Soccer - America's Path To Socialism

well alright America I hope you're happy I hope you're real happy with it I've tried to tell you that America is sliding into socialism and I've said it before if you didn't listen to the hour being good earlier on what letter does socialism start with s what letter does Satan start with s what letter does sodomy start with s what letter – soccer start with I'm gonna give you a great big guess on that one it's a s do you think this is some kind of coincidence or something do you really honestly think that because it ain't it ain't at all soccer is against God alright God gave you two legs this is true he also gave you two arms and two hands in ten fingers and two elbows why did he give those to you he gave them to you to use are you allowed to use your arms or hands in soccer no you are not you are not allowed in the least little bit if you do you get thrown out of the game I don't I don't know almost nothing about soccer but I know that you ain't allowed to use the two hands that God gave you that's not a game all right that's not a game I don't know what it is but you can't call it a sport just cuz it got a ball it don't make it a sport at all alright let's get that clear now let's look at who plays soccer your pens Negros not American Negroes but European Negroes Mexicans you got you got a and it don't matter it don't matter where they're from you got yet Mexicans from from Central America from jerger guai whatever ugly names down there Mexicans from Brazil Mexico's from Puerto Rico Mexicans from all over playing a satanic game we don't need it all right what's more not only does it promote socialism I mean look at all your Hugo Chavez soccer think of all of the communist countries that you can think of how many of them play soccer all of them every single one how many of them play football none of them all right football that's a sport arms legs hands elbows they're kind of underarm part you use it all all right soccer you're walking right why don't they just cut off their arms if they don't only use it to cut off your arms all right that make you the best soccer player in the world it's stupid all right we got no reason being in this fifth tournament at all period ain't no reason and why are we in this fifth tournament take a big gifts because Barack Osama homo bin Laden wants to bring socialism to the United States of America he wants the entire populace not to be able to use their arms he wants it so that they should walk around like this and their arms they just atrophy their hands they atrophy they can't hold a gun so when his UN forces come marching with their jackboots onto the shores of America everybody except the non soccer players going good oh well I don't know what's oh I can't move my hands I can't move my hands how am I going to defend myself will you ain't you're just going to have to stand there armless watching America die in front is that really what you want America don't watch soccer don't play soccer don't say the word soccer don't do nothing about soccer at all period or are you going to help it's really just simple as that play soccer go to hell I don't know how much more clearer I can make it all right there's Billy Bob neck god is love

  1. 1:41–1:46
    Theeeeen STFU, for example its like me saying "Oh i dont know much about swimming but water is against God"

  2. So words that start with S are evil so I guess I should stop looking up to Saints cuz those are evil and I going to hell cuz I use words that start with S so many times in this post and you are racist as fuck

  3. Well in outher countries than America it's called FOOTBALL

    Guess what you use hands to throw in the ball when it goes out and goalkeeper's use hands to save the ball and their legs

    Guess what your also doing Speaking starts with S you are going TO HELL

    5:52 well you said ,"dont watch soccer dont play soccer dont even say the word soccer", you just said soccer 3 times your going to hell.

    GUESS WHAT school starts with S guess this guy never went to school cuz hes 'man of God'

  4. There is so much wrong with this idiot. Hay dip shit it's not soccor it's football the Americans get it wrong, how many times is a ball kicked in American football compared to real football. Ask an American nfl player to play rugby but they won't because they can't play without there protection what a bunch of pussies. An yes in football they do use there hands as in a throwing and the goalkeeper but they don't use there hands much because it's FOOTBALL.

    If your god is real why did he give 90% of the planet two kidneys but only gave me one. Why have I technically been dead for more than 5 minutes of my life when I was born on two accasions.

    I'm sorry that your parents were siblings but get out of your basement and educate yourself because the amount of stupidity in 6 minutes is astonishing.

    Sorry for the rant
    An welcome to the order of the sillies.

  5. What letter does "Saviour" start with? That's right, I've given you a clue by spelling the word on here asking you. It's S.
    What letter does "Salvation" start with? Again, big clue in the question. It's S again.

    So by your own Stupid, Simpleton, Shortsighted, Senseless ramblings are also against God (if you believe in that kind of thing, I personally don't but, also don't hold it against those that do unless they take it the extreme or insane end of the scale).

  6. Honey, it's called FOOTBALL, not "soccer". Football. FOOTBALL, because you kick a ball with your foot.
    That pulls your shit apart!

  7. Hey Billy! I love your word game! Can i play?
    Ok, let's go! With which letter does "babbling" start? … Oh boy, i am i excited if you can figure that out!
    B..? Yeah, Billy! You win!
    Ok, ok! This one is going to be harder! With which letter does…. "bullshit" start? … P…?!? Nope…! B…? Again? Are you sure? U stay with B? YEESS! U win again! Now pay attention, it's going fast from here on: "bastard", "bitchass", "bambot", "bollox". Tell me Billy, is this a coincidence that these words starts with the same letter than your name? XDXDXDXD

  8. Mexicans from Brazil?…from all over??…you fucktard…Stupid Sonofabitch..starts with what letter?…you racist ignorant FUCK!!

  9. More S words for the redneck, Socks, Shoes, Shit, School, Swearing, Sweat, Snakes, Sadist, Six, Sick, Slide, Sing, Sisters, Slap, Showers, Sharing, Shiv, Shade, Shadow all of these must be against the false God, for Ares is the one true God, that sends people to war

  10. @BillyBobNeck Try getting an education. And So you know, Mexicans are from MEXICO and did you know that there is a State called "New Mexico" in America.
    PS: God is a dumb concept created by people who wanted an easy explanation for life. There is no reason for you to exist and you are a huge waste of food and water.

    And if this was a troll, mb. Btw, Barack Obama isn't Osama Bin Laden. Savior Starts with an S, Shores starts with an S, Society starts with an S, School starts with an S and so goddamn many other important words start with an S.

    Edit: You are very Racist sir, would god want you to be Racist? How do you like it when someone calls you a Insert racist white slur ?

  11. Sunday
    Sunday school
    777…seven could go all night….
    Fucking ignorant hillbilly fuck. I'm from Paraguay you little bitch…and dumb like jesus fucking christ you're stupid as a pile of shit.

  12. What are you fucking stupid

    In Europe: ow on the other side of this ocean are all americans from Canada to the caribeans.

    Because for you all of the south is mexicans.

    Wow logic!!!

  13. God damn mexicans from china, mexicans from india and the god damn mexicans from the north pole!

  14. What letter does 'Sitting Down'& 'Speaking' start with?… An 'S', shut the fuck up you yankee fuck.

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