Should You Teach English in China?

Teaching English in China Some say the risk Is greater than the reward Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. We’ve all been there. You worked hard to get your expensive college
degree… only to realize it’s left you desperately unprepared for the real world. So what do you do? Obviously the answer is take out student loans to go back to school and get another expensive
degree. Don’t try this at home, kids. Trust me. But for others who don’t go to grad school, the answer could be teaching English overseas. Now I often get asked: Is it a good idea to teach English in China? To which I say, teaching English in an authoritarian surveillance
state that arrests people in the middle of the night and sends them to labor camps? What could possibly go wrong? There are about 400,000 foreigners working in the Chinese education system. But, oddly enough, things are going wrong. According to Reuters, there’s been a surge of arrests of foreign
teachers in China. In fact, one American lawyer whose firm has been handling many of the cases,
said, “The risks of going to China to teach far
outweigh the rewards.” They’ve written extensively about it on
their own website. The risks are serious. Education First is a Swiss company that operates 300 schools in China. They’ve seen a “significant” increase
in detentions in China for alleged offenses including drugs, fighting and cybersecurity violations. Mainly these detentions have resulted in docked
pay or deportation. But some of those crimes, especially drug
crimes, can be met with severe punishment in China. Especially if, for instance, the country you’re
from might be having a political dispute with China. But Chris, you say, Chinese authorities should
crack down on foreign teachers guilty of drug offenses. Well, they’re not just going after teachers who committed drug offenses *in China.* According to Education First, staff have been “picked up by police at
their home and work as well as in bars and nightclubs and have
been questioned and brought in for drug testing.” That drug testing involves using hair samples. Hair samples can contain traces of cannabis
for up to three months. That can be a problem for teachers who come
from countries where cannabis is legal. Like parts of the United States. Or all of Canada. Now is generally not a great time to be Canadian
in China. In fact, Canadians in China might want to just pretend to be Americans. It’s only fair. Americans abroad have been pretending to be
Canadians for years. Anyway, China’s Ministry of Education is
using these drug “scandals” to make a push for dealing with foreign teachers “in a serious manner with no appeasement.” But don’t worry. It’s not that the Chinese Communist Party simply hates foreign English teachers. They hate foreigners in general! See, this latest crackdown on foreign teachers seems to be part of a broader rise in anti-foreign
sentiment. And of course, the Communist Party wants the education system to be ideologically
pure. And a lot of those those misguided foreigners are not particularly helpful when it comes
to pushing “core socliast values.” The problem, when it comes to education, is Chinese intellectuals. “Intellectuals expect more toward democracy and the rule of law from globalization. Some of them express unrealistic dissatisfaction toward the country.” Lousy intellectuals. Complaining about the country just because it doesn’t have democracy or the rule of
law, or because the government kills its own citizens
for meditating. Intellectuals make such unreasonable demands! The Communist Party has always made schools the front line in ideological indoctrination. It comes in waves. Chairman Mao hated intellectuals. His Cultural Revolution forced students to denounce their teachers for backwards thinking and holding Western sympathies. There was more freedom in the 80s. But after the mass student protests in 1989 that ended with the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Communist Party realized that the people had been allowed to think a little too freely. So they launched another wave of patriotic
education. And after current Chinese leader Xi Jinping
took power, he stressed so-called “core socialist values” and socialist education. Xi gave a speech last year saying “it’s imperative to uphold Marxism as
a guiding ideology and stick to the path of socialist education with Chinese characteristics.” Obviously, it’s not imperative to uphold
the parts of Marxism that say you shouldn’t allow giant corporations. Or let rich elites play around with millions… while the masses are dirt poor. Or frankly, let any private individual own
the means of production. Especially Jack Ma. But, you know, the people ought to uphold the *other* parts
of Marxism. Like the “conquest of political power by
the working class.” Uh, wait, don’t do that either. Anyway, according to Reuters, “Last September, China launched a wide-reaching
campaign to remove foreign influences from education, including efforts to ban foreign history courses, outlaw self-taught material and revise textbooks to focus on core Communist Party ideology.” Which means less time for teaching useless
things like English, and more time for Xi Jinping thought! And state-run media have been a big part of the demonization of foreign teachers. The most tasteful being my favorite, the Global Times. Take for instance this lovely article, Guests of China need to deserve what they
get, with a close up of a black student for some
reason. It complains “Foreigners in China have been
