to see you Yeah They’re gonna They’re gonna see me Bet It’s crazy to think you just started this **** last year man [Anthony Laughs] Now look at you I know, right? **** crazy bro But, we’re going to the top Yeah man Big Facts Just don’t forget about us small folks when you’re rolling in the millions Nah Never man You know I gotta take care of the fam That’s what’s up, bro You’re a good dude Shut up man, you know I got you Yeah And your stuck [Both Laughing] Well listen man I’m going to get off here And get this going That’s a bet dog Just don’t take no lifetime, alright? Shut up I’ll be up in a minute man Alright homie Alright [Phone disconnects] [Sighs} Video Messenger Ringing [Suspenseful Tones] What the? Hello? Hey What’s going on over there? [Muffled Groaning] What the ****? [Muffled Groaning continues] Yo! Hello?! What the **** is going on over there? [Muffled groaning continues] oh **** Laptop cut off [Suspenseful Music] Oh **** Is it plugged in? Hey! What’s going on over there?? What the **** is this? [Sudden Harp Strikes] [Static] What the **** was that? [Suspenseful Music] Oh, **** this I’m calling the cops My phone Where’s my phone What the **** that’s my phone [Static] [Heavy Breathing] [Suspenseful Music] It’s ******* me! No ******* way! [Panicked Breathing] [Heart Beating] [Heavy Breathing] That’s me That’s me [Panicked Breathing Continues] [Heart Beat Continues] [Suspenseful Music] [Social Growling] [Heart Beating Rapidly] [Heart Beat Stops] [Intense Piano Chords] [Suspenseful Music] [Music by Sin Jinchuriki – Social Destruction]


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