Side Ballast Tanks!  -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  - Submarine -  Part 4

all righty hello guys welcome you faces back to another storm works video today we are working on my submarine once again now a few of you guys have pointed out the u-boats don't have windows and you'd be correct they don't also some of you guys also said u-boat just means like underwater boot in in German so um it just means submarine basically which is fine that's okay but what I mean is I want to build something that resembles like a bob or two submarine although it is gonna be civilian so there's gonna be no torpedoes no guns no nothing like that and I guess we'll see what happens from there I'm not entirely sure anyway we're gonna work on it today I'm probably gonna add the big ballast tanks onto the side and hopefully they're gonna look quite good we also wanted to sit a lot lower in the water because at the minute it floats quite high as you guys can probably see right there yeah also looking at this thing in the editor makes me feel like it should be a lot longer maybe but um I don't know I don't know I kind of like the fact that it is quite squished but once I've added the side pieces on it might be that I want it to be longer anyway so we might extend it anyway I don't know what we'll have to see what happens okay so I guess we should start adding these little side panel thingamabob YZ and if we need to make it longer we can but for right now we're just gonna go out Oh actually quite flat so we're gonna go out like this we do need to do on both sides though and we need to move this thing to the center so we can actually build on both sides there we go good good job everybody we're doing it we're doing it okay we're gonna go from around here that's okay I haven't really measured this thing asshole so if it starts to look a bit weird then it might just look a bit weird I can't really do too much about it gonna be honest right we're gonna delete this and then we're gonna go forwards one or two there we go and then we're gonna go down again yes like this delete this one and then we're gonna go ahead and put some of these in sideways and then we're gonna go back together at the bottom and it's gonna sort of merge itself in if I could possibly build it the right way like I want to build it then that would be good but I'm not entirely sure it's gonna look like I want it to I don't know we'll have to see ah anyway we'll go ahead and put this underneath here as well and then we're gonna go all the way across the bottom like so there we go beautiful all the way out to there just for right now if you guys can see that that's good and yeah all right cool so from here we're actually gonna go ahead and go down one we'll probably end up going down two actually so let's do that real quick we'll go down – there we go beautiful bring this out this way and then we'll go straight down one actually no we'll go out again we'll go out one more here we go and then we'll go straight down from there okay cuz that's a big old bulge on the side okay so as we go down we're just gonna go in a straight line all the way out sideways we're gonna do it like I don't know down to here that seems like a good good amount right there and then we're gonna start slowly making our way back in so the way we're gonna do that is we're gonna go ahead and get a wedge we're gonna bring it this way all the way down the side to here and we're gonna Tinh you going down we will delete these pieces in the inside for just afterwards okay so delete that and go ahead and put this down where you good I actually go down by ourselves like this and bring it all the way across and hopefully just stop it right I don't want it to build like two up there we go good like that and then we're going to go down again actually I will go down again straight away like this and then we'll go ahead and put this piece in but the right way around hopefully this time yep there we go and we're gonna go straight down from there all the way to the bottom pretty much so we go down down and then I guess it can attach together at the bottom yeah that seems like a good idea alright cool we're gonna drag this all the way down to this side make it one piece beautiful put this piece right here drink it all the way back to the other side and WHAM oh there we go we got our little side pieces on there and they are quite nice that is that is actually way better than I was expecting it to like which is good that's a good thing okay so now we just need to put all these pieces in so we go like this there we go we'll put these pieces in and then we'll continue down like this as well I guess this piece needs to be the right way round so it needs to go like this yes and we'll bring it down to there beautiful yeah oh so this is actually looking pretty good at the minute now a few people or one person at least one person said that we could if we wanted to put some sort of control room in the conning tower so that when we're on the surface are when we are surfaced we could drive it around from up here um I don't really know whether I want to do that or not I'm not entirely sure um I don't know let me know what you guys think in the comments down below and I will see if or you guys say yes oh if you say no and I'll probably do either on whatever you say maybe we could have a poll on it actually we could do a poll I don't know I'm not very good with polls all right there we go good so I'm going to attach all this together in fact actually it's probably just a straight line from there to there is it no no quite no quite we need to add this piece in there we go we need to bring it down okay like so blammo and then we need to put this on yeah blammo good and then we need to attach them all together from there I think yes that is good that is good right there very good everybody we're doing it we're doing a very good job hopefully I think possibly maybe all right there we go good yes that's actually kind of like awesome I think I've actually made that to like the right shape pretty much great okay so yeah I've just finished it off so that I didn't have to do in camera oh yes I don't know we just filled in the last little gap right there ah we got to do the same thing on the back now more I feel like we could do is we could just take the front bit and plaster unto the back it should look similar if not the same so we'll go ahead and do that because it's probably a better idea I'm also gonna delete this piece and we're gonna bring it out this way and then put one of these on because that seems like it looks a little bit better so yeah we'll keep that like that okay so we're gonna go ahead and copy this front piece to the backside and yeah hopefully it looks good so we're gonna go ahead and go up there we go we want to copy it I guess it's just this yeah there we go we want to copy all this and then we want to go all the way down and copy all of that as well there we go and basically all we have to do is copy it take it to the back side here we go just like so turn it around like so press u so it spins it around and then paste it right there hopefully it fits with everything else which it does paste it right there merge it together and we have a whole tank right here we can delete these random things and that's good all right cool all we have to do now take it to the other side press U and then take it to the other side here we go and then paste it right there if we have there we go merge it together bam and bam there we go beautiful and that looks that actually looks pretty good I'm happy with that as these gonna be our little ballast tanks on the side now you might be thinking that's not enough ballast for something with air or this much air in it cuz it's got a lot of air what I was thinking was we could actually use parts of this because we don't have to see all the way forwards or all the way backwards we could use parts of it as I don't know as ballast tanks I suppose so we could have like a big ballast tank in the middle if we go from here we could have like one come in words a bit I don't know like this much and I want it's like a corridor in this thing anyway so if we go backwards a lot there we go up to there and then attach it together here we go we got massive ballast tanks now that's the outside that is the outside as well that is not the outside here we go so we delete from there all over here we also delete this bit as well right across here and there we go we got massive ballast tanks now beautiful yeah I'm pretty happy with that I am I'm very happy with that awesome so um that's good that's good we got our ballast tanks on the sides I don't know whether we want them to be separated oh I don't know I don't know what do you guys think of that about that I'm not sure we're also gonna delete these two there we go just makes more space in the ballast tanks which is pretty nice so there you go also someone mentioned that we could actually have like a I don't know we can delete this bit in the middle and have it sort of connected at the top and the bottom and that would look kind of cool and I agree so we're gonna go n delete oh we're gonna try and delete this without actually making a hole in the in the think you know cuz I keep making holes in it stop making holes please thank you there we go delete all of these all the way across to wherever we can and yeah that looks pretty good okay cool we just delete this a little bit further backwards go out one probably yep there we go and we'll have like a little balcony here as well because I feel like that would look kind of cool but yeah that's nice that's really nice awesome so what have we actually managed to do we've put in some big ballast tanks on the sides that should actually allow us to be a little bit more stable as long as we weigh enough is that the minute it doesn't it the minute it is actually quite light so we're gonna delete these okay all the way up to the front and we're gonna fill them with weight quite a lot of weight but you know it's kind of necessary so we'll do it there we go when we're gonna fill this one with weight as well up to about there that's good bring this forwards and that's actually quite low now so we'll see here we go how does it sit in the water yeah yeah actually pretty nicely awesome yes nice perfect it's it's in the war it's completely balanced it is completely balanced boys there we go let me just jump on top and uh yeah yes awesome nice so good it's so good I don't know whether I want to extend it now it kind of feels like it's big enough at the minute to be honest also I'm still actually quite happy with the idea of having this on the top however a few of you guys have said maybe move it inside but um it just takes up a load of space and if we're balanced enough already there's not really much point in putting it in the inside so I'm probably gonna keep it there for now but yeah I'm actually really happy that we've got it balanced yes we do need to put all the pumps in and stuff like that and drainage and stuff but for right now I'm pretty sure that's I'm pretty sure we're okay with what we got can I go in the inside and walk around no way yes we can totally just walk around on the inside now with no problems there we go oh that's a problem we need to make that a little bit bigger if we go all the way down here we can see outside that's still above the water which is pretty nice if we jump down here we can see outside as well oh yeah and we've still got more than enough room to like put some stuff back here we can sort of stand up we could have lots of equipment and stuff down here if we wanted to yeah I'm actually really really happy with that okay so I guess this is gonna be a relatively short video but I'm gonna go ahead and say thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next one also somebody said before we leave before we finish that I should turn the front into like a shark's mouth lies a nice idea it does look a little bit like a shark you guys are correct I don't know when that's gonna happen and I don't really know what else what what are the colors to paint this thing because I don't want to keep keep it white and so we will end up painting it a random color in the end but for right now thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next one good bye