granted ‘super-national treatment’ and even extra-legal privileges.” We’ll look at that special treatment foreigners are getting in a moment. And this article calls for “a crackdown
on ‘unqualified’ and ‘immoral’ foreign teachers in the
country.” And this article uses a scandal involving
2 people to drum up anti-foreign sentiment against the other 400,000 foreign teachers. It also criticizes parents who believe foreigners can teach English better than Chinese teachers. What a crazy thing for parents to believe! Which is why this article says its a crime
for parents to deprive their children of the right to
patriotic education. All this means foreign teachers in China are increasingly vulnerable and easily taken
advantage of. So what happens to a bright eyed foreigner who comes to China to teach English? I asked fans of China Uncensored to send me
their stories. I’ve altered their names to protect their
identities. MP wrote to me that while in China, “We must notify our bosses with where we
were going, who we were going with, for how long, and why.” DB said, “The bathrooms were never cleaned and really
disgusting since the school did not have janitors. I had to clean my own room after every class. The students were great.” SD said, “We were given rules to follow
on campus and in the surrounding community. I was also informed that we will be watched
closely at all times.” That person also said they were punched by
a student, who got off because the parents were wealthy. Foreign textbooks with content counter to
the official Party line were also seized… and burned. Yeah, book burning is always a good sign of
progress. TB told me, “The ‘Us vs. them’ mentality was prevalent everywhere I went, even in Shanghai. The extra paperwork we have to do every year
for the visa, the stares, the looks; what’s the point of learning the culture
and language if that is how we get treated?” LDH said, “I had local police come monthly to check
to see if I still live at the same apartment.” He also mentioned, “not getting paid at all or them finding every single excuse in the book to deduct your salary that would make your
jaw drop” ISB said, “Apart from teaching English, we were told to teach PE, clean the school, serve food and wipe up butts.” BQ said, “Workers here have no rights whatsoever. Unpaid overtime is expected of everyone, including
me. I’m paid for 20 hours of work per week, but the school has tried to get me to work
40.” KN said, “I was followed by two plain clothes
police and basically assaulted at my front door. They claimed we were harboring a fugitive.” And here’s my personal favorite: MW said, “Another thing was being ‘corrected’ by Chinese coworkers on English grammar. Being told the origin of Christmas was an
orphan boy wandering the woods in December who then found shelter under a pine tree. That the plural of peanut, ( peanuts) is pronounced ‘penis.’” Which means those students are going to have a really interesting time if they ever order
snacks at a baseball game. There were other stories viewers told me,
too. Things like dealing with propaganda, brainwashing, corruption, and even sexual
harassment. Also finding out that they were hired illegally
by the school and having the police take their passports
away. But not all the stories were negative. A lot of people had positive experiences,
too. Many said despite all the craziness they had
to deal with, they had an amazing time, met many great people— students and adults, and made friends for life. Some people even met their spouses in China. But in the current environment, is the risk
worth the reward? Let me know what you think in the comments
below. If you’re seriously thinking of teaching
English in China, make sure you do your research first. And if you’ve taught in China, share your story below! And before you go, now is the time when I answer a question from a member of the China Uncensored 50 cent
army— fans who support the show on the crowd funding
website Patreon! Shelley floryd asks, “think there’s a considerable threat of the Chinese/American trade war escalating into actual military warfare (like how people feared the Russian/American
Cold War would escalate to nuclear war)?” A great question! There certainly is cause for concern. As I mentioned in a recent episode, the gap in ability between the US and the Chinese Communist Party’s military
is shrinking. This recent report by the Council on Foreign
Relations says China could soon rival the US in fields
like AI, robotics, 5G, and possibly biotechnology. So a war between the United States and China could be very bad for both sides. However, I don’t think it will come to that. At least not because of the trade war. China’s economy is suffering from it. That’s an existential threat to the Chinese
regime. The last thing the Communist Party can manage is throwing itself into an actual armed conflict
with the US. Even though the military tech might be improving,
remember, China has not been in an armed conflict since a brief war with Vietnam in the 70’s. It has essentially no experienced leadership. So even more so than in the Cold War, I think the chance of a physical military
confrontation with China is low. Thanks for you question and your support. And if you have a question for me you want to hear answered on the show, sign up to join the China Uncensored 50 cent
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per episode. Again, YouTube is demonetizing us so much we would have to shut down the show if it weren’t for your support. And to everyone, thanks for watching! Once again I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time.

