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Welcome guys, this is real issues brought to you by reflex to do production and I am your host of today’s show My name is Nelson Abigail real issue is a show that brings about Realities affecting our day to day life. And we also bring opinion on people on how this activities as either impacted them or affected dialogues and Today on real issues. We have an interesting topic to discuss which is titled should religion matter above love and relationship joining me today is an actor and Oh and a filmmaker That’s a person of mr. Alechenu Abel and on the other hand we have a Documentary filmmaker and a brand strategist. Mr. Candy I did Booga Mr. Evil woke up on room issues. It’s nice having you near and on to my Left hand side. Mr. Adil Vega your walk home is nice. I mean you guys to deal on relations So let’s move on to the main discussion today shoot religion matter in choosing a life partner It’s kind of an interesting question don’t you think so It’s kind of duty So it takes a deeper knowledge Subtly reveal a deeper answer of that So lemme accent first, so tell me what’s your take on this topic? Thank you very much. I’m hacia welcome That Question is really deep And should be handled very carefully. I must say but For me personally religion plays a major role in choosing a knife battle So I’m a Christian so I always see I Don’t blame anybody who I don’t fault anybody who is of a different religion because most times in Africa and Nigeria You practice the religion that you were born into? So being a Christian in my family, I was born into a Christian family. I have a Christian American Christian school So that’s all I know or all I knew tonight not resetting them. So it becomes a part of me So marrying someone who is not the Christian Will take another time To unlearn and start to relearn some other things so I was faced with similar situations from chemicals and the lady said Well, if anything was happening between the both of us you have to be from my religion, and I’m like, okay So now the challenge is is not about me. It’s about your religion. It’s about your family it’s about what your father will think because I Am NOT from your religion. So what we think we share may not work so I think we did jump, please invite on you and Above all above any other thing because no if we graduate now, is that thinking about different things what is actually Lord? What do you see you love something? Everything the entity you see some challenging situations and you run away because you didn’t You think you I know but when you see a challenge, you know that you are actually not. Oh Yes, not only not in terms of religion no personally Yeah, so let me ask you a question is simple question So if you see if you say love conquers, all right love conquers all so you love this boy So much. So if you are working on the world, then you see a lion coming. Will you stand in front of me? Calm down. I don’t know what it’s nice. Then I was like, oh, wow we Started burger, please. Can you areö opinion in decision? Like I said is a very deep Question answer session. I will begin to ask what? Is love conditional is not unconditional We after starting the gift What is the essence of religion? for my own opinion because I am in also aside as I Believe they’re supposed to teach other values supposed to teachers. I wish today to attend was our society I see Cute Muslim lady nice every features start that standard very well and so beautiful because She’s in Houston. I can’t It’s gonna be challenging it’s gonna be telling but she Shelly is it is a big issue is a big issue because I seen Friends that maybe defy dogs a Muslim at the mom is a Christian Because I remember I even wild screw the guy will not go to fellowship with me because if his father because the father is a Muslim and The father explained abused dice pay for discussions pay for this and God saw changes to the attenti the guy likes play From pets outside to that I think is T pleased they have to stop play because you know, the musical instrument is more Peculiar to be Christians and because of that it could not even fulfill his passion or playing a saxophone Because his dad is a Muslim and start that is pain not trying to George Is that anyway why because if that time it’s going to be a serious challenge Even for the truth future for the future of the children, but you say me if it’s love but why should it be religion that the time my god, so because love You could if I don’t disturb me the kind of breath The Advisory taught me the type of parents that I keep pass to me. So you should not Funny because love apples So I think it’s not true love when really just after that deciding who we love and we don’t get married to by the serious issues in so would you say If you should fall in love with a moose thing go as a Christian And your parents see all your people say no because it’s a Muslim you get bites one just acquired with much My personality my parents would not decide I get my visa So I think that is that of it, but she said is going to take a lot of pain. No determination to go ahead I said I want to because like They all said there’s a lot of changes that need to apply for instance as a Christian person you’ve got to go to church with your wife go to church with you as a Christian person whereas if we obey a claim the video Bible just with a cool app But other than at the end of the day, is there a way to find similarities Is there way that we understand each other the same way that we love each other? He could not be happy but I think is something that’s possibly and something that we need to work it out Oh seriously I feel I started love this champion not for you don’t should be a problem because when we don’t its own is love Is love it’s all about love, so if your vision is to just we need we’ve seen a Christian and a Muslim There should be a question right now. So but I think there’s a problem there because if we feel that Religion is just Christianity and Islam then there is a problem Okay. So religion is very broad in what in Nigeria or Africa we have the other contradiction our religion things right? We have Hindus Buddhists we have for the religion. Yes well because primarily in Africa in Nigeria water practices Christianity Islam and African traditional religion so think about it you see when Lord if a Priest a priest in a shrine his son Falls in love with you. Will you take that boy to your