Singapore Airlines Impressive Economy Class: SQ866 Flight Review Singapore-Hong Kong (SIN-HKG)

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  2. Best service is Singapore Airlines in my whole life of travelling in USA..EUROPE..n Asia but excellent services of hostesses with Smile I found on my trip from Singapore to Mumbai by economy class..
    Club should be excellent undoubtedly. May b next trip by club class..

  3. Sq was the first airline i took when i was a kid and last time we always fly sq because it is my country airline.. so can you imagine my horror when i fly united and quantas… when the ca are rude and … erm.. different ? Now with budget airlines aplenty here.. we only fly sq when we want to feel special… hhahahah..

  4. I prefer Singapore Airlines for my travel needs. Unlike the American carriers, which are quite disgraceful. What could one expect considering the horrid behavior, that frequents that rather odd country. Singapore Airlines is what flying should be

  5. My command for SIA is the dress for stewardess is copy from Malaysia Airlines..SIA stewardess crew should wearing dress like congsum not copy like Malay short kebaya..shame on u SIA

  6. I rode Singapore Airline back in 1994, before I was old enough to appreciate their service. Is it true that Singapore Airline don't hire ugly people lol?!

  7. I had travelled in the erstwhile Malasia Singapore Airlines (MSA) from Madras to Singapore way back in 1969. Was awed by the impeccable service & efficiency.

  8. Really best Airlines in the world ,so sad i still remember this terrific Airline has a tragic accident long time ago ….

  9. I enjoyed watching this lovely video along with great service that airline offers. Would love to fly with Singapore Airlines .

  10. Very classy airline and love their overhead jazzy music! Nice reporting just wish you could prolong the description a little longer so as to be read all the way through. Thank you!

  11. Absolutely it is one of the best airlines (or probably the best) … Fabulous airline, high level service, delicious meals, really professional and friendly crew, excellent cleanliness… and much more…

  12. Please does  anyone know if Singapore Airlines proved sleep masks for economy long haul flights , or do I have to buy my own… Thanks Peggy Wood

  13. I have always loved the ladies uniform. They distribute hot towels and newspapers on economy class too! Wow!

  14. when i travel SIA from London – Singapore I simply make it crystal clear say to the flight attendants that 'when you see my glass of alcoholic beverage of choice is empty please don't hesitate to ask but instead simply refill it without my having to ask you and THEY ALWAYS DO!

  15. That's how airline service used to be years ago. Pan Am and Continental were like this. The captain's even handed out "wings" to the children on departure. So glad to see this high level of service is still alive and well in the airline world. The western airlines really need to pay attention to this type of service !

  16. I have been flying domestic flights with our local carrier Philippine Airlines. But as to its international flights, I have encountered several check in staff and cabin crew who are a bit rude and unhospitable. If not for my miles, i would love to fly singapore airlines.


  18. One thing I appreciated about SIA flights, is the CA will sometime walk quietly around the cabin during red eye flight when the lights are dimmed, while holding tray of water, offering to passengers who are still staying up or have just woke up. It is really attentive of them, especially in such dimmed condition.

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