1. here is the proof: bitcoin has been secretly introduced, and a privately controlled cryptocurrency index, is being used, uk and france want to frexit/brexit their 500 million european democracy. democracy and capitalism will be split apart, democracy is only a useful tool for capitalists to reach certain goals.

  2. Be prepared for the usual complaints regarding Zizek's mannerisms- these complaints are about 90 percent of all comments regarding Zizek….this man is brilliant, just fucking listen to him.

  3. Thid man is mentally ill. Its evident how he acts always touching his nose, and constantly making noises with his nose, he cant keep hisnhand awaybfrom his face. Whether its tics or sickness, he speaks oddly and has extreme ideas. His hygiene is poor, he doesnt take good care of himself. I wouldnt trust him with advice where to go eat out let alone takr any advice on his politcal view.

  4. Without walls masses of people with Ebola and measles will enter countries and cause another Plague across the world. It’s already happening. Hearing him now in contrast to what’s happening in the world is hilarious.

  5. Fuck the Jews and the communists they are fucking cancer, DEMOCRACY FOR THE WIN

  6. He make me feel… That i have running nose. I dont like that feeling. Put him on radio… Video dosnt work for him.

  7. That's why I don't understand why well-educated westerners always attack the source saying "this is biased" as if credibility of the source proves one thing is more true just cuz xyz is a doctor. In China, we only have one source. So We just had to use our brain to think about things rather than trusting the gov. That's why stupid shit like "transgenderism" debate will never happen because it is fucking stupid. Anyone who has a brain will know that it is stupid. THINK FOR YOURSELF! The illusion of freedom is poison.

  8. I think that Zizek is right. Capitalism and democracy with either become socialism and democracy or capitalism and authoritarianism. Perhaps limited democracy and capitalism can work, as exists in Switzerland to great success.

  9. the starbucks example is brilliant. it's most likely someone knowledgable in human psyche proposed these ideas for "soul redemption" ads to them in the first place.

  10. Historically capitalism and democracy were never really jointed, or married. They were jointed because of the United States of America success was founded with liberal society, free market and representative democracy. It worked, simply. So it expanded through out the world.
    Before the French Revolution, our modern time, where the western world became individualist, the countries like France and Britain were also capitalists. They were not market capitalists for sure, but they relied on a heavily regulated state controlled economy, occupied mainly by aristocrats. It was the time of "trade balance capitalism".
    And sadly, the collectivism of the Eastern World has found it. It doesn't need democracy. It just needs to control the central bank and pull some strings here and there and you can collect the fruits of capitalism. Although, one must notice that, inevitably, this will lead to totalitarian oppressive regimes because a small portion of the people will collect the fruits of capitalism and the majority of people will be left aside.

  11. You really want to laughter.. change the speed.
    — 1.25 he can stop touching his nose
    — how far away do you think the interviewer sits from this fella.
    Spit radius must be mediocre

  12. Humble ourselves before God, obey the golden rule, and own our own shit, and we won't need any of the things we think are currently good or evil.

  13. I would love for him to expand the unfreedom americans are facing. Because he is right, I don't feel oppressed or unfree.

  14. Man, he is distracting to watch but I am so interested to hear what he has to say being someone who proudly wears communism as an ideology.

  15. I feel zizek over estimates the success of China. China's totalitarianism looks like it works because they also have a capitalist economy but they are the world's factory and all the capitalist nations that build wealth import products from china. With that being said if American and the rest of the west with their capitalism creating wealth where would china be? I feel we would see a large starving population. Now I get that with out that global capitalism all nations would likely have large starving population but I still think zizek is giving too much credit to China.

    It's April 23, 2019.
    …and he's still fussing with his nose at rapid paces, AND frantically adjusting his shirts as if they're all made of ants.

    He has now touched his nose 323 476 287(and a half) times.
    …since the age of 14.
    …or 11, depending on what media entity you appeal to.

    FYI: Touching ones nose implies an intent to deceive. "mom's the word"
    …get it?
    Mother Russia.
    "PSSST" it's not a tic or habit.
    He's actually sending coded messages to sleeper cells all over the globe.

    This information IS just as vapid as as you think it is.

    BUT: Were you amused?
    …how about mildly entertained?
    …frustrated? ,maybe annoyed that I've wasted your time?

    No matter the outcome regarding this comment, it is the utility in which…
    are you still reading? I hope you giggled or got some sort of amusement out of this.
    That was my only goal here.

  17. He seems very smart but could someone please tell him to stop touching his nose every other second lmao.

  18. Can anyone explain Zizek’s point on Intellectual Property? My conception had always been the exact opposite; intellectual property laws are a profound example of capital’s propensity to commodify entities that originated outside of the market.

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