So… What’s wrong with a little socialism?

uh… again welcome great to talk to you complex patted me
on your great help what makes a person mature uh… but i i guess do you feel like if i’m a grown up u_n_ i’ve got a way to go had got to ask
you something shirt it’s been very cold in new york it’s been so called various
post buffet how cold how cold it is that to happen so cold that actually so liberal
politician with his hands and knees own pocket ballroom bumper all what’s wrong with the little
socialism the democratic socialist countries of the world sweden norway finland denmark germany uh… did the countries that openly and
crowd iceland openly in probably call themselves democratic socialist are doing the best of all the countries
on earth equality a life is higher their life span is longer they’re people are
happy they’re not having the mass murders that were having they’re not
that they don’t have homeless people they don’t have peopled dying of of diseases that could
have been prevented what the hell’s wrong with a little bit of socialism yes i actually think a little bit it
socialism isn’t the problem is when you have a lot of socialism you know i heard you read before which
was in a rant it was actually a thoughtful driven a diatribe or was it
was a it was a summary of uh… of yes uncorks books that that was the does the founding document for barry
goldwater and and william f_ buckley who yet when you go to them and then there
were a lot of us conservatives we don’t read out of this same handbook that she
does uh… but i understand that you were
saying about how conservative what to do away with the middle class in the truth
is the conservatives goal is to have of units middle class the conservatives want to do away with
collect and president wants list that was the
shop lines and separated spike last august when
leads away with class are you suggesting that the code brothers who were sitting
in fifty billion dollars should take safe forty nine billion of that was
uh… and ben katchor said let’s talk down today are you saying the jury
service is sitting on three or four billion dollars should she’d give all
but one billion of it too uh… what to associates nobody should tell
the way to give the money except themselves you do not let me tell you but you
talked about big giant corporation dependent judge and branch he started allstate and i was that in the house and also a
eighteen years ago he stood up and he’s said their profit is the heart of a
business then social responsibility should be a
key that was c_e_o_ of a fortune five
hundred company and that’s what most true conservatives believe in we held that salah but that’s that’s
what the republican that’s good that’s what you know that barry
goldwater believed in that’s whatever direction believed in that’s a bike dad
and and and the white house an hour believed and that is not dan webber and
you know it as well as i do that is not what mitch mature maternal
book mccarthy whatever’s payments uh… believes and that’s not what john bainer
believes in these guys are are you know they’re basically tallies for
billionaires uh… i’d actually think their biggest
problem isn’t that it’s just that they can have a little more courage in
chilled wilma leadership we’ve got a what does that mean problems well-meaning sampling social security i’ve met with people on harkins step
global democrat i’ve met with people on hatches they
have conservative republican they both want to stop the flow security problem
there’s nobody leading and you decide what powell uh… events not salva what it is so
scary is fine it’s going to points on two billion dollars in cyprus twenty
sixteen did the disability fund the trust funds go to run out of money twenty twenty seven no it took in the disabilities segment that thirty percent of social security
so why don’t we just you’re right it is about thirty so scary why don’t we
simply ps hey you know conservatives love flat taxes why don’t we make the social security
tax a flat tax why should he attacks the only falls on people who make under a
hundred and thirteen thousand dollars why is it to somebody who makes fifteen
thousand dollars a year the below the lover of level of poverty and living on
classroom intelligent man and there’s no reason why that can’t be negotiated
along with her about this into old eight two oh nine there was no increase in
social security because there was no polling even though the gas went up a
dollar a gallon amex proposal on social security is to give a minimum one point
six five increase no matter what colour is even if it says it’s hero to low-income americans that’s a
conservative ideas that got a little you know when it is a poison pill in there
and that’s the two nd low-income americans want to give it to everybody
his weight is something like what you’re trying to do is turn social security
their welfare program up a page out of the president’s book here uh… the upper-income folks if they get a one point six five instead
of a three percent increased by the way what capping uh… higher income people at one point
six five why does two things will make life to
make it nothing total if they had the still
under oath wealthy people who are taking social security yelled you could fill
adi alarmed ballroom here in washington d_c_ with it’s irrelevant number of
people what you guys are trying to do is you
trying to turn social security into a welfare program because you know the
welfare programs when americans say already cut welfare
because they are take all do that you know to hell with poor people but you know a cigarette ketzel security
our own canara do that so let’s do it has a piece by piece
let’s start with the rich people and then will redefine the rich people’s was
makin it over a hundred thousand a year in and have fun defined as those making over fifty who
where what does class discrimination saying yeah i don’t believe it that that sounds to me like weasel words
the respectfully again and the family a common problem we have a different point
of view that’s sure so how do you get rid of class idea requested u_n_ you’re in a class
they don’t take money away from billionaires unless the the two things
don’t see what you do is what reagan so that you raised the tried in everybody’s
boat goes up what what conservatism does that gives
people jobs what reagan cut taxes on rich people doubled taxes on working people and
borrowed two and a half trillion dollars tubes to create a bubble economy you’re
suggesting we should do that that’s what the president suggested that’s what many
people as you know you’re not suggesting that at all they are not suggesting
reaganomics nobody suggestion is much let’s forget about the past book
about the future workbook about some new ideas about getting both side to the out
together and stopping me from inflicting well because the republican side of the
house from a crazies in a lot so i think that the other brands that i think they
want to know salsa security over to the guys on wall street his fate is two
point seven trillion bucks magic skit but then we’re gonna have the ritalin to
status of the day check out ehmac g_m_a_c_ that usd association true
consistent basis