  1. A submarine does not have a cord going to the top of the water collecting air that would be extremely dangerous for a submarine if the core of the wood to get caught in the prop of the ship

  2. Maybe on the conning tower make a large side door much like the storage hold on the back of the war ship that you tested recently, I believe it was called the HMAS James? as it is a passenger vessel to let mass abouts on people in at once, and maybe make the conning tower a slight bit taller

  3. The issue with adding a control panel at the conning tower is that it could be hijacked by a diver if it’s underwater.

    Also, congratulations on 30,000 subs!

  4. So frantic your going for a private sub why not put a little sub on top like what they did in the hunt for the red October. ( if you didn't see that movie highly recomend it) also in that video you did yesterday with the goofy ship I couldn't actually see the painting that you refrenced to being a mustang if I could have seen it I would have helped you because I know a little to much on ww2 aircraft and stuff. But great channel and bring back multiplayer with camodo!!!

  5. gotta ask…what base is that? looks like a cool place.
    and also…you could use small wings for more gradual slopes…looks way sleeker. 😉

  6. Since u have so much room put a little plane in it and so it can be launched from the ship if u what to know how the Japanese did it in WW2

  7. Hey Frantic, you make really good content and loving your channel dude. But if I had to make one suggestion, it would be that please can you make your videos a bit longer?? Other than that, loving the vids and awesome job on the submarine!

  8. How does captain senpai sound I think it has a nice ring to it or Fran the captain man quite nice if I do say so myself papa

  9. controls from the conning tower would be great! Used to have spotlights and AA guns on in real life

  10. Hey frantic I'm gonna tell you the truth I don't care your other vids I only care a video that you build I'm sorry

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