Sidewalk Chalk Communists: UCLA Kids Rebel Against Paradise

the commies are coming the commies are coming to cut they here come to comment at the end they're gone hi everybody I'm Bill Whittle here with Steve green and Scott OTT and this is your right angle on the communist revolution which is well underway not in the depths of the Kremlin or perhaps in the bowels of some submarine base in China no no the worker's paradise will be brought to earth right here in your very own friendly University of California Los Angeles the Communists are here in UCLA we had a professor just recently at UCLA talked about the almost amazing photocopy parallel of the lives of Che Guevara and Jesus Christ essentially the same person as far as this person was concerned of course Jesus didn't do all of that murdering and execution and shooting kids in the back of the head stuff but we won't quibble about details when it comes to that kind of thing they look kind of the same and that's the important point and then but we get this story which comes to us from our friends on campus reform who are really terrific terrific guys keeping an eye on what's going on out there in what used to be known as the university system of the United States of America which like the public education system at one point was the pride of the world but which is now simply a laughingstock so I decided I wanted to cover the story because of because of two different elements in the story that I found particularly hilarious Scott we mentioned this in the in the backstage show but here's the that literally the handwriting on the wall so to speak about the coming revolution and and boy if you want to talk about a US a simmering hotbed of unrest and and just fetid misery Westwood California certainly is going to be the epicenter of that it's it's the stalingrad of the Pacific as I'm sure everybody knows so on the sidewalk here's a picture you can see chalked on the sidewalk in in in in a very kind of a soft round hand in one of the most beautiful places on the face of planet Earth is the Communist Party at UCLA statement if you want to see this stop come talk to us you have a role to play see what stop the the the flowers in the neatly trimmed garden along the side of this path that goes through this bucolic paradise of brick buildings under a seventy degrees sunshine you have to start asking yourself Scott not so much where is the revolution going to come from but why yeah I was just thinking like how do you gin up a revolution under those kinds of circumstances I mean it's one thing to stand outside the mouth of a coal mine and as as people come out you know completely black inside and out and be able to talk to them about a better life world you know that's right so what do you say when you're standing on the edge of you know eat lee trimmed grass lawn with beautiful hundred-year-old trees no doubt with gorgeous stone buildings where you can you know buy a chai latte anytime you want and you know how do you get people fired up just like they did in Kronstadt that's right like who wants to all the sailors in Kronstadt what we will have our thai lattes before before we go out there who wants to overthrow that you know and i guess you know the message might work better if they took pictures of that and then went to some lousy place in the country and said do you realize that they're taking your money and they're giving it to these snooty elitist liberal whack jobs but then they'd suddenly realize wait a minute i'm talking about me so you know it's it's got to be tough because there is a certain fantasy quality to socialism or communism that still has a great appeal i mean it's a beautiful brotherhood of man that where everybody is contributing as they are able and receiving from others who have different gifts and abilities and you know from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs but that just ain't UCLA I mean there's there's not a lot of people who are running over to the to the coffee shop and saying hey can you give me a tray full of six chai lattes because there's a homeless guy down on the corner and I want to take one to him and all his buddies or or people rushing into the local Apple store and saying hey how much will you give me to take back this iPhone 10 so that I can take the money and distribute it freely among those who are who are not as well off as I am so I mean we joked around in our backstage show about how they're you know writing in sidewalk chalk and saying do you want to do you want to see this and you know these are people who have who have made kind of cut their teeth and made their reputations in life as baristas and there's nothing wrong with being a barista and in fact one of my sons is quite skilled at that but you know when you don't realize the glory of what it takes to even be able to drink tea when you live on the Pacific west coast of the United States of America then you don't understand the joys of capitalism that have given you everything that you hold dear well I'd like to remind you that it's that evil death-dealing capitalism that's responsible for the unbearable living conditions of graphic designers in Santa Monica Scott and I wish and I wish you would have a little more sympathy for the plight of the working man as he as he goes through his brutal and brief life serving serving the man I've seen some of those shameful studio lofts where people are forced to live you know two to three thousand dollars a month only four or five bean bags in the entire office there's only one tennis table tennis court that the slide isn't working anymore tell me one time I heard about these guys compensated somebody's compensated somebody's Star Wars figures from their desk so I think at any time now it's time to man the barricades Steve this quote is from a is is from a UCLA student so I'm going to assume it's not coming from a rock-ribbed conservative an anonymous UCLA student but the UCLA student is referring to the Communists campus and they've got a poster they're talking about how they meaning the Communists could actually defeat the United States military how this how this Hardy band of baristas and graphic designers could take on you know another band of breezes and graphic designers yeah take on the US military so so but here's here's here's how it could all work they've got the whole thing laid out so here's what an anonymous college student said and I just want to get you take on this I'm gonna have to read this quote directly no no college students said they're suicidal for thinking they can take on the military of a country that literally spends more money on the military than the next seven countries combined but at least they're following true Marxist thought a graduate who wish to remain anonymous called campus reform