  1. While I agree with what you say, I think that your point might have been made more strongly if you had been more correct in your grammar usage and spelling.

  2. Hartmann, Sweden and Germany don't have a minimum wages, their per capita income is lower than ours, and wasn't there just a mass shooting in Norway? Also, all these countries embrace vouchers and school choice, which only Republicans embrace in this country.

  3. Have you ever wondered if the reason you have such overwhelming urge to shut up conservatives and censor conservative thought whenever possible is that you're wrong and they're right?

  4. That's why we're in trouble now because the fool Government handed the peoples money over to private enterprise
    The people created the wealth in the first place
    Socialism should be applied to one Bank, one Insurance office, one cell phone company, Socialism should never be applied to hospitals, schools, social services.

  5. Isn't Sweden Social Democratic??? Social democracy, of course, means that working people control the State and institute policies that serve their interests.
    Oh, the Kochs have a combined $80 billion at this point. They're combined the richest person on the planet.
    So-called Conservatives — or the Republican Party — is not in favor of a middle class. The policies they put forward run contrary to that belief.

  6. Define socialism???
    Socialism doesn't mean: government.
    People have been inculcated to think that socialism equals government.
    It's not.
    Socialism, pure socialism, has never been tried. Nor has capitalism.
    Socialism is about workers controlling the state. And some more radical socialists want to dissolve the state. Because states lead to a class structure.
    I mean, the word socialism has been demonized without being clarified. Same with capitalism.

  7. Dan, what about having a pure form of capitalism. No government intervention whatsoever. I'm sure this'll lead to a classless utopia — ha ha!
    As Naomi Klein said about Think Tanks: people paid to think by the makers of tanks.

  8. Agreed socialism has lifted more people out of poverty, capitalism has hurt the poor. Socialism is just basically wealth, and freedom for all.

  9. Thom, continue to let these fools ramble, then present truth to their BS.
    Their inconsistency shines; their paths are dead ends; their icons are myths.

  10. As a citizen of Finland I say that we do not call ourselves a "democratic socialist" country. Social democracy has strong roots here, and parliamentary democracy has been our mode of governance for nearly a hundred years (96 this december, 107 if you count suffrage during the Empire).
    We've had mixed (mostly free) markets for most of that time, strong institutions and strong emphasis on individual rights.
    We rejected outright socialism 95 years ago.
    Get your nuances right.

  11. Lol arent republicans more built like despots? we need to fight arrogance and vote decent people into office instead of the people who want the country to be run to fit their every need.

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