  1. did not have janitors is a good thing, many school in asia dont have them, we clean our own school. thats asian practice that Westerner wont understand

  2. i think peanut, penis is a joke~ its because chirstmas in chinese is圣诞节(mean holy birth festival)which has similar sound to 剩蛋节(left egg festival)

    which lead to an untranslatable joke, a boy who pee outdoor in a winter and his penis frozen and fall off and he only left with his eggs/balls…

  3. ALL of Asia detests "western mind pollution" but the other asian countries are less aggressive about it because they rely on westerners to come and spend money. Also, China is the only one reaching all over the world for expansion of Chinese ways. They want an absorbed and indoctrinated population that they can export so that eventually the world thinks like China because it IS China. Thats what they are doing in US with so-called benign Confusius Institutes on college campuses, etc. Everyone should be scared of China, not just English teachers, and work to thwart their efforts.

  4. Well i dont think Chinese people consider English as an international language . My tour guide of my latest trip to China this summer said Chinese people are having an illusion that the world is all about China now , so no English . Even in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai , hardly anyone speak proprer English .

  5. War between US and China would be over very quickly. Like a fight between a butterfly and a bulldozer. Its about the ability to project power. US has 20 aircraft carriers and millions of hardened veterans, China has one and none.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if the world views America by the films we make and the books that we write, and how accurate of a picture that would be? I only mention it because as Americans we get so little exposure to foreign entertainment. simply by viewing and reading Chinese pop culture (not high art) maybe we can get an idea of what they are thinking about.

  7. 10 years after being defeated by the Soviet Army on the Amur river, the PLA launched a punitive campaign against Viet Nam in February 2019. A week later Chinese soldiers rushed back to home with their tails between their legs. The PLA generals should have read a couple of books about what had happened to the French and US Armies not long before…

  8. China also detains and depots foreign Christians for practicing their religious beliefs. China is also clamping down on openly gay foreign teachers. Some areas are better than others, for now.

  9. I had a great time teaching in China for three years in the mid-noughties. The economic boom had just started, it was much less restrictive than I'd expected, I was never hassled by the school or the authorities and the students I taught at university level were far more clued-in to what they weren't supposed to know than I'd have thought. I even opened my youtube account there, no vpn required! That was back when Hu Jintao was in charge and, although it still had a lot of problems, it really felt like China was opening up. But those days are over. Ever since Xi took the helm China slowly started closing itself up again. I live in Hong Kong now and visit China fairly regularly and the difference is palpable, especially in the last year or two. Foreigners are leaving in droves and are clearly not welcome anymore, the surveillance state is all-encompassing, while society is becoming increasingly nationalistic and closed-minded, aided by the constant stream of fake news and propaganda from the media. Right now i'd avoid even travelling in China, let alone living there…

  10. China is the most racist country around specifically the elite and government official. I have seen this first hand. You need to rethink your plan even if you are planning a vacation.
    And if you are going for inexpensive high tech medical procedures do not do it. The might talk advance medicine but you are more likely to die. Think U.S. civil war medicine and sanitation.

  11. Why would anyone want to teach English in China? Teach English in surrounding countries like Japan, Taiwan or Korea is a hundred times safer and better.

