Should We Be Teaching Religion to Children?  – The Jim Jefferies Show

My quest to unite
the world’s religionsmay have failed, but
I’m still waiting on someone
to tell me why religion
even exists at all.
Someone’s got to sell it
to this atheist.
And when it comes
to selling God,
no one does it like
the Christians.
They’ve got missionaries
hassling people about Jesus
around the globe.So, I sat down with one,
and he started his sales pitch
by telling me what his life
would look like
if there was no God.I would be a pirate.
If there’s no — If God doesn’t exist,
I’m a pirate. -A pirate?
-Why not? You do like you do.
You just — One-night stands. You murder people.
You do whatever you want. You’re on a boat
with a whole lot of men. How many one-night stands
are there? So, that’s what you would do?
See, I don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe
in rape, as well. I don’t believe you
should murder people. -I don’t believe you should —
-Why? Why not? ‘Cause it’s wrong.
Why would I take another — Wrong by who? If you’re
just evolved sludge,
it doesn’t matter. -I still have morals.
-Whose morals are right? No, there are right morals
and wrong morals. Maybe, maybe not. Don’t be a dick to people. Why not be one? -Because it’s being a dick.
-Well, so what? All right, so you’re
saying that Christianity is stopping people
from doing bad things. That’s right.So, if religion
keeps people in line,
be atheists?
Well, according to
the United Nations,
countries with the highest
murder rates in the world
are also some of
the most religious.
And the least murdery places,like Sweden, Japan, and Norway,
have loads of non-believers.
If you’re in the business
of running a church,
these are not good stats.They need new asses in seats.When they can’t reach adults,
they aim younger.
-Man: This is Jesus.
-Hey-oh! Why does Christianity
market itself to kids? Whether you’re talking
about religion or whether you’re talking
about Happy Meals, you want to get kids
when they’re young so that they’ll use it forever
and ever and ever and ever. My son, at 4, has to pledge
to the flag under one God. -He has to use those words.
Children: “…under God.” He doesn’t even know
about God yet. I haven’t mentioned it to him.
Why would I? Why should he
have to do that? That seems to be, to me,
something that is a rule, something that you
have to be made to do. There was a man.
He was called Noah. Noah put two of each animal
onto a great, big boat. Who believes this happened? Wrong. Children shouldn’t learn
about God straight away because you can’t join
the army at a young age because your brain
is not well-developed. You can’t smoke cigarettes
or drink alcohol or something before you
reach a certain age because you’re not ready. Except for
your eternal life, which we tell children
about from age 2 and this is
your decision. It’s a seed,
like everything. -Is there a hell?
-Yes. Now, what happens
to children who aren’t privileged
to be born into America? So, a simple example — Australia, where Christianity
is substantially less. [ Choir vocalizing ] It’s just a very
remarkable thing that children who grow up
in a Christian society are lucky enough to be born
with the right God to go to the right heaven,
but if you’re born into a Muslim society,
then you’re going to hell because you don’t believe
in the right god and they believe
in vice versa. Why are those people
disadvantaged? Well, we send missionaries
all over the world, and there are Christians in
every culture of the world. -Yes.
-Muslim ones keep it low-down because they don’t
want to be killed for
changing their religion, but when the truth of the Gospel
gets ahold of them and they actually realize
the reality of it and the truth of it and they
believe it, they’re converted. What I’m about to say here,
I’m not trying to poke fun. Sure. The shooting in Las Vegas,
where was God? -In heaven. Here.
-Why does he let that happen? Why does he let
children get cancer? Well, it’s one of the biggest
questions there is. You have a good God, and you have a fallen world
that does bad things. Mm-hmm. You think that guy was
a churchgoing Christian that blasted all those people? I do not think that. I know there was many
churchgoing Christians who were shot and killed. It was a country-music show. Right,
and the next second, they opened their eyes in
heaven, and they’re facing God. And their children are
parentless down here, crying, and their lives
are ruined. You know, I don’t have all the
answers for all those things that are very difficult
and we struggle with, but the fact is, this is not
the best of all possible worlds. This is the pathtothat.Nah!
Still not buying it.
“There is no answer”
is not an answer!
Look, religious friends.
I’ll remind you again.
There’s been an awful lot
of invading, killing, bombing,
burning, raping, and shaming
done in the name of God.
So, if you really want
to convince me,
try cutting that shit out.I’d even consider going
to heaven and hanging out
with a bunch of
boring Christians.
On one condition.Are we in our best state? Am I, like,
Jim Jefferies 2002, when I was, like, full head
of hair, I was like 25. I was rocking it out,
right? Or am I
Jim Jefferies now? Ugh…Bit fat. Better teeth, sure. You’re gonna be your best,
your absolute best. Whatever God had
intended for you, that’s what it will be. So, what I’m hearing from you
is another inch and a half. [ Laughter ]