here it comes ready ready it reminds me of Sparta in that the state is a highly trained army entirely due to fear of a helot revolution except replace helot with communists and replace fear with not that much fear this reminds me of this this story came out in the early days of vodka pundits so probably 15 16 years ago and it was one of these super left-wing publications they didn't call themselves communists but they didn't really have to you get you could read between the the red lines there and there they described Colorado Springs where I lived at the time and I still live very close to there as one of the most heavily militarized cities of the United States and so you get this image if you don't build these with barbed wire at the top and machine gun nests at all that now we've got a couple of Air Force bases you know NORAD's buried in the mountain there's a Lockheed Martin off as kind of a big one all the rest but heavily militarized City and all I can think is you know this is this is the stuff we buy with our pocket change really we spend barely 5% of our GDP on national defense and we can still kick your asses aren't you tired of losing seriously this is my question to communists aren't you just tired of losing yo yo what a lot lost to the Nazis except we built so much spare war material that we sent a crapload of it to the communists in the Soviet Union 3000 Studebaker trucks again this was our pocket change during the war this we give you our ohms and that is what allows you to survive here Venezuela you pissed away the most oil-rich country in the entire world uh China decided well we're still communist but I love this which with which Chinese communist communist leader was it who said that it is glorious to make money you guys lost China I mean they still call it communist but you lost everywhere you go you lose everything you touch your ruin aren't you tired of this and I haven't even gotten to the part where there are a hundred million dead bodies due to communism a hundred million and you say oh we're for togetherness and and we're against races a bull crap Stalin used to move entire ethnic groups around the Soviet Union just to make his borders a little tidy or to remove perceived threats and oh but Hitler killed all the Jews yet Stalin was planning on a murderous purge of the Jews right before he died so don't give me any of this stuff you're wrong about everything you ruin everything and you'll lose to us every single time so grow up and get a job damn communist I think we can sum up the situation here and and it's not entirely funny although God knows it certainly leans that way here's a little piece of a flyer that's in the article this is basically exactly what you just said Steve it says it's a little clipping from a newspaper that says join the revolution club the revolution club is organized to fight the power – total – the system is only half of you and transform with the revolution in capital letters so you know that it must be real so here so basically you know if you got some time after you know maybe a little swim in the pool join the revolution Club and and overthrow the system so all of this is the idea that they can take on the United States military or that they even have in the discussion I mean I personally with my own eyes have seen little league baseball teams in Texas that could take this entire group to the cleaners and and leave a bloody mess on the floor so on one hand and the on one hand you know it's easy to laugh it on another hand you really do have to ask yourself how these people can show their face in public and and this is really the root of the problem since the entire media in this country has left has leaned left from the beginning of the Progressive Era the crimes of the Soviets and and the Chinese Communists have never been reported to the same degree that the that the crimes of the Nazis were and this is not a contest you particularly want to get into in terms of saying well they were worse because they killed seven times many people but they were worse because they killed seven times as many people and and and there's you never hear about it part of that is because there's no pictures if there'd been photographs we would we would be more aware of it but they're showing their face in public that is alarming and disturbing and and I'm not in favor kicking them off campus on the contrary I'm glad to see these clowns there but it you do have to ask yourself if somebody's going to compare Che Guevara to Jesus Christ you might want to ask some questions of a more pointed nature towards the end of that lecture the thing that is actually I think kind of good news is you can sometimes judge yourself by the quality of your enemies and one of the things I've just constantly run into is how unbelievably sad it is that we're that we're losing so many so much of our freedom to such wienies I mean we deserve better enemies than this if we have better enemies we put up a better fight all of these posters are from Rev which is a Bob Avakian or whatever his name is and I and I check out the site he's like the leader of the Communist Party of America or Revolutionary Communist Party of America you know splitters in any event if you look at but you look at this guy it's like you must read this book where the book quotes himself as Bob Avakian said as Bob Avakian said Bob Avakian wisely noted as Bob a what okay I'd really really rather be fighting Bob Avakian than howdy-do honestly I really would so it's a it's a toss-up folks what do you say about this it's a disgrace that it sat on a campus at a university but even the communists are being laughed at at UCLA California now if only they could make the connection between communism and socialism you might actually have the beginning of a movement there I generally try to keep my powder dry as a general rule but this is not something I want to be losing a whole lot of sleep over in the immediate future let's just put it that way just replace fear with not that much fear that'll do it for this edition of right-angle made possible by the members at bill Whittle comfrey people who voluntarily give their own money in order to get these messages out there and if you'd like to prevent the communist takeover of the United States of America which is apparently just around the corner we've got photos to prove it we'd love to have you help us keep these messages coming because the part about this that's not funny is what organizations like Facebook and Google and so on do to us and and every other voice that they disagree with out there and it really does have an effect so we'd love your support if you can give it we'll see you next week right here for Steve green and Scott OTT I'm bill Whittle thanks for joining us see you next week on right