  12. I wouldn't teach in Korea either. At the very top, teaching English may be the result of diplomacy, but on the ground level, it is nothing but unscrupulous and dishonorable businessmen looking for a quick buck. Don't let them sell you the fantasy of an 'adventure'.

  13. Im a chinese and i study in Japan for my master degree right now. Im not against my own country and i wont talk about the party because im not trained in political background. But in regard to the education, America leads the world which is in no adoubt. I really think we have a lot to learn from America. And we Do need american teachers , most of my own race that i saw are humble and hardworking. What ever you heard about the politician did cannot change the fact that most of Chinese is willing to learn the language and we have deepest respect for what America educators ,scientist did in their marvelous pioneering work.

  14. I avoid flying in to China at all costs. So needless to say I've never been there and I'm good with that. I know a lot of people who ate fake foods gotten ill really bad. I've been to Japan hundreds of times and I love it. I think that's just about the only asian country that I will be visiting time and again. Maybe korea. But I heard the new generation of koreans hate Americans.

  15. Why is it that China has no mass migration as USA and Europe if they are so wonderful as the Marxist propaganda states ?

  16. The Reuters article is mostly about drug users. I made a video about 6 weeks ago, when this article came out, where I explain more.
    Who am I? A foreign English teacher with 18 years of experience in China. I own 3 language centers and have worked at several schools and universities in that time.

    I’d like to share my two cents here:

    1- If you use drugs, don’t come to China.

    Drug testing is a preventive measure.

    If police found links to child pornography in your phone – they will probably deport you before you rape a child in China.
    They wouldn’t want to risk you spiraling down into more deviate ways.

    Same approach with drugs. If they find traces of drugs in your hair, even from 3 months ago, chances are you will try to use again while in China.
    So they remove you.

    These are the NEGATIVE Western influences they want to monitor and eradicate.

    2- Have a degree. Work legally. These disgruntled complaints he read are very likely from people working illegally or working for illegal businesses (unlicensed – not paying taxes, etc). I can’t prove it. But neither can he prove the opposite.
    My experience is the following: in the 15 years since I started my training centers, we have only been visited by cops once. And that was because a teacher passed away.
    For your information, we do everything 100% legally.

    3- China is transitioning in many aspects – I call it NORMALIZING. It used to be that you could teach just by being Anglo Saxon. No degree. No experience. That is no longer the case. China is implementing rules to regulate this important aspect of their society – if you are on the wrong side of the rule, you will complain about it. That’s what I see in this video. But If you are not, you will see it as China finally getting control and setting standards over an industry that was notoriously chaotic. I applaud that.

    4- Teaching is a very demanding job. Ask primary school teachers in the projects of America. It is not a “get by” kind of job. You will hate it. You must have passion for teaching. So, compared to teaching in the projects, working legally in China is way more rewarding (both financially and professionally.)

    So, I invite you to come teach in China.
    There are hurdles, of course, but watching a channel like mine will help you avoid and navigate many of the pitfalls.

  17. I like this channel, but to be honest, I've been working in China for 15 years and think this story is way overblown.

    Yes, there are people who have had difficult times in China with employers, but people should do their homework on who they are working for.

    He was picking apart poor arguments with evidence of 2 out of 400,000. Then immediately uses his own anecdotal evidence to say why it's a bad idea.

    In short, if you want to come to China,

    1. Do your homework on your employer
    2. Respect the local laws, (don't work illegally or for unlicensed employers)
    3. Don't do drugs, it's very serious.
    4. Don't get into politics of a country you are visiting (I don't think most Americans wouldn like foreigners telling them how their country should change its politics)

    It's an exciting fast changing place which is very different place worth trying the adventure. If you don't like it you aren't forced to stay. It's work, not slavery.

  18. I honestly don't know what people expect when they go to China. You should never go to any country without understanding at least wether you have any rights there.

  19. Unfortunately at this moment the CCP under Xi is playing the blame the bloody foreigner card. Maybe blaming rich foreigners who dilute the pure blood and can easily be discerned by skin tone and the size of their nose rings a bell. Those poor Ukrainians that populate the Chinese school system teaching English and had to tell they were US citizens by their Chinese agents probably wish they hadn't.