  1. I am christian and don't know what this priest smoked before coming on this show.
    1. Of all. The bible has many passages that could be seen as indicators that people from different religions may go to heaven. Doing the will of god doesn't mean you have to call him by that name.
    2. The bible often states that it is our heart that truely defines us. So if you need the threat of suffering to be a good human being you are not christian in your heart.
    3. The question of suffering. And that is not easy to answer. Suffering as caused by humans is easily explained by freedom of will. It seems that in god's eyes a world where we are free to do good as well as evil is better than a world where we are slaves incapable of own thought. I guess suffering by nature is there to test our belief. However god suffers with us. He suffers with each and everyone of us in every moment. So there must truely be a reason for it. He came down om earth living a human life, suffering through the most gruesome death and god was with jesus in his death, showing us that he is with us in our sorrow. I don't know why it is that everytime I hear an american preacher it seems so utterly unreflected

  2. I used to be really religious as a child, got that put into my head because of catholic school.

    But I ended up hating the church at a really young age, because I always took Christianity as only the New Testament, since Jesus said there was only one commandment “love your neighbor” thereby negating everything that came before that; dude didn’t have a problem hanging out with the pariahs of his time, from lepers to prostitutes…. yet all of these cunts use every single bible verse to do whatever the fuck they please. Fuck most Christians

  3. I liked
    Edit: just outlaw religious propagating and church liked structures where hierarchy pays no tax to force children to get maimed ( peepees mutilated ) or just lied to without allowing the parents to kick the asses of clergy for saying stupid shit,… And of course raping, coercing others to rape, blackmail ( give to the church or to the priest or you burn in hell ), converting to extremism and terrorist acts or holding a town hall honor rape festival.
    ( The last one was made up, but you didn't notice did you, you religious zelots )

  4. Hehe,… the latest missionary who became famous got killed by indigenous people with arrows,…. Natural selection at it's finest.

  5. 5:12 That look on the preacher's face…

    And I'm sorry, but saying kids get cancer because we live in a bad world is stupid. The logical fallacies this man espouses are truly beyond idiotic. Don't get me wrong–I've heard half-decent arguments in favour of religion. These are not those.

  6. If someone who has the internal desire to murder or rape reads a fairy tale that makes him want to not murder or rape, by all means keep reading that fairy tale. I'll even buy you a new copy after you wear out the first one. Doesn't mean that fairy tale is an accurate depiction of reality or even that it's better than therapy and rehabilitation programs. If you have violent urges, even ones which are mitigated by religious beliefs, maybe also go talk to a psychologist.

  7. Sure! Grow up heathen and commit suicide in your teens. Or even worse, kill innocent people cus you are empty inside.

  8. All of you here don't know God cus you have had way to easy in your over sheltered meaningless lives. But one day you won't be so lucky and then in the darkness you will find yourself searching for God.

  9. Jim is a funny guy. And that's all. If you take him for his word you are an idiot. I bet you anything he prays quietly at night for his son's well being.

  10. Doesn't have the answer to why god would allow cancer to exist, but somehow just knows the origin and purpose of the universe. Seems legit.

