1. Is living without ideology even possible? Isn't ideology just slightly different from the brain's ability of transferring objects into symbols and categories? and isn't it a need we have so we can simplify the world enough so we aren't overwhelmed by it?

  2. This insufferable Daffy Duck is a despicable apologist for genocidal tyrants. He talks in circles so as to entrance the intellectually feeble into this trendy Marxist hippyism. His hypocrisy would be forgiven only when he go lives as a peasant in North Korea or Venezuela.

  3. Žižek is not a psychonayst. He practises non-clinical 'theoretical' psychoanalysis – one wonders if this is psychoanalysis at all, or philosophy.

  4. God I'm so glad I found this guy. What a time to be alive, high quality intellectual content broadcast every evening on a free multicontent platform 😃

  5. Zizek is a Titan. People trying to appear smart on his back bellow did not really succeed… Not even in the same league.

  6. If Slavoj was a profound and original thinker, why does he repeat the same shit over and over, even down to the same quips and jokes following the same hashed thoughts. He's been saying this same shit since 2008. Isn't an intellectual supposed to generate new ideas? Not repeated tired old scripted ideas, as if it is only for spectacle or entertainment.

  7. After what Zizek said about V for Vendetta, he now needs to have a debate /chat with Alan Moore. Actually I reckon Alan Moore might be beneficial to Zizek and pass on some of that Birmingham drawl.

  8. What I like about Slavoj is he is obviously looking at the internet going "WTF"; definitely experiencing the real!

  9. Jnanapravaha Mumbai

    Is it possible to open up the possibility of manually writing or adding captions to this lecture?

  10. Right and wrong is subjective, and this is why we go with the majority or I guess you could go with Right being decided by those who have power…which would be the bourgeoisie…

  11. Índia??? For real!!! Nasty people, with Cast society stratification, and slavery everiwhere…
    Fuck Índia.
    They smell realy bad

  12. zizek say in the beginning in the video in their mind okey okey just shut up ı didnt fuck your mother in puplic why you are always saying Dr. zizek.

  13. I haven't seen the other parts yet, but let me sum this up for you:

    Pokemon Go = Life that has meaning because we see the fake augmented pokemon, if it wasn't there we wouldn't be doing it
    This means = Ideology is like pokemon go, it is an augmentation of reality, if ideology wasn't there we wouldn't be doing it
    His solution = let's make an ideology against ideology

  14. Capitalism is at its end. He exhausted everything. Planet, people and himself. Can not get new content or definitions. The end means the end. The philosophers should begin to discuss the new global order. There are times ahead of us with problems that the current world does not know and can not solve. Ecohumanism is a possible alternative because it is based on an entirely new concept of global social development. Everyone interested in this new social arrangement is invited to read the online book "ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE" on Ecohumanworld web site.

  15. The capitalist illusion: More people have come up out of poverty in the last 2-3 hundred years than in all of human history combined otherwise. Oh, wait, that's not an illusion. That's the result of western civilization and capitalist markets. Even the so-called socialist economies that are functioning well are first and foremost capitalist economies with social welfare programs added on. There's not a single story of a fundamentally collectivist economy in all of human history that hasn't been a catastrophic failure and/or a tyrannical nightmare. And yet the people who advocate the latter are always and at all times completely convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority for advocating their backward beliefs. It's truly remarkable.

  16. 17:57 I don't really see why this is a valid rebuttal, does anybody have a good explanatin for that? Of course stereotypes, bogeymanning and othering and a crucial element of both totalitarian ideologies, but their bases of differentiation and for necessary systemic opposition to either group are very different, as he well knows and upholds – even though in terms of psychology they might not be so different actually, it obviously makes a difference.

  17. ass clown, open society beneficiary and stooge, soros muppet, promoter of "humanitarian bombing" [late 90s re yugoslavia] — after which his star really rose. fraud. criminal.

  18. Mao and Stalin both believed Western socialists were not serious about overthrowing capitalism or imperialism, given they benefitted from them.

    The Western Left likes to play its role of corrective to capitalism, rather than abolishing capitalism.

    Something like a secular version of Christianity.

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