    Any close allies of the US with such visible properties should do well to stay out of China unless you're thrill seeker. You may well end up in the unofficial economic collapse of China and/or end up being accused of Spying for the reward money by a zealous patriot. Watching CCTV is pretty similar to the scene in "A clockwork orange" where the main character is getting reeducated and the amount of Carson Tucker types of the CCP is increasing.

    There's even an army of those Chinese suckers posting on these forums. As no sane Chinese would dare to endanger their families by outing any political views to a wide audience and private citizens in China are forbidden to use VPN, a large amount of the posters here are from the Army of the 50 cents. There were at least 90.000 of them flooding the internet in 2009 for half a Yuan per message, though most will be for the domestic surveillance and agitprop.

    For the rest of it. I've lived in China for nearly a decade and loved the country, made good friends, can discern the good from the bad in the culture. Individually they have the same hopes and dreams like any other, within their society the demands are different as in many others. I encountered many sources of beauty, wonder and respect for the achievements of previous generations of Chinese people. But the spark of hope when Xi talked about strengthening the rule of law in 2012 was short lived and China becomes increasingly distopian.

  20. China will sieze your phone at the airport and parse it for anti China messaging… then you are a risk to national security and arrested. China is a shithole country. Kick them out of the WTA ASAP, stop buying Chinese, move manufacturing out now,

  21. you know what's the problem with chinese people who dont speak english its hard for me a chinese filipino from the philippines to understand them and they want the filipino people to conform to them them chinese dont conform to the filipinos i hope my former teachers who teaches english in china are safe from them Commies

  22. Anyway, by far the vast majority of white English teachers in China are losers in their own countries, who exploit the Chinese fetish for white Caucasian English teachers because ordinary Chinese folks are insulated from the real world out there and know no better. The so-called English teachers should be grateful for this opportunity to teach in China (they ultimately can't teach well) when they can get no better-paying job back home.

  23. I worked in China for one year on advertising. One time a police man approached me and asked my passport in the rudest way. He tried to find the smallest mistake in my visa to arrest me. Guess what, after 1 hour of push and back questions he could find none. Chinese people in the street would stare heavily at me and scream hello or something in English to me EVERY SINGLE DAY poking fun at me, as well as I could not spend a single day without someone taking a picture of me right at my face, of course without permission. Generally Chinese people who tried to befriends with me only used me as a free English teacher, or wanted me to help them with their ridiculous Tik Tok vídeos or to make them feel ‘cooler’ in from of their other Chinese friends. Random people would stop me in the street asking me to be an English teacher. About work conditions….Having a proper air conditioner and a slightly clean place was a luxury. My boss would gave to me unnecessary crazy schedules with 2 or 3 hours of sleep. One time I had to go to the hospital for food poisoning from ‘food‘ provided at the workplace. Can’t complain cause ‘nobody ever complains’. Respect, empathy, manners, compassion and humanity don’t exist. (Sorry for my English)

  24. What kept me from China 2006 was the low pay compared to even Turkiye. I read warnings about teaching English in Saudi Arabia not China back then. Tawain, or Japan would have been nice, but I moved on to teaching Roman-Greek history in my country – USA. Ive volunteer once in a while to help mostly Hispanics learn English but not for 6 yrs, it was fun.

  25. Yes and no. Being able to communicate with the rest of the world to some extent is great. Learning other languages to better yourself is great.
    But what we really need to do is drop all our shit, take all our pride and flush it in the morning, get together and weigh the pros and cons of our language’s and fucking pick one.
    We only need one. Multiple languages are shit. Just pick the best one and give it two generations and it’ll be done.😡

  26. Not even 2seconds in the video I'ma call it just like it is in Korea SPECIALLY and Japan SOMEWHAT… Their racist against foreigners no?
    I taut english in Japan so don't even try and @ me with bs just because your a hardcore weeb and you love japan so much you can't critique it or think bad of them at all.
    A friend of mine I play games with every week has taut in S.Korea and from what he told me it was 10x worse than what I had in Japan; But then again he's black and i'm white.. So not sure how much that factors in.