  11. I wouldn’t like to be raped. As an empathetic person, I wouldn’t want them to be raped (or to rape them) either. Done. Fuck this guy with his non objective morals

  12. Lol.. even though none of the Gospel writers ever met jesus, authors are all anonymous but still Christians think of them like DNA results or something.

  13. religion is not stopping people indeed – but, you are basing your self governing rules on what some religion told you. or your parents told you … but they got the ideeas from a religion at some point down the line.
    looks like "the chicken and the egg" problem – you want to treat people good because you have a concept of what good is and you were taught that because religion introduced it to your ancestors …

    maybe 'good' would have appeared on its own but now you cant argue that, the events happened already… you need another timeline 😉

    at some point in time "good" was sacrificing people so they get to speak to their god so good is relative to what direction the society has evolved

  14. Yep. Religion has always been used to control the masses. There may be some truth to any and all religions, but it has always been used to keep people in line. I, like Jim, do not need the fear of hell and eternal damnation to keep me from murdering and pillaging (the crusades).

  15. His point ( the priest) is morality is subjective not doing something because its wrong is nonesense because we do not all agree killing or even murder is wrong or even rape or homophobic actions or stoned women like calling it honor killing btw having bad things happen is the consequence of free will

  16. This pisses me off so bad. This dipshit priest is essentially saying that the only reason he's not raping and murdering is because God told him not to do that. What kind of backwater retarded fuckwits even think like that? You don't need religion to find out if things are right or wrong, those things are taught into you, and you instinctively know most of them. Get off your high horse and stop being so ignorant.

  17. “If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward then, brother, that person is a piece of shit.” – Rust Cohle.

  18. Well I'm not a follower of any organized religion, and I really value being able to rape, steal and murder as much as I want… which is not the fuck at all. Lol smh

  19. Oh man, that’s so frustrating to hear the argument that the only reason to not be a murdering rapist, is fear of punishment from God. It’s such a weak position, and speaks volumes about your moral character.

  20. We should have morals and ethics because we live in a society.
    Thats how a society works.
    Even animals living in packs have rules.
    Its only foolishness to claim that God put morals in you when he is not helping the people in disease, drought, or economic crisis.
    Btw if there were no religions we wouldve achieved a lot more that what we did till date.

    Religion did not give us antibiotics or machines or electricity.
    We are advanced because we depend on science.

  21. Morals don't have to be absolute and universally athoutitative in order for morals to exist. Morals are human made rules, guidelines, and values based on things like, our desire to survive, thrive, and prosper. To quote George Carlin

    "Where did this phrase "the sactity of life" come from? We made it up! Why? Because we're alive! The living have a strong interest in promoting the idea that somehow life is sacred"

    We made morals, not some invisible Man in the sky. We made morals so that we can create a a kind of world where our species can survive, thrive, and prosper.

  22. There's only one thing that is required to be an atheist. Answering the question : "Do you believe a god or God's exist?" Answer: No, I don't. Congrats, you're an atheist. There is no framework, no dogma, no dictations, no certificates, no baptisms, no myths, no dietary restrictions, no demands of hatred or love or discrimination against others, no sermons, no gender roles. Absolutely nothing else required to be an atheist. There are good and bad people that are atheists and theist. How you treat people and how you behave in regards to those around you and how you choose to affect the life of others when you enter into it, whether briefly or continuously, is what decides whether you're a good person or not. If what you believe makes you turn a blind eye and remove any sense of genuine sympathy and apathy for your fellow human beings, you're not a good person.

    In my life experience, the phrase " a wolf in sheeps clothing" does more to describe the majority of legit religious people than any other groups I've ever encountered. The more obsessed with their religion or "spirituality" (making it a part of EVERYTHING), the more likely they have some loose and basic human decency, compassion for the world/others, and critical thinking can be thrown out the window whenever it gets in the way of the joy they get from hating and harming others who are different.

