part of my to shovel look but we're building a retaining wall in the backyard punching another item on the man card so to speak and I just got some interesting news the social justice warrior run comic shop that banned a customer simply for wanting to preorder a particular comic book a non-political comic book it's feeling the cold steel of capitalism and if you don't remember about magic mirror comics this was the situation okay I know that's fine I just want to get your answer so you just you just don't want money okay so this was a customer his name Dylan who was arriving to pick up his pole list which is really comic book shops survive on Poulos these are pre-orders if you read comics all the time you have a Pulis and you're saying okay I want every issue of this these five or six or seven comics I'm going to pre-order every month and then I come in and I pick up my box pay for these comics these are your basically subscription customers they are the most reliable now after kicking out a customer simply for wanting to preorder a comic they of course claim Vic and now remember here we have the comic book shop so any of these other publishers on here putting out that diversity in comics book which is a book about retired like military folks has nothing to do with anything you know but if I'm wrong I'm gonna 1000% Drake any publisher interacting with them in professional capacity respect I counted doing the same here we have the owner of that comic book shop magic mirror now I want to say there is another comic book shop they're called Mill Creek comics and everybody has said to me the owner is awesome owners a political so please if people were confusing Mill Creek comics with magic-mirror comics magic mirror is in Mill Creek but Mill Creek comics good magic mirror well you're about to find out here's the owner drag and dunk as loudly as possible and I'm real loud right so this of course was spun into them being victims our shop magic mirror comics is currently the target of coordinated harassment campaign by quote anti diversity activists employing intimidation and misinformation they are attempting to push women and minorities out of the comic industry none of this happened of course it was just backlash to the owner of this comic book shop which they have every right to not carry whatever comic books they want for whatever reason they don't want to carry them don't get me wrong but I have every right to call them stupid for turning down money just because they don't like the person who wrote the comic book your job is to serve your customers I'm just I guess the pure capitalist I don't really care if you're willing to buy it and I can make money on it I will sell it to you of course they say these activities are part of a coordinated campaign reacting to the action we took on behalf of one of the stores community namely we were alerted by Miller's shop owner that a customer of our store had identified the store's location and expressed animosity towards its management in a public online forum this is a lot if they knew this if they could prove this why wouldn't they have screenshots of that right by people who old anti diversity well based on how their mcFarland the owner she sounds anti diversity to me especially diversity of thought now when you have a business that is completely run by social justice warriors of course it's nearly impossible to make money and if you didn't know this comic book shop actually had to run a GoFundMe to change locations the comic book shop is so unprofitable they could they had to move to a cheaper location and they couldn't afford to do it now it's an interesting tactic turning down business of course to me if you can't even afford to pay your own bills turning down customers seems really odd to me especially when who cares right now fast forward this broken the end of May early June right now we are one month later and I have some interesting information from insiders at this comic book shop I've got to hide my screen now because it contains some person here's the thing magic mirror comics is located in one of the most expensive locations you could have outside of Seattle itself great business decision by great business Minds obviously they were already bleeding cash they had actually just convinced a friend to sink $20,000 of their own money into the business to keep it viable then your video goes up one week later fast forward a few weeks and the rumor of the shops are on here is that magic mirror is telling their customers that their boxes are being moved soos to subspace comics another SJW shop close to the university district it looks like you killed their store keep doing what you're doing is their way to support you since you've been banned from patreon by the way there is a way you can just go to the quartering comm and back that way should you choose you can do the exact same thing you do on patreon except patreon doesn't get to keep any money so this was the cold now if this is true it sounds very likely given the business Titans that these folks sound like the fact that they had to go fund me to change the location of their comic book shop the fact that now they have a friend putting in 20,000 more into there as this business is failing and they actually had the unmitigated gall the absolute stupidity to turn a customer away because you supported another comic book artist that they didn't like this is a perfect example of what happens when you let your ideology rule you write this is score one for capitalism this is soy low a Star Wars story losing a hundred million dollars when will people learn I don't care if they ever do as long as the market keeps working itself out and these shops and the people who are making these types of decisions continue to get eliminated

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  2. I Don't encourage pull lists. Been doing this for nearly 34 years. Been Burned So many times by people not picking up their comics. Some were long time Great customers that just stopped. Wouldn't return calls, e-mails etc . Stores that do, I'm glad it works for you.

  3. Damn capitalism wont force people to spend their hard earned cash to buy the garbage we want to sell AND the very people we demonise won't donate us money for free!?

  4. Does any of this really matter? Yeah, capitalism will sort this shit out eventually, but do you think they really care about being right or wrong? I think having someone pay anything resembling attention to them is much more important.

  5. At least the Soviets last all the way until the wall comes down. As for Islam. Well I like it when they we're use to be center of science and culture. Which is a thousand years back then. SJW would probably crash and burn for a few month, tops. Like those Ayn Ran followers.

  6. They're idiots that don't know how to run a business they keep turning down customers based on their political views, then they are about to lose the shop (gee, I wonder why??), then start a go-fund-me page to stay afloat which makes them the biggest crooks in the world then, it's their own damn fault that they cannot operate the shop properly if they keep turning down every customer because of their political views!? I mean, c'mon how stupid can they be! Who gives a shit about everyone's polictial views. I can give a shit about theirs but for some reason If i don't share their views, they refuse my business? "Ok, whatever have fun being in debt because of your narcissistic political ideologies keeping you from making a buck!"

  7. We won’t actually work for a money by selling our clients comic books so please give us free money on a go fund me page! Thank you

  8. These kindof videos have become my porn. Capitalism winning, and libs suffering…how it is meant to be.

  9. I honestly hope they go out of business. Pretty soon it will be run out of their parents basement where they probably live.

  10. For all those people that don’t know this I have to tell you this is the end of the world as in we are in the end times. And this behavior is just the beginning and it also signifies the times were in, time to start worrying about your souls

  11. She says they're coordinating….coordinating like that conversation you showed us about them blackballing the publishers?

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