Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Episode 2: Taking Your Turn

There are a bunch of things you can do with your turn in a game of Civilization, but none so important as researching. The two main research trees are Technology and Civics. Each tree unlocks bonuses that will strengthen your Civilization in different ways. Depending on which Tech or Civic you research, you’ll set your Civ on a different path to victory, but we’ll cover those next time. Movement reveals unknown areas of the map, or as we like to call it, the “fog of war.” With the fog of war removed, you can uncover hidden resources and discover natural wonders. Huh, who knew Yosemite was in the middle of Africa? If you’re unsure what to do early on, send out a Scout and have him start exploring. You never know what, or who, you might find. Think Alexander the Great got the nickname because his empire was small? To grow your Civ, you need to build. That means new buildings, new units, and new city districts. Districts allow you to build more specialized buildings and improve certain parts of your Civ. Want to control the high seas? You’ll need a Harbor. Military lagging behind? Better build an Encampment to make better units. The world is a dangerous, barbarian-infested place, and securing your Civ’s victory sometimes requires a less subtle approach. So if “an eye for an eye” is your motto, attacking enemies strategically is critical to your success. But, if the fist has failed then why not try a shoulder rub? Use diplomacy, or shmooze your neighboring Civs to get yourself a trading partner. Not everyone will like you right away, so get to know the other Leaders and their unique agendas. This’ll help you figure out the best way to win them over…or topple them over. But how exactly, do you win? Join me next time to learn all about sweet, sweet victory. NOVEMBER 16, 2018

  1. Man, wouldn’t it be great if we got an actual full game for 60 dollars? And the devs didn’t try to cover up the lack of features by treating us gamers like children with no idea about their game? Cut the baby tv shit and fix your game.

  2. I have bought everything for civ on pc since civ II in the mid-90s. To wait so long for more civ vi content and instead this BS is launched… Not pleased

    Focus on your core

  3. Where new DLC? Where developer diaries? Firaxis, you sucks! Why you can't be like Paradox Interactive???

  4. This perky but kinda childish narration reminds me of the trailers for the Sims 4 DLCs. It's been confirmed: Firaxis is becoming the new EA.

  5. it's been so long since the last patch on PC
    Are you guys gonna actually fix the AI and update the game or you just gonna cash grab us again.

  6. People who are complaining that this is childish and they forgot their audience are right and wrong. Yeah the narration is childish, but it's like that not because they forgot who plays their games on the PC but because they are releasing it on the Nintendo Switch, loads of younger players (maybe around 8 – 12) are gonna flood onto Civ, so they need a way to explain to them about things like Diplomacy and other things. I think they made Civ 6 more simple and more cartoony graphics because they planned on this happening, and in my opinion, that isn't such a bad thing.

  7. The videos may seem "childish" on the surface (especially to veterans of the Civ franchise on the PC), but there's a method to the madness here. Historically serious turn-based strategy games of ANY kind have been very rare on consoles, so the vast majority of console-only gamers (the people these videos are really targeting) A) have no idea of the basic mechanics of such a game and B) probably consider them intimidating if not overwhelming compared to "point-a-weapon-and-shoot". Will these videos manage to win all of those gamers over? Of course not; everyone has their own tastes. But some will probably take a chance and give this a try just for something different, and these videos that break down Civ VI's mechanics to their most basic components will likely be a huge part of their overcoming their uncertainty and deciding to make the $60 investment. Firaxis knows that many PC players will probably double-dip anyway, so these videos were never for us to begin with.

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    Are you picking up Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch?

  9. Thank you for trying to attract a new playerbase! Players keep games alive and ensure further content updates. A minority of people here behave very dumb right now to be honest.
    Keep it up!

  10. People who are saying that the game could be spread to a younger generation are kinda forgetting the game isn’t really for kids. While there’s more cartoony graphics and no blood, the game seems a little complex for a 10 year old on a switch.

  11. So they can port this game to Ipad and the Switch but not for Xbox? It makes more sense to play this on a more powerful system that can properly showcase this game

  12. Civ 5 was the better one (and best) pls Byzantium (under justinian) Sweden (under Karl Xii)
    And persia (under Khosrau)
    Edit: and polynesia (under kamehameha)

  13. Dude, you have completely misunderstood your original target audience all of the sudden. Even if I started playing CIV when I was 14, I'd have hated this childish condescending tone you're using here.

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