So Personal Responsibility Doesn't Apply To Reparations?

finally what's happening fam lar move be still moving book is entitled lessons from a now custodial father at Amazon Kindle create space the link will be in the description box below as usual go get it PayPal link they also asked me to put it up so I'll put it up thanks everybody for supporting thanks EC those initials for you appreciate it humbling um here's the thing these videos entitled so personal responsibility doesn't apply to reparations this is a question now every time people talk about personal responsibility it's usually levied at our community personal responsibility now because we had this reparations talked because of the the the hearing last week personal responsibility hops back into the phone right problem we like to jump in and out of personal responsibility with other groups when it's convenient now you could say you know what about our personal responsibility in our lives and we should be responsible for our actions and say slavery is not people who alive who are lives right now who are the ancestors of slave owners or whatever they're not personally personally responsible for what happened back then but then on the same on the same note you say people and their culture is the reason why they act like this you know when we talk about our people it's the culture the culture is why we have these ideologies and why we do these things that are dysfunctional so if we change the culture we wouldn't act like this so if if we change our culture it would be different but the other cultures don't have to change so let me get this right the slavery culture didn't have to change the Jim Crow culture don't have to change the hypocritical policymaking doesn't have to change the red line and culture doesn't have to change you know the mis-education culture doesn't have to change the 13th amendment hustle culture doesn't have to change but that's their culture right but they're not personally responsible for that there's something different you know making an argument of you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps type of argument be responsible for yourself personally their argument could work if everybody started from scratch in every generation but they don't so you want people who two people can benefit off of the crimes of their forefathers but the people who saying no you owe us for that they need to be personally responsible so here's the thing let's take slavery out of it let's just take from emancipation for there were inventions created by our people that were stolen companies created those companies wanna be in conglomerates billion-dollar organizations and guess what and in some of them passed down from generation to generation to generation and what has with his public information now is they stole the product or the idea from somebody black so the profits that they make should go to whoever actually created it right because now they know where it came from where is their personal responsibility and all the potato chip companies where's their personal responsibility in paying the right people where is that you know the people who invented you know the ice cream scoop like I talked about where the person where it's a personal responsibility the medical things where's the personal responsibility the home security system where's the personal responsibility you know where you got this from where is the personal ability and giving the people their profits you know Louis lattimer's part in the light bulb where's the personal responsibility if everybody knows this exist and people keep making money off of this light bulb like this how come his family's not getting any money where's the personal responsibility in that you know stop like where's the personal responsibility desk pencil sharpener refrigerator air conditioner you know automatic transmission whether we know you know people saw had the video not too long ago last year about the black man who actually created the whiskey that you consider Jack Daniels where's the personal responsibility and since they noticed now you give his family that the money that he's old right where is that it the lawn mower where is that it see some sometimes is this personal responsibility argument just stops at a certain point because we just go all the way back to slavery but we don't say whatever happens you know everybody you know and institutionalized because personally people didn't get affected for all the people who do you know who got their land stolen and all the stories of people who got run run off the land or lynched and they businesses was stolen and a recipes were stolen you know people understand that the backstory to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeyes to this day but let's just talk about all the land grabs where's that these these families are living on land and profiting from a land that they know they stole from another family where's the personal responsibility in it and saying oh I know we've been profiting off of stolen property but it's their personal responsibility to fix themselves to pull themselves up by the bootstraps no because now you got generations of people benefiting off of theft beyond slavery right now there's there's another component to this that is structural structural where you know when people got all in a feelings about the Netflix movie about the Central Park five there's a lot of Central Park fives in America a lot of black mules got locked up like that that's pretty much I know but guess what they didn't hold the prosecutors to personal responsibility did your person you knew you set these kids up so you're personally responsible not I held the state and the state was guilty of that because these are representatives of the state itself they're sworn in by the states they represent the state itself so when you make the reparations argument the reparations osmond argument is a national federal argument because guess what the government itself has has said what it has done the same hypocrisy that people forget about Martin Luther King talking about when you deny people you do not black folks land at the same time when you give white folks land grants that that was a federal issue you get him saying follow people who say well my family fought in the war and they fought in this war we should get something – well what about all the the black soldiers who fought in numerous wars in America and didn't get anything either and not to mention and and I was prior to the GI building and then land and everything but what about the ones that came home and went to service for their country and he came back and couldn't get the benefits from it but everybody else could don't what do they deserve we do that families deserve right you know some of y'all forget yes structure that's federal you know that's why when the Japanese were put in internment camps de-feather it was a federal thing to pay those people back when Italians got lynched they had to bring them the Italian military to America say hey it's gonna go down if y'all do this again you know that was interjected on a federal level and I believe they got paid you know the Native Americans they're their land and land grabs and in tax free exemptions is a federal thing because of what was done slavery was legal that's a federal thing Jim Crow who was not necessarily legal was practice and it was accepted by the country lynchings in theft and and intellectual property theft was accepted in legal by the country and these things and these patents that were stolen guess what they were stolen in the Patent Office which is federal so where's the personal responsibility right you know when people talk about the drug culture and iran-contra that means the government was in on a drug game that's federal you know that's a form of you did it you got to pay for it you benefited from from it you got to pay for this country's wealth is it is basically built on a foundation of either stealing land murdering people or enslaving people and murdering people and murder on people's life liberty and pursuit of happiness because only one group can actually live the capitalistic American dream that's a federal thing but all of a sudden personal responsibility seems like it doesn't apply to that part which I find kind of weird hypocritical at the least but people just forget that part so there is no personal responsibility right for all of those things but if the shoes on the other foot we start doing those things to people yeah and you're gonna say you shouldn't did that personally responsible wolf or if somebody got away with a crime and you know they will be charged in the future if it or their family would be marred about it take take this into consideration i'ma bounce you know people know the Kennedys families back story right so they look like those people are cursed because of what they did to get where they are as a matter of fact I say this animal bounce Martin Martin Luther King story but what about his brother's murder you know what about all of these political assassinations and political prisoners isn't that federal don't they all these people for that that's what I thought they do personal responsibility and when you and and under these government systems you don't hold particular people and responsible you hold the institution responsible so the institution has to have personal responsibility to does it not but I'm done like share subscribe catch on the next one peace

  1. They'll simply pay for it through their downfall as a collective whole. Not just America, but also Europe because they're all interconnected and benefited from our expense. That's the closest to personal responsibility they'll ever get.

  2. They claim that they're not personally responsible but they damn sure don't mind enjoying the benefits from it.

  3. As usual, you explained this so well. Not holding ppl responsible is the reason we feel this disconnect from governing. No one is truly liable until caught and proven wrong or at fault.

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