SKY WAY CAPITAL News Release 178

Hello, dear investors, partners and viewers
of the SKY WAY CAPITAL news channel! My name is Dmitrii, and now you will see the
next digest of SkyWay video news, in which we tell you about all important events and
achievements of the SkyWay Group of Companies and SKY WAY CAPITAL. Today in our release. The founder of the SkyWay project – Anatoly
Yunitsky has personally conducted the trials of the object recognition system, installed
on the string transport. A new cooling system has been developed for
the unicont, which provides a set of solutions in case of failure of various elements and
helps to improve the safety of movement. SkyWay Information Service has published a
video Q&A session with Anatoly Unitsky, which was held at EcoFest. The tests of the high-speed unibus will soon
begin, which will help identify problem sections, improve them and prepare the transport for
mass production. Let us focus on these events in more detail. Last week, the inventor of the SkyWay transport
Anatoly Unitsky personally conducted trials of the object recognition system installed
on the string transport. Now it can be clearly said that the unibus
can recognize a person regardless of what he does: runs, hides behind a support or stands
on a track. All the traffic in SkyWay systems takes place
at a height of several meters, safe for human, animals and ground vehicles. However, there are sections, where it would
be reasonable to lay the road at low altitude. This is why it has become necessary to teach
machines not only to communicate with each other or to interact within the transport
network, but also to react to unplanned spontaneous actions. And, first of all, to a human. A new safety system assessment ensured that
neither the bird, nor an object on the road, nor a running person can harm the unibus. SkyWay engineers have developed a new cooling
system for Unicont that will improve the safety of the vehicle. It is worth mentioning that unicont is a mounted
self-propelled bi-rail vehicle for transporting sea containers. The cooling system in unicont is needed to
dissipate heat from the elements heated by its operation: motors, inverters, energy storage. The cooling system helps to prevent overheating
of these systems and increases the safety of the vehicle. Now, unicont is in the active working phase,
the documentation on it is 95% transferred to production, and the main assemblies are
already being manufactured. By the end of the year, the bench tests will
be held in the workshop. It will be possible to demonstrate unicont
after the 6th line at EcoTechnoPark will be fully completed. It’s being constructed specifically for cargo
transport. Anatoly Yunitsky, General Designer of SkyWay,
spoke at the annual presentation of the SkyWay technologies EcoFest 2019. At the end of his speech he answered the questions
of investors and guests of the event. Anyone was able to ask Anatoliy Yunitsky his
question. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, not
everybody could take the floor, however, you can ask any question by contacting us at:
[email protected] In which timeframes will the 14th and 15th
stages of the project development take place? When the construction of the linear cities
will begin? Why do you need to create a new type of vehicle
if you can put a regular car on the strings? Answers to these and other questions can be
found in the “News” section of our website. High-speed transport is another reason for
pride of those who are involved in the SkyWay project. Beautiful, streamlined, futuristic, with unique
aerodynamic features, close to the theoretical limit in practice. This unibus was first showcased in Berlin
at InnoTrans 2018, where it attracted attention of a large number of guests. Today, a high-speed unibus is getting prepared
for the tests. For this purpose, we have already upgraded
rolling surface on the truss trestle at EcoTechnoPark and have manufactured the mule – the
vehicle, that completely repeats the exterior and all unibus nodes, but it provides quick
and direct access to all elements. The trials will help researchers to identify
troubled parts, ways to improve them and to forecast the timing of maintenance. When all the issues are resolved, the transport
can be launched into mass production. That has been all breaking news this week. We will follow the development of the key
events and will share them with you. Watch us on YouTube and Vimeo-channels, do
not forget to subscribe to our groups in social networks and remember that SkyWay is our future
today! I say goodbye to you for now. Dmitrii has been with you today! See you next week!

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