    That's my two cents.

  23. Not only would I feel bad if I killed or raped someone, I would also no longer be welcome where I used to be. I would have to move and start all over again. Who in their right mind would want a life like that?

    Don't let these kind of priests determine what's good and what's bad if they can't do it on their own accord!

  24. I love how on difficult questions, "I don't have an answer." Then when the question he can bullshit without facts "you will be the best version of yourself in God's image." LOL complete bullshit artist.

  25. We don't do bad things like killing cause we've evolved as social animals. We need other human beings to survive. On top of that we understand the concept of pain, sorrow and fear. Most human don't want other human to feel what makes themselves insanely uncomfortable. Religion evolved on these basic instincts. IT'S NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND

  26. I went to a christian school in the middle east. We had morning prayers you could opt out of respectfully, we had sciences classes where actual science was taught, and religion class where all religions were taught. Believe it or not, we were taught to have critical thinking, and to be respectful of other people’s beliefs and lives. Live and let live. I don’t know why it’s so complicated in the west.

  27. I do not believe in no God and I think religion is the biggest rip-off in the world they hide their pedophile priests and Bishops I think all religion is bullshit I don't need nobody to tell me right from wrong I know right from wrong I tried to do right I don't rape I don't molest little kids I protect women and children that is the way my parents raised me no religion involved just good morals and good standards it's easy to be nice to people I don't lie the reason I don't lie cuz I can't remember lies just like everybody lies to me that don't remember lies and I call bullshit on them

  28. this horses ass is hard to watch & I don't mean Jim. no wonder the world is fucked, with christians who needs insanity!!!??

  29. back in the old days when some one murdered your friends you just think to yourself "I really wish there was a divine entity to explicitly tell me where to stand on murder so I can have an opinion on it"

  30. Religion is like a drug..with many bad society effects, soo many bad things to list… Moral of the story is Don't do god kids, there are better drugs for the ego.

  31. We need to stop worrying about if there is an unseen creational force in the sky and start worrying about our family, friends, neighbors, etc.

  32. "Christians" slaughtered the Native Americans, "Christians" kept slaves, "Christians" sell money from vulnerable ppl, I'm talking about u televangelists , and "Christians" elected a sociopathic sex offender for president. I don't religion has anything to do with morals, u can claim do be religious and still be a shit human being

  33. I’m a Christian. I teach my kids Christianity. I teach my kids to be good people. The morals of Christianity align with how I want my kids to act. You can choose to do this or not. You cannot choose how I raise my kids.

  34. Why not teach kids about world history and world religions?! I took it in high school and it made me realize at a young age no matter what we believe in we all believe in major themes (no killing, respecting the life of others, etc.). Besides, all religions are historically/culturally based on each other in some way – like a family tree. Just respect someone's beliefs b/c their religion is a PART of their culture…that big cross modern "missionary-conquistador" wannabe drives me nuts

  35. Slight issue with the "Without god, there wouldn't be morals" thing

    With one, everything is predetermined. Like an engineer that designs a machine, he will know what will happen in it.
    Meaning really you had no choice but to murder that guy. It was predetermined.
    Now we can't fault somebody for something they didn't choose to do.
    If you are forced at gun point to give out cash from the registry, you won't be faulted for that, you had no choice.

    The only case where freewill (Which we need to fault somebody) can exist is if the humans existence precedes it's essence
    (Essence something like purpose and reason for Satre). Which means, no god=Freewill. As without god the universe is without an engineer and the human rose up in it on its own.
    Don't take it up with me, I am only saying what Jean Paul Satre wrote.

    So for those who are interested, how do we know what's wrong and what's good? Well, we look towards Immanuel Kant and his categorical imperative.
    "Only act in a way where the maxim of your act can become a universal applicable law"
    This is based on a series of observations where he realised that only actions out of duty even have the possibility to be all-good, all other actions out of any other reason simply cannot be all-good.
    It's really important and relevant text. I would recommend anyone to read Satres work on freewill and Kant's work on morality.