  1. I have a friend from Ghana. A place with so much deprivation and oppression, it makes any reasonable person cry. This friend says, " Americans are spoiled."
    These privileged Commies at UCLA are a prime example.

  2. Almost no one has ever read the Communist Manifesto. A very interesting coffee table read, and what the socialist really want if they can take over your country. Communism killed millions in the 20th century. It's not the utopia that these deluded kids think that it is; in fact they will probably be one of the first ones to be eliminated if the communist did take over. History teaches us that we never learn from history.

  3. In sophomore year at Oberlin, I made the mistake of asking for a divided double without specifying a roommate. As a result, I didn't get any of my listed choices for a dorm and ended up in Third World House. My roommate wasn't bad, but it was still my least favorite of the dorms I lived in, as if trying to live down to its name. A friend told me that students outside of TWH feared it because of all the communist posters on the walls.

    That's right: At one of the most liberal colleges in the U.S., open communism was mostly frowned upon.

    Funny how I came out of Oberlin more conservative than when I entered.

  4. “Communism is a disease of the intellect. It promises universal brotherhood, peace and prosperity to lure humanitarians and idealists into participating in a conspiracy which gains power through deceit and deception and stays in power with brute force.”
    From “None Dare Call It Treason” by John A. Stormer.

  5. baristas taking on the military ? are you serious ? the first sign of a Gunny yelling at them will put their tails between their legs …. OMG talk about the shallow end of the gene pool … well President Trump did in fact say he wanted to drain the swamp , sooo this is as good as a place as any to start

  6. Scott's analogies (at 4:20) of giving "six Chai Latte's" to homeless people… or returning one's iPhone… are poignant: Liberals almost never do such a thing. They expect that the nebulous "government" is supposed to "take of that."

  7. Socialism is attractive to many people because of its simplicity. Most people are stupid and uneducated and unable to understand economics and politics. Socialism offers them a simple solution – equality. The rest is beyond their understanding. Very few have ever read a book which explains economics and politics of socialism. Even professional economists in the west don't understand how the socialist economic system works and present it in a very vulgar manner.

  8. Apparently you knuckle draggers didn't get the message that the Red Scare is fake. There isn't a single communist country in the world. It's funny how you cons have teamed up with the Russians, so apparently you are the Communists that you point to Ward. Let me see, the NRA is owned by Russia, Donald Trump therefore is a Russian. He works with Russians takes his orders from Putin, and works on behalf of a former communist country. Wow, it appears as though there's a whole bunch of projection, in case you don't understand what that means, that means you are what you are pointing toward. Why don't you shot gun toters just face up to the fact that bowel before Putin.

