SigningwithVal – Religious Vocabulary Lesson 1

Hi again, this is SigningwithVal and today
we’re going to do a few Religious and other Vocabulary, okay? So, first, “thank you” and it depends who
are you thanking. Who? Is it your husband? Is it your father? Your mother? Is it God? So, that’s the way you want to sign…to that
person. Okay? Or up to God. So, “Thank You” or “thank you” You give me
something? Thank you. And you can do it with one hand or two hands,
“thank you.” Next, Father, Father, not father because that’s
talking about your earthly father, okay? Your father here on earth, that would be this
sign, but we’re talking about God, our Heavenly Father, you would do the “a’s”….Father. Okay and this is the sign you’ll see it in
different ways, um, because many times what happens, maybe I live in California and I
might do “Father” as I saw a lady today do on YouTube, okay? And that’s fine. Different areas may do the same sign different
ways, okay? God, God. And I remember one time a Deaf friend of mine,
she told me to just stop, stop right here….for G-O-D. Don’t go all the way down. Why? Because she said, she felt like we were bringing
God down here to earth. And because she was Deaf, it’s her language,
I accepted it fine, I didn’t argue, “Well, what’s wrong with coming all the way down. No, don’t argue, just accept, it’s their language,
okay? JESUS….JESUS, the middle fingers, JESUS. And, in sign language, this finger (points
to the middle finger), is the “feel” finger. JESUS, JESUS, now if you’re doing a song,
you can express it even more and expand on it. JEE-SUS. JEE-SUS. I can’t take credit for that. I saw a man named Mark Mitchum and I saw him
do that in a song. He’s a Deaf man that signs music and, so,
I really liked that, so I copied that for myself. “Holy Spirit” “Holy Spirit” Sometimes you’ll
see H-O-L-Y as a two-part sign. HOLY SPIRIT. Okay? HEAVEN. HEAVEN and again that’s a sign you may see
another person do it different. I have a friend from Ohio and he does HEAVEN
like this, HEAVEN. So just remember, people that live in different
states, um, sometimes you’re going to the same sign different. Okay? HONOR, HONOR, HONOR, HONOR and usually when
you do that sign, you will bow your head, okay? HONOR. GLORY. This sign is used so much, but sometimes it’s
the wrong meaning or if you were to ask a Deaf person, “Hey, what does this mean (signs
GLORY)? Maybe they’ll spell it out G-L-O-R-Y, but
really what is the meaning, the concept of it. If I did the song, “We Shall Behold Him” in
all of His GLORY? All of His beauty (but sign GLORY), because
when we see Jesus, He comes down, WOW, we’ve arrived, we’ve made it! Whew! Success, okay, in all of His GLORY (beauty),
okay? So make sure you understand the meaning. God, I give You Glory? Then, you’re going to sign God I give you
GLORY. The choir may be singing, “give You Glory,”
but signed I give You Glory, I Honor You, okay? WORTHY, WORTHY, IMPORTANT, VALUE, okay, I
just spelled out those three. This sign, if you’re doing it in a song, you
want to do it big, WORTHY! LAMB WORTHY! Okay? If iyou’re talking in conversation, “yes,
He’s Worthy,” okay? But, if for a song, you want to really expand
to make it more beautiful and more of an impact for the Deaf Community. PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE you’ll see
it different ways, okay, but just know it’s not like it’s wrong if you only do PRAISE,
but again in different states, you’re gonna see it different, okay? LORD, if you’re right-handed and that’s your
main hand that you use for signing, then use the “L” on the left shoulder down to the right
hip, okay? If you’re left-handed, LORD. CHRIST, CHRIST, and again, from your left
shoulder down to your right hip or CHRIST if you’re left-handed. SAVE, SAVE, SAVIOUR, SAVIOUR. This is like the person ending or the person
agent, SAVIOUR. I TEACH, I’m a TEACHER, okay? KING, KING. CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE and always remember,
you must use a lot of expression, okay? If they’re singing a song, “celebrate good
times, yeah.” whatever the words are, I can’t remember,
FANSTASTIC, okay? WONDERFUL! AWESOME! AWESOME! MEDITATE. MEDITATE. and you’re moving them sort of like
that. PONDER. And, sometimes you can use your index. THINK ABOUT. THINK ABOUT. MERCY. MERCY. Now, again, this is a directional, excuse
me, sign, so if you’re talking about God, God’s Mercy on you, Mercy. If, um, maybe your friend, she lost $700,
oh pity you, pity you, okay? MERCY. And, if you’re talking about God’s Mercy on
all of us, bring it down to you and then bring it out to the people, okay? PRECIOUS, oh PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS JESUS, PRECIOUS,
PRECIOUS. INSPIRE. INSPIRE. So when I start, my hands are like this, I
start near my stomach and then I come up. INSPIRE. Oh, you really INSPIRE me, okay? FELLOWSHIP. FELLOWSHIP. FELLOWSHIP. FELLOWSHIP Hey, let’s hang out. VICTORY. Now I gotta say something about this sign,
VICTORY. There was a Deaf woman that come to my church
and she saw me signing VICTORY and she asked the other Deaf lady that was standing next
to her, she said (signed), “What does this mean?” She didn’t understand. So later, I began to explain to her, okay? So sometimes you may need to go a little bit
deeper than just the sign VICTORY, okay? And the last one we’re going to do today is
FAITH, this is the sign for FAITH, but again, those are the “f’s” but what does that mean? [It means] TRUST, TRUST, so I would use instead
of FAITH, I would use TRUST, okay? So as always, if you have any comments, type
them in below, this is SigningwithVal. Be Blessed.