  36. Godless humans have a few problems.
    1. They are way more depressed and unhealthy than people who believe in a higher power.
    2. The ones who’ve been through a lot of suffering become inevitably bitter, then through godless psychology, they attribute humans to being integrally evil. (Look into the journals written by columbine shooters and Carl panzram). They’ll end up having more compassion for animals then humans.
    3. Nothing is objectively wrong for them if their conscience doesn’t feel bad once they believe all humans are inherently evil. So they become even more crook then the last generation.
    4. America in the 60s when it was religious had less murders, rape and sexual abuse, children out of wedlock, sexual deviancy, suicides, depression and the list goes on and on.
    Being someone who would want the best for their children in this life and the next, I’d definitely want them to believe in god. You atheists can’t tell me how to raise my kids when most of y’all are supporters of abortion or don’t care that it is carried out.

  37. Really?!? We get our morality from the bible?!? I suppose that's why we don't think slavery is such a bad thing? I guess that's why we still stone homosexuals and backtalking children to death in the streets? Or why we don't wear polyblend fabrics, eat pork or shellfish, or why men all cut out their eyeball when they get married and look upon another woman with lust.

  38. You should try interviewing someone more educated in Christian theology or religious science. Though, it would be boring as hell, the answers might be more satisfying.

    Very entertaining video!

  39. Morales develope out of necessity. Going around murdering and raping people because you don't think God will punish you for it is working fine for you on the short sight. Not so much on the long run though because eventually you or your loved ones will end up as the victims. So people decided not to do it all together. There's no need for a God to prevent humans from going full on anarchy. Use your brain. Religion is an outdated justice system from times where the laws and your law enforcement couldn't reach into every corner of your empire, so they created an invisible, omnipresent and omniscient authority to prevent opportunistic lunatics from going insane.

  40. Religious people use this argument with so much glee without having the knowledge that most of, the healthy people of the world, rape and kill as many people as we want, which is none. The fact that you idiots say you will do horrible things without a God is really evil. It says so much about you, no wonder you fools need your imaginary friends, you are sick.

  41. From an islamic point of view, as far as I understand, you don't need to be be religiously muslim to go to heaven. You just need to be in the state of Islam regardless of which faith system you follow. So christians, buddhist, hindu, whatever your particular faith system, it does not restrict you from going to heaven. Primarily its about being a good human and being i.e. in submission to the will of God – i.e. Islam. And this state is not for individual people to judge – only God can make that decision. Sadly many people do judge.

  42. This channel might help you answer those questions 👇🏾👇🏽

  43. well I'm a Christian so I can ask this question.. if jesus is the only way to heaven.. please explain what happened to billion the population who were born before birth of jesus . were they doomed to hell just because they were born in wrong time line

  44. That priest sucked, he is only "good" cause he is scared of god or being punish or he would be a pirate, a fat a weird looking pirate

  45. Religion and spirituality gives people meaning in life and it actually often helps people deal with life and be happier. It also gives a sense of community and social support. That's the only real use for religion.

  46. Jim i think i can answer why all this bad things happen. The way i see it god is real but the reason he allows it is because he no longer involves himself in worldly matters. Not because he doesn't care but because he wants to see what we as his creations can do without him. Kinda like when a kid grows up and has to leave the house to learn how to take care of themselves

  47. Jim man there is bad things going on everywhere because this is the way how God sees you whether or not you do those things and go to Hell. AND F..K YOU MATE because who the hell are you to tell that Muslim will go to hell for viceversa as WE don't tell the Christians the same.
    AND JIM I like your show.

  48. Pirate??? Jeez…I am glad that guy doesn't live next door to me
    Well…to be fair, pirates and priest have one similar interest…raping

  49. What other way could you brainwash people into believing in fairy tales? You got to do it while they are young and stupid and don't know any better. No way in hell could you teach religion to a sane adult. They would immediately laugh in your face and think you're a crazy person.


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