  27. but what if you don't do drugs, not into violence and don't commit cyber crimes?… keep your nose clean and mind your own business.. is it ok then?.. being watched closely and reporting on my whereabouts is not a concern to me.

  28. Has there been any reaction in the Chinese (state directed) press to Trump pointing out the 1.5 billion dollars given to Joe Biden's son by China after he flew there on Air Force 2 and had one meeting with Chinese officials?

  29. Whichever country you go, you have to abide by the local law; Otherwise you are likely get yourself in troubles. So do some homework before buying your flight ticket. You may have disagreements with those local laws, but still you have to obey, or you do not go. I hear some stories that some so called “English teachers” go to China for finding “easy girls”, not for teaching students.

  30. In China or Vietnam if you say anything the party does not like they’d label you with something like try to overthrow the government and throw you in jail without bail for a year or longer before trial. The conviction rate is 99.99%.

  31. Wendell Brown, a US citizen, teaching English in china was released after spending three years in prison. He was innocent but we all know china hates foreigners. He was found guilty and sentence to prison.

  32. Bullshit, China's much better to live in than the US! Safer, and you are literally more free. Arresting you in the middle of the night?, for what?, unless you a criminal yes, not like the US where criminals get bail and carry on with their crimes. Bullshit propaganda, trying to scare uninformed West about China, and the ignorant will believe it! 😂

  33. Maybe you do something on the Middle East if you dare. Teaching in Muslim countries is the worst with doctrination… I dare you!

  34. I've seen ads to teach English to Chinese online. I've considered it before. Should I worry its a scam? Should I worry about not getting paid?

  35. Taught there before and have a horrible experience and never want to go back. That being said, I highly suggest anyone that wants to take on a deeper understanding of mainland culture or politics to go there and maybe teach or something. I met my lifelong best friend there…

  36. I taught English in China for 3 years. I had few problems there and generally enjoyed the experience but there's no doubt you have to follow their rules. I was ok with their laws and rules, it's their nation and I don't do drugs. They take drug use very seriously, and make no distinctions between drug sellers and drug users. You have to study Chinese history and the opium wars to understand their sentiments in this regard. There's three things you never discuss in China: 1.Taiwan, 2. religion, and 3. never criticize their political leadership. We had one teacher deported because he started holding bible study in his apartment and handing out religious material. He was warned not to do that. He wasn't imprisoned. The police just took him to the airport , booked his flight and made him buy a ticket and made sure he got on the plane. Once a month the police would come and check my apartment. There were two of us Americans. The police were just concerned that we were not allowing any Chinese person to live with us, female I guess. I'm not sure why this was such a big deal to them. The funny thing is to work and live in the PRC you have to get a medical exam in China. They test everyone for HIV. When I passed the exam they gave me a medical form with all my results on it and it said my tonsils were healthy and not infected. Kinda funny since my tonsils were removed at age 5.

  37. I will probably never be fully against any form of gov't, because all govt's have the capacity to go rogue against citizens. We had McCarthyism – and various norms that harmed and even took peoples lives. My greatest fear is that anyone with power will amass too much of it and use it to suppress and oppress. If we're not alert, it could also happen in the US. Let China be a lesson.

  38. I don’t get it . If the Chinese government is communist then why do they let foreign teachers into China 🇨🇳 in the first place ??? It doesn’t make sense so I kinda don’t believe you . Sorry. 😔😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢😢

  39. Chinese people they don't hate only foreigners teachers,they hate foreigners in general this one I agree with u 100%, because I lived in china 7 years I have experience.

  40. I currently teach Oral English in a small college in Guangzhou (Canton) CHINA. I Love it here. My students love me, and appreciate my efforts. The cost of living is low. China is a safe country. (No massacres with automatic weapons…) Most public bathrooms ARE clean.
    I have NEVER been bothered by the police. I came here the first time in 1998. I taught in Shanghai for two years, then a third year in Henan, Nanyang. i returned to China in the Fall of 2017. I taught at a well-paying language center in Changzhou, Jiangsu. I came to Guangzhou a month ago. I LOVE China! I celebrate with China the upcoming National Day #70.