  1. Hi Val, I just emailed you. Thank you so much for this video. you cleared up a few signs for me i.e. father, glory. Hope to chat soon.

  2. Ahay Val this video very helpful to me in understanding using deeper sign meaning instead the literal such as faithful /trust and beautiful/ glory! Thanks Plse continue !

  3. Thank you Vall for reminding others, that you may come from other parts of the US, and signs might be a bit different! I started signing in Ohio, and quickly learned how different it can be, from place to place! Thank you for your wonderful videos! GOD BLESS YOU! ❤

  4. Hi ms. Val! Thanks so much for your new videos! Would you do a video on a good way to communicate the gospel with a deaf friend? It's hard to get past the flowery speech without it coming across as literal. It's been on my heart for a while to learn how to do this but again, you don't learn that in school. Thank you SO much!!

  5. Oh so wonderful! I loved this video. I am not good at Sign Language but I want to be. this has been my desire for years. I really loved this video. Thank you so much for posting this. May God bless you!

  6. Hi my name is Ralena. I am wanting to teach some our Sunday school students signs for songs that we will be doing. Would you mind helping me. This is the song we are going to try and learn "Majesty in a Manger" by Greg Sykes. Most of motions I know. Stable and ransom are two that I could not find anything that fit with the song. This is my email address [email protected]

  7. Val I still think you are one of the best people out here teaching ASL you move at a good pace not to fast! and not to slow! and the spirit of god is seen through you! may you continue to be blessed in all that you do

  8. How can I report the people that do the typing on the cc, most I find are not correct. Whoever did this one knows she did not say "d– Sh–" she said fellowship! Use common sense. Thanks Ms Val this is great

  9. You should also accept that strict true ASL we don’t use ‘because’. That is Pidgen Signed English. Please don’t continue it. It is not ASL Grammar. That happens when you SIM COM. Which is also something you should not be doing as it creates incorrect ASL Grammar when you sign and talk at same time.

  10. Thank you for posting this video Val. I found this to be very helpful as I am in my fourth month of learning ASL at my church. You are a blessing!

  11. Thank you so much i have been watching your videos. We have a death lady at church which I have found the calling to talk to more. I knew a little sine from my younger days in Sunday school. I have found a need for sine ministry and starting a special needs ministry in my church. God bless

  12. AWESOME!!!  Great teaching Val!!!  I like how you even give your explanations and in between talking in sign as well.  It allows us to see it in conversation and to notice to how it should flow.  Thank you!

  13. I do have a question. In signing a gospel (or any) song and you must use a name; for example, (Saint) Paul and, in my situation also Silas, how do you sign the name if you cannot find it signed by anyone that uses ASL? I did find a couple signs for Paul, but none for Silas. Could I use "helper" or "friend" if I cannot find sign for the name? I know one must never make up their own signs!

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