Singaporeans Try: Reacting to Singapore Social

– Hi guys!
– Hi~~ (PD) Do you watch Netflix shows? – Yeah.
– Yes. I got addicted to Money Heist this year. When I watched the dubbed version, it was disgusting. Then I watched the native Spanish one, I was like: “Oooh, papi!” – Oh, Nesflick yes.
– Nesflick Yeah, I tell you my absolute favourite Netflix original movie. It’s this zombie movie called Cargo. I highly recommend it, it’s not like a normal zombie movie. It’s very will (have) feels, please bring some tissue paper. On the vein of zombies, I also watched Kingdom. Oh yeah, I watched that too, it’s not bad. – So there’s Stranger Things, there’s Money Heist.
– Mmm…! – Oh my god!
– I can’t wait for season 3 to come out. Okay okay! (PD) Have you heard of the local Netflix series: Singapore Social? Yes I have. I haven’t seen it yet. I saw the trailer floating around and people were sharing it and saying like: “Oh my god, I can’t believe this is a thing!” – I did watch episode one the other day.
– Oh! I was doing work in the office and I needed to eat dinner. Then I was like: “Why not watch Singapore Social?” But why would you watch something that will make you lose your appetite? – Oh, it was okay, I finished my food!
– Oh okay. Okay, I’ve seen the trailer and for research, I’ve opened episode one a little bit. Because they were talking about stuff like that, then I was just like: “Y’know? How bad can it get? So…” I remember the cast of characters not saying a single ‘eh’, ‘walao’, or ‘lah’, except for one. – And-
– So they are like perfect English. – Yeah, and with an accent that I do not recognise.
– Queen’s English. – Okay, I haven’t watched it so I have no idea what he’s talking about.
– Yeah. – Yeah, but I’ve seen some opinions on Twitter, it’s not very good.
– Oh yeah! I finished the entire season within 2-3 days. Cos there’s Marxmae inside and there’s Tabitha Nauser inside. And I’m very interested in their lives. On the other hand, I stopped watching after 5-10 minutes of the show. I really don’t get it! On today’s episode of Singaporeans Try, we will be reacting to Singapore Social! Badum-badum-bam-bam-bam! Can we react to horror video games instead? (PD) So before we watch the first episode, we will show you the trailer first and you can give reactions to it. – Okay, let’s go!
– Okay. – Nesflick!
– Nesflick ah. That’s true, a group of friends must have a solid (connection). There are so many characters to keep up with. Okay, but to be honest, I don’t know a lot of them. Partying… and oh my god, MBS (Marina Bay Sands) though! – I can’t relate.
– It’s like they feature all of the damn iconic places in Singapore right. And then they contrast with family, party life but with family life. This is an iconic statement. I remember that on her Instagram. Why? Cos she got many boyfriends? – Yeah, cos it’s like why you need to say your ex-boyfriends? Got so many ex-boyfriends or something…
– Oh dear. – There’s some relationship drama.
– Wow, okay… Wow! She got abs! Yeah, and all the aesthetic parts of Singapore. Oooh, making out. – On your left, eh it’s you leh!
– Me leh… Can I just say that the title of the ‘Singapore Social’ a bit year 2000? I’m not very inclined to watch a reality show that is so far from my own reality. Like when I see the clubbing and partying shots, I’m just like… That does not happen to me on a regular basis, so like #cantrelate! Even though the delivery of the lines and everything feels like: “Eh, these are quite Singapore problems!” – But the people never say a single ‘leh’, ‘lah’, ‘lor’.
– Yeah, where’s the Singlish? You got hear our song anot? ♫ Leh, lah, lor, Singapore ♫ – I think the trailer itself and the name of the show is a bit misleading.
– Singapore Social. It says Singapore Social right. – Hearing that, I expected something about Singapore.
– Mmm. It’s like they gonna show us what Crazy Rich Asians didn’t show us. But when you watch it, it’s a completely different thing. It’s about the journey of characters and how their relationships form. – Feels good to watch show during work hours!
– Yes! Hi-5! – Aiya!
– Aiya! – Hi-5!
– Aiya! – Again!
– Okay. – I know, Pearl Center!
– Chinatown! Nice shots though, I like. Why do I feel like I’m watching a trailer? Why am I watching the trailer all over again? – Right, right, I agree.
– Yeah! – Good music.
– Yeah, the music choice not bad. Yes it is. – Did they seriously write that dialogue in?
– Oh that’s funny. If it’s John and Amanda, it’s like Jomanda! Oh! Random dude with a glorious beard. – “I went to the best schools in Singapore.”
– Who says that? – That is so true!
– Really? – I feel like that is so true!
– I don’t really agree though. I agree! Oh! Suntec City, okay… Eh eh! The only food center in Singapore! Newton Food Center! Oh my god! – It’s where we all go for food!
– My god! I feel like it’s the sort of conversation I’ll overhear when I’m outside. And I’m just like: “Oh my god, shut up.” – Eh eh, beach club!
– Oh. Right? We definitely go there all the time. She low key look very uninterested. Ahh!! Oh, she’s friends with all her ex-boyfriends. – Really?
– You serious? This is such a weird thing to discuss. Who does this? It’s a very random conversation that comes out. Oh my god, this does not happen in real life. You know somebody who have no knowledge of Singapore that watches this, will think that Singapore is just entirely made up of clubs, That’s such a random shot of her leg. Why?! Why are you shooting her leg? Are you a pervert? – Who says this to somebody?
– In the club, right? – Renae, I’m so glad I met you!
– Nope. How come all the shots of Singapore are like tourist attractions? Eh wait wait, guys, HDB! Do people really wear cheongsam during visiting? No… No! – Who taught you that?
– That’s not how I do it! Do you throw on the floor? – No!
– I also don’t… Oh, the boomerang! Eh, correct, boomerang. Everyone will boomerang! That’s not how people shade on chinese girls during Chinese New Year. They’ll ask you: Okay, drama… – Oh!!
– Oh my god, the granny like poor thing! Oh, got prawning! I’ve never been prawning before. Oh, she wanted to say “got worm”! She wanted to say “got worm”! If she actually had done “got worm”, then talk to Vinny in whatever voice she was doing, That is 100% Singaporean because we always code switch. I drink my 3-in-1 milk tea with Khong Guan biscuit. – So as you can tell, I’m this tier.
– So specific! Roti prata and nasi lemak is this tier. People, red wine, white wine. (in unison) This tier! Okay, we thought that way at first. But now if you think about it. If this show is targeted at foreign audiences, ain’t nobody gonna understand us. Okay, so for some videos on like Zula or TSL right, – It reaches the international audience, for example.
– Yes, and then they’ll be like: This is exactly what we were talking about because it is on an American streaming website. Probably done by American production house. So, it not being targeted at the place Singaporeans go is- Something that we also shared the kind of unfair prejudice at the start. This was what we said just now. – I think you’ve summed it up real well.
– Yeah. A lot of times, like for example, local Singapore media. They come up with shows that might be relatable but at the same time, you also cannot please everyone. And that’s why sometimes people watch indie films because they provide a different perspective. Who knows? Maybe as you progress, Singapore Social may be able to explore new places. (PD) Would you recommend this series to other people? This type of shows is good for screening parties with friends. Cos y’all can chime in and talk about it. Rather than you watching at home alone because- For myself, I’ll just get very pissed off. I won’t say it’s a horrible SG show but- I just don’t think it’s worth your time if there’s other things to watch. If you’re curious, by all means. Okay so actually I’m very sorry but after watching the first two episodes- I told the friends I was talking to not to watch it. And I went to watch it, watch the rest on my own. So now I’ll say, please give it a chance. Skip the first few episodes, jump to maybe episode 5 onwards. And then if you like it, you start from the top. (PD) What do you think could have been done better? Maybe they can consider changing the name of this show. Cos when you say Singapore Social, I expect things about Singapore. Which is what many people expect: It’s about the culture of Singapore, the life of Singapore. But then when they watch, it’s not. Because it’s actually about the characters, their lives, their struggles and what they go through. For future foreign media that want to try to explore things about Singapore, First episode, you should collaborate with a Singapore film maker and get the research and the facts right. You go and work with Royston Tan or someone, he’ll tell you all the ‘ahbeng’, ‘ahseng’. At least the Singaporeans will be like: “Eh? This one a bit familiar ah…” Then the keyboard warriors will be a bit scared. Thank you for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try. If you liked this episode, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Watch our other videos over there. – Bye!
– With the mayor of Singapore. (PD) Okay, cut! – Sian.
– Eh, like, share and subscribe. Like, share and subscribe and then watch there. Aiya, y’all know la! My nose got something… Eeyer!!