  41. Sie sollten Ihren Unsinn halten, Sie hinterhältiger Idiot, Herr Chappel!

    Die Welt braucht nicht nur Englisch, deshalb brauchen die größten Wirtschaftsmächte der Zukunft China und Indien nicht nur Englisch.

    Unsere Welt ist mehrsprachig, daher gedeihen viele Sprachen. Englisch wird nur als internationale Sprache gelernt. Nichts weiter.

    Mein Vorschlag an Sie: Hören Sie auf, mit China und Indien zu spielen. Natürlich auch mit Russland. Viele Menschen in meinem Land auf der anderen Seite des Atlantiks sind Idioten und Unwissende wie Sie!🙄

  42. Politically incorrectly speaking, foreign teachers can easily penetrate many enthusiastic Chinese girls (and boys?). Although CCP publicly denounces foreigners, Chinese people mostly admire foreigners. Girls would offer to pay for the fees for an inn and even demand a creampie…

  43. Not sure you are telling the truth Chris. A few isolated cases do not represent the actual situation for English teachers in China.

  44. I don’t really think the cpc hates foreigners, since foreigners(including those people from Hong Kong and Taiwan) seems to be treated as the top tier citizen having much more privileges than the general public. Anyone who’s from mainland China should know what I’m talking about.

  45. I had to go to China with relatives for "medical reasons". It was hoax, really. China is a dark dark dark place. We had to give the police our passports, no internet, really disgusting.  I feel sorry for its citizens, always  oppressed. The Communism is worse then the Emperor, I think.  On a personal level, people are people, but, sad for them, really. There is nothing fascinating in such a terrible regime..

  46. Taught in China for six years. Unpaid overtime. Forced to work up to 70 hours per week. Contracts ignored by schools. Schools are diploma mills. Students are passive aggressive with hardly any English skills. Students cannot pass IGCSE, A Level, or AP exams, but must be given As by teachers who are blamed for not being able to force students to pass exams. Content that is on the exams cannot be taught because it is sensitive and violates Chinese public safety and morals. Critical thought forbidden. No conception of what AP means. Behavioral problems and mental illness commonplace. School administrators are emperors with no clothes but dare to mention anything true and you will be fired on trumped up charges and lose the right to work in China. Living conditions disgusting. Clean apartments priced out of salary range. Food safety issues. Air pollution. Don't come here if you have other option.

  47. I agree Taiwan is a lovely peaceful and friendly country. The police leave us alone and they are often very nice (once putting us in a police car when we were lost and taking us to our destination). The English newspaper here invites more to come and teach English where you will often be treated fairly. The policy of the government is to make English an official language by 2030 so the demand is there. While I am here for a different reason every English -teacher I have spoken to enjoys it here. The people here are a gentle people lining up to wait their turn but the mainlanders are often another story both here and in HK. As one elderly lady said "If we had to go under occupation again I would much rather prefer modern day Japan!!" Remember China casts a long shadow over Taiwan and for us to enjoy our stay in this country and go back to our homes and spread the good word means so much to them.

  48. They go into bars where foreigners hang out. They lock the doors and drug test everyone. If you have weed in your system, you go to jail. If youre lucky, you spend only 2 weeks in jail, then deported. Then, they take your cell phone, and find all your teacher friend contacts, and then they drug test them. The bottom line, dont smoke even at home before going to china. To them, weed is the same as heroin or meth

  49. I've been in China for 4 years now, I met my Taiwanese wife here, we have a little girl and I just got a 2 year management position at a school… But don't think for a second we don't have an exit strategy due to the entire political situation.

  50. Good job China..should not allow these americans in their country.wherever americans go.chaos follow. Americans are nothing but racist, double standard, hypocrites, sugar addicts, war hungry fools, . China is doing great in protecting itself.