  9. Stealth Communists in the California University testing system just created a policy where they can give up to an extra 100 points to students due to perceived difficulties, i.e. the leftists can keep out people who they don't like. No one gets to know how many points were given vis earned except the people running the entry program. The State has approved this new program. The media is not covering this statewide scam/gatekeeper power grab.

  10. I think the idea of a bunch of baristas and graphic designers taking on the U.S. military is absolutely BRILLIANT! Never in the annals of military planning has the idea of needing to defend against a barista brigade ever been considered, so the U.S. military would be taken completely by surprise.

    Of course, the baristas and graphic designers would be wiped out in the first ten seconds, so it would be a very short surprise, but still…

  11. Perhaps the question weoought to be asking is; ' why does the Progressive Left lack sense of humor ? ' ! And, BTW, don't fall for the latest leftist " honeypot " trap – getting government to declare extant social media sites " utilities " subject to government regulation – which will effectively block any new startup competition !

  12. These are the privileged kids who've had an easy life and feel guilty about it! They are listening to these liberal professors who are spouting only one point of view about socialism and never getting the full picture of the freedoms they would be relinquishing under this type of government and also the history of brutality that surrounds it!

  13. Trump must not be manipulated into war with ANY nation.  The US citizenry is still reeling from the Bush and Obama adventures for 16 years.  The war will come to the US in 2020.  The fifth column of jihadists, MS-13, and communists are in the USA, they WILL strike. The migrant crisis, the democrat obstructions to progress are classic Sun Tzu by the deep $tate.

  14. The Revolution Club is part of Revolutionary Communist Party. They're in bed with the Muslims so they are no joke. They're also funded by Soros. Oh, you get to that. Bob Avakian was in SDS with Bill Ayers. BA ran against Bill Ayers for president of their commie club.

  15. American Communist Flyer :

    Become Rebels just like in Star Wars! Fight against the Evil Emperor Trump and his Aristocracy. Let the Proletariat arise and take what is Ours.. (We are not role playing this for real)

    Meetings Wednesday 8 P.M. in the College Theater. Please turn off your Iphones at the door and tell your Chauffeurs to wait outside. Refreshments will be after the meeting. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne will be served.

  16. the u.s. is just shuffling chairs on the titanic , they have known about rogue ice blocks for years . it has been holed and its going to the bottom .

  17. 1:53 "On the sidewalk… here's a picture of it … chalked on the sidewalk in a very soft round hand in one of the most beautiful places on the face of planet earth is the … uhm… Communist Party at UCLA statement "If you wanna this this stop, come talk to us, you have a role to play!" . See what stop? The flowers in the neatly trimmed garden along the side of this path that goes through bucolic paradise?… You have to start asking your self, Scott … uh… not so much where the revolution is gonna come from, but why. "

    These are "Silly Creatures", Bill. You need Uncle Traveling Matt Fraggle to go interview them (heres a sample of his work):

    Either Traveling Matt Fraggle or Mark Dice or Steven Crowder. Either way, we'll probably get a concise picture as to what they are up to.

  18. Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation

  19. In times past, teachers were hired by communities after much discussion and evaluation of the individual teacher. Parents monitored and participated in what their kids were learning in school. Since the late '60s and early '70s when many kids with the communist loving, "hippy" mentality entered higher education to avoid being drafted, taking mostly useless courses and ending up with "education degrees", entered into the education system without the community monitoring of previous decades, and began teaching their communistic ideals to the very young. This is the snow ball effect of several decades of THC induced thinking of a bunch of idiot kids I grew up with, but from whom I separated myself, who were looking for the easy way out even then.

  20. In times past, teachers were hired by communities after much discussion and evaluation of the individual teacher. Parents monitored and participated in what their kids were learning in school. Since the late '60s and early '70s when many kids with the communist loving, "hippy" mentality entered higher education to avoid being drafted, taking mostly useless courses and ending up with "education degrees", entered into the education system without the community monitoring of previous decades, and began teaching their communistic ideals to the very young. This is the snow ball effect of several decades of THC induced thinking of a bunch of idiot kids I grew up with, but from whom I separated myself, who were looking for the easy way out even then.

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