father that you want to get my dream? if not, we dress in all agree, you know most times you go to your parents and The first question they ask is what family is he from right? we know they are going into different areas or Going to family because most times in Africa in Nigeria Family is key to us The major reason why I will say the religion matters to me is because I don’t want to leave my future children confused The family opponent – I have cousins for Muslims. I have a cousin who want the Quranic recitation in one of the states he recited the whole Quran from the first to the last I also have a brother who is a priest so I have family members from both religions, but the thing is choice because the truth is you say you love someone are you willing to Oversee to take to go the extra mile because another feelings in Africa or in Nigeria, we know that most children practice the father’s religion so that was one of the explanation that Someone I liked so much or I still like we like each other and she said something she said I asked her the major reason why she cannot date someone who’s not for her religion, and she said Because in her religion the children would take after the father’s religion So that means her father is going to lose his grandchildren. If you are not a religion that was had direct Explanation Wow, so it got me thinking as well Is he worth the sacrifice? We know that sin. We very family-oriented kind of people in Africa in Nigeria Specifically, you know that your family calms and major rule in your lifestyle is lots of things that you do So why should I confuse the future of my children? Till they’re a proposition and I mean because the way I say compute the future of People end up becoming a standby path and end up getting confused recently. Does this a popular? Christian Doraleous, I don’t know if anybody has read His dating goodbye notice. I said it’s a mistake that is confused about Christianity so people end up becoming confused even when they when they are the one even as pastor that pitch to people about becoming a part of the Religion, so I don’t think is the parent fault though, I guess fault I can decide what the children end of the column. Okay, I can find that’s not just I get so much Let’s just go on a commercial break or let’s go on a short break when we return what you for me stop Combat light still on real issues And don’t forget to see how our guest on our show so you were saying like I said children and people we should not start it because You grew up in a Christian or a Muslim or a traditional? That was out and if I diversity mom is Christian as I got confused people I think what the parents should do is to say if you allowed it Children choose whatever they want to do but director because I’d end of the day. I think I’ll confuse him We turn down this religion because sorry sorry. I really like what you just said about directing them So how do you direct them to what you do not know? So take it that you are now as a Christian that you are you get married to someone who is not a Christian What can you direct them to you direct them to what you know, which is good sanity, right? So if their mother is not a Christian she tries to direct them to what she knows so What does that leave the child active what the parent should that led them to is direct them to values? because at the end of the day Religion is about loving your neighbor Sports mode a donkey and which I think the middle religion try to teach you so we should I think it gets more confusing when you say the only The only way to communicate with God is by Billy Crystal the only way to communicate to God Bambino boostin we should be differentially open manner because that is why a lot of people allow children because we are trying to Perform an interaction that children ever to the interaction Alleluia and sudanthaka to get information together Education and they get to choose their decision. So this should repel cannot be an authoritarian decided dictated are the truth and because of that this as it will cost a lot of coffee be cheaper and to that because the bed They’re said to send me good in the lap of the children. That’s it This is what you got you on my track because I’m a fuck you money and get them confused I know that so I think did you see your boy? I went back to the same thing about you guys just ordered again if our prayer actually To tell me who to share our life with then how do we achieve unity? Okay. No, but that’s the different thing So let me give an example man. Okay. My problem is a very Nigerian family Well I come from well dad from me. I have you don’t amido mom. So I have it don’t my in-laws I have people I have euro body knows I have a loss from the north That’s how in one family I have pillows from from Kochi as well, right? So now they are ready for me to bring an end or from wherever ideas well now the most important part here is that is not a major factor to in large extent because Cross-cultural marriage has taken different pieces now that is not so much of an issue anymore But the issue of religion cannot be pushed aside at all when it comes to Nigeria when it comes to our culture’s our values the first thing I ask you is first of all, they ask us dispersing from when men so any person is from they least asking what family before the stansky no different details here and there and widely talked about not confusing them the first point of call for any child born into this world is the family is born into Even if is a and often the model s baby school or whoever picks him or hop Does the first people you know, so it’s whatever is taught in the formative years That’s what research has it that some children Can learn as much as six to nine languages before they attend because their mind is already sharp enough So if a child is seen in one country and you seen father practice is motor practice This father is going to the shrine. What is going to the mosque or want you to church whatever it is growing up he becomes The division is distorted then when he goes to school for instance imagine that he meets another child who is faced with the same situation both of them start trying to see To figure out something if you study theology as well in the seminary my brother to me I know my brothers is a priest and he said something at the point is priori level One of the across Missy are not doing in Because he was confused. He do not know the man said leader if you understand