  1. When you're so early but you don't know what to say but highkey know it'll be an awesome video once Netflix was mentioned.

  2. tfl when ure the only one without netflix 😭😭 any kind soul around who doesnt mind sharing ur accnt will be greatly appreciated

  3. From seeing the trailer, it looks like the show follows the format of the "scripted reality" show (think of "Laguna Beach"/"The Hills," "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Jersey Shore," etc.). And I immediately knew it's just not my kind of entertainment.
    Opened my Netflix, saw it in my queue, down-voted it straight away.

  4. i remember that I think the 2nd vid I watched from yall was the brawlstars one. my name in bs is also Sewnic XDXD. can yall like make a 2nd vid on it? I rlly want 🙂

  5. If stripping is considered to be 'empowering', why don't schools ever promote/encourage them to female students then? 🤦‍♂️

  6. No one in their right mind would choose to waste their time watching Singapore Social when there are so many better shows on Netflix.

  7. The only differences between this show and all other American reality TV shows, is that you get to see the Merlion, MBS, Sentosa, HDBs, etc.. Everything else is probably exactly the same.

  8. nah I still think that this show is so out of touch with the title, like fine show the expat lifestyle, the glitz and glamour, but why call it Singapore social , other than the fact its set in Singapore, theres really no way of telling that it is, plus it gives international audiences the false perception that ALL Singaporeans are alcoholic induced party animals.

  9. 200% agree with you people. If I watch that, I'll be like 'C'mon lah, where got Singaporeans lidat one? So unrealistic.' The people in the show were so glam to begin with. Can't identify with them at all.

  10. hello can i just say, i was watching a travel vlog and found sew's doppelganger here

  11. Um. Where. Are. The. Other. Races? Might as well call this Chinese People react. Knn this is why I don't watch you guys. First video and last video. Thumbs down sis.

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