  51. I've tweeted Senator Rubio twice about YouTube demonetizing your videos, so hopefully he's read them & will look into this. When Twitter disabled thousands of accounts of people who tweeted anti-Beijing comments just before the 30th anniversary of TS Massacre, he mentioned it in his speech before the Executive-Congressional Commission on China.

  52. RE: China won't go to war because of lack of experienced warriors. I disagree. When you live in a totalitarian state, the head of the policing units believe war would just be another form of police work. Easy to master and enforce. This is part of the problem they are having in Hong Kong. The police state of Mainland made those sending in armies to "deal with" those in Honk Kong expected the same, simple results of the Mainland operations.

  53. Hard to feel sorry for individuals that teach English and use drugs. I wouldn't want these folks to be given any significant jail time but China is justified to deport them and not have them teaching their children.

  54. CCP: Who wants dystopian future?
    Chinese: We want!

    Western: F you!
    Countries neighbors China: No thanks and please would you give back our borders and islands.

  55. Who would even want to teach and Live in a shithole, like that? With many beautiful Western countries to teach? Holy Shit, what kind of world do those people live in?

  56. Most Americans will never pass the stiff requirements for English teacher. One requirement is college graduate. An impossible requirement for most Americans.

  57. Yeah, sounds silly. Never heard of anyone getting pay docked or arrested during my 5 years in china. These stories can't be verified. There was little craziness.

  58. Before I even watch, I taught English in Korea for a year and have taught Chinese students online for 3 years. Every damn time I go on my LinkedIn and read my mail or see an add request, it's some recruiter trying to get me to go to China. I really DON'T want to! I'm just like, go away! Ugh.

  59. I’m not the biggest fan of China having lived and worked there for three years (left two months ago), but I think this video sensationalises a few unfortunate events. Firstly, if you are from US, Canada, UK, Australia and have a bachelors’ degree, you qualify to get a working visa as an English teacher and the salary is usually between $3k-$5k depending on how good you are with kids. Other Asian countries don’t pay salaries that high. You also get a shared apartment, insurance, annual round ticket back home for holidays and other bonuses. Also, the standard of living there is relatively low, so you can save a whole lot. It’s a sweet deal if you can’t find decent employment at home. Being white is a great advantage. Chinese will stop short of kissing your feet. (I am a brown skin African, by the way)

    However, you need a vpn to access all social media platforms including Netflix. You will also need to wear an anti pollution mask every time the aqi index is high, tap water is unsafe for drinking. That said, these challenges aren’t insurmountable.

  60. SOO, How about all those Chinese students, studying outside of China? Are they not afraid, they might get strange ideas about their dictatorial regime in China it self?

  61. well, I don't want to argue that China is perfect. I'm from Canada so it was quite an eye opener when I went there. While Canada is far from perfect either (I think we are too weak and forgiving), I strongly believe it's one of the best place on earth to raise a family. (specially in Quebec if you ask me :P)
    Chinese people (and China itself) are a lot better than I thought (I was welcomed with opened arms and neighbor still talk to each othere), but life over there is much more tough and the pollution is much much worse than what I could have expected.
    to my understanding… part of what CCP say is indeed true… because 1- many foreigner teach english with a tourist visa, not a working visa. 2- you need a bachelor degree in china to be granted a working visa, and many don't have any… 3- they don't pay taxe like law abiding citizens.
    even if well it doesn't necessarely make them bad teachers by chinese standards… they wouldn't be consider good teacher outside of china. My aunt in law taught English in high-school her whole life and she's not able to speak 1 sentence in English… she can barely mumble a few words… I was told quite often it wasn't necessary to actually speak english to be able to teach it…
    well anyway… people who work illigally (like those mentioned above) in Canada/west would be kicked out too… and they would be fined for unpaid taxes… problably both in canada and their country. (to be honest I don't know for sure)
    I'm not saying 2 wrong makes a right… it's just important to have both side of the story to have proper discussion/understanding of a situation.
    I thought about teaching English at some point… but truth be told… I felt I would cheat people with my second grade English skills… so I changed my minds. But I know many people with worse English skills that stills did it… and act like big shots.

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