boys it at the point So if you take the thing is most of us in Nigeria we accepted Westernization like we accepted Western culture and religion and we took it to the extreme We practice Christianity modern-day priests and the people that brought Christianity to us We practice Islam more than the people that brought Islam to us That’s right and demonize others, but you see the funny thing is a close relative of mine went to Iran Which is a Muslim country They were having a meeting It was type of Prayer but as they are damaging the people were like after the meeting the one as known as the type of precedence in a dropping jaws Once is prayer time on Friday Everybody it roots. You cannot do anything you go to the shop. You will wait right now We are taking it to the extreme now The point is for us to make sure that we do not do things out of proportion and end up Losing the core values of what we are supposed to be protecting So whatever is trying to say is you should lend to Know what works me? Perfectly, if you know getting married to a Muslim will make your life. So beautiful not cause confusion teensy to Get money tuna. Well, if you know as Christian is your own same please order basmala is love and units because religion is filled if he fails to promote love in unity, so There will have it go on a break. Let’s hear what our viewers on the streets. Let’s see you get sick on this issue Afternoon why isn’t it Okay. The question is are you a Christian or a Muslim cross? Okay. Can you marry a Muslim? Yes to what I resist My religion is that girl doesn’t listen good what if your family against it? are You listening nice be judicial ah, so the question are you a Muslim or a Christian So came out a Muslim So, why are reasons We also have the same goal as a general serving idols. I usually won’t go that therefore soon And give all these alkylating so I don’t think anybody What if your parents or your families are gifted My parents family gives it because my funding specialists in Parkinson’s what people okay. Thank you somebody at a time Nice PT or reflux to Request always are you a Muslim or Christian phosphate? calamari Muslim Re what higher reasons? Firstly I don’t think trevally any religious EBG Diarrhea for me to marry miss Kristin. I choose weapon life but valid I love Kamaria what if your family’s I against it or If I’m funny I guess on ships love me it will help man I’m a family law with actual my family Robin water in my family Thank you so much Well tomorrow boys anymore Come are you a Muslim or a Christian mark are you marry a Muslim? Explain reasons Muslim priests everyone Watching water life And I believe that marriage is long So what you love the person is a Muslim or a Christian, it doesn’t matter, but I will friend by the crystal I married the most the husband and they live happily officially they have five children before that. Allah is going to investing so they celebrate Christmas with Muslim, so And that’s Muslim or percent better choice. What if the families or families? Guessed it so me marriage Thank you so much my advice welcome bye guys still on real issue We’ve gotten the opinion on the people on the streets about this particular issue well You’re not going to stay there. Let’s get back to our guests. So what is your final thoughts on this mission? Well, my final thoughts is the same as my beginning Yes, it’s a no no because the Bible in second current just at 6 Verse 14 says do not be on equally yoked So I will leave it at that. I Know that love is good. Love is a beautiful thing, but Religion is important to me personally as a bell originally it was like love is important Okay, but do you miss that equator all your political Leaders should not determine what you have Because I think to anybody watching Anywhere in the world. I think we need to change our mind. We need to be more open-minded Why religious believers supposed to teach us value? We just opposite teachers I will relate with each other But why should religion decide? What will I will not become out with I will end up relating with each other Because now we are not talking about modeling I say the servant leader that supposed to teach us how to relate with each other to love your neighbor as yourself Not Madonna – it is now Religion is a issue not money and you start watching Thou shalt not deserve because the same mostly person was also caught these two Other boys video I will end operating division. We should love each other disparaging a peg on Yeah, I put these. Yeah, I Kristin and Muslim but what’s hello aunty my tip is that we should love each other We’d like visit you and you can you okay? I can’t Let’s make this work, okay, he said together we can actually make that work there are good guys out this issue I want to thank you very well for nothing very much for coming. He’s a pleasure. Happy new year like today. I’m so-and-so I don’t know. I don’t want to say more you guys are really educated meaning way. So it’d be kids I don’t know if they wish people according to him. Let’s look You said is a no no no for making thank you fine. We all have individual differences So I will conclude by saying whatever works for you as an individual cool So, thank you very much for coming god bless you hope see you next time and to our other guest. Thank you so much It’s a pleasure having you here with aren’t you? Hope to see more of you? Yes Don’t have you guys on real issues? Please don’t forget to click and like on our Instagram on our YouTube page as reflects to do on Instagram Twitter and Facebook ads real issues See you will come your way next time on us remember that we love you. Bye. Bye

  1. Religion is an integral part of some people's existence. Sometimes even love must be qualified by it. Less the love would turn hatred when the differences in religion begin to create misery for a party or both.

  2. Religion is an integral part of life for many of us, and in a bid to expand and keep those values, it's best to marry someone of your values (religion). But then, things happen and change. Deep down, I personally think it's about people and their personality. Happiness isn't guaranteed bcos you marry in your religion, you can find happiness by marrying outside it.

  3. the man in cap made a good point….you can only marry who believes in your ideology …not someone that is ignorance of where you are coming …marrying a Muslim for me is a no no..

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