1. This video fails to establish a connection between the Jews who were Zionist and those that were Bolshevik. Instead, it tries to rely on the fact that they were all Jews and therefore they were all working together. That would be a distortion of the fact that the Jewish have many different groups like every other people. No doubt the Bolsheviks were criminal and mostly Jewish but that has nothing to do with Zionism. Many of the facts are being distorted by Islamists funding these videos and diluting information that is not connected.

  2. Read this book:  "The World Hoax" by Ernest F Elmhurst" (1939)  Jews and Communism starting with Karl Marx and on to the Bolsheviks and Cheka.

  3. "The communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that the triumph of communism in the Russian Revolution is the triumph of Judaism." -Rabbi (((Harry Waton)))

  4. Communism: Another creation of the Jesuit Order. This is the testimony of an Ex-Jesuit Priest

  5. Jewry is still playing this game with the slavic nations.
    Jews got Ukraine in their pockets now and got dumb Ukrainians willing to kill their brothers.

  6. "Anti-communism is anti-Semitism." – 'The Jewish Voice' (1941) – So was communism Jewish?
    "The New York publication, "Jewish Voice," July and August of 1941, page 23, states as follows : "Anti-communism is anti-Semitism.""

  7. Every jews isn't zionist. some jews identified them as jew for political purpose and some of them real/authentic jews. and of caurse zionist bad ass ,their the reason for all war

  8. Is it just me? I missed this in the holocaust museum, whose stated purpose was to remind us of our shared human dignity. I must have missed the exhibit on Jewish mass murdering Communists who preceded and exceeded German Socialists' death count. Holocaust Industry pimp Deborah Lipstadt said comparing the holocaust to anything else was micro-denial. Curious that the Jews who invented the Soviet Union made antisemitism a capital crime. IT would be foolish to underestimate Jews' contempt for the First Amendment. Any enemy of the First Amendment is a domestic enemy of the Constitution, thus a traitor. Rest assured, Jews have no problem dehumanizing and slandering Christians, or denying the holocaust that Jewish Bolsheviks inflicted on Christians in eastern Europe, Palestine, and Africa.

  9. People need to take a study of the Bible to find out who the real Jews are , I'm leaning on that the real Jews are Black not white . A lot of the whites a converted people like the Babylonians in the time of the Book Esther 8;17 . We have a big problem in the USA because most of the Jews that run our country is communist.

  10. Why the jaw-lock of the West's journalists; they are hypocritical defenders and censors of the vilest tyrannies of all time. THE TRUTH SETS YOU FREE

  11. Sounds like a lot of anti-semitic blather. It is true that many of the early communists were Jewish, but of the self hating variety , just like we have self hating people of Christian ancestry on our Left, they murdered their own as well as others. The Russian Communists ensured that Jewish involvement was limited or entirely negated in every way possible, up to and including murder and extermination of Jews on their own soil during and a little after WW2. If you are a Christian or think you are, why don't you go back and re read the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, and then decide if you are on the right track.

  12. Anyone who perpetuates the dark age myth of Jew blood and non-Jew blood is surely peddling Jew blood / non-Jew blood propaganda.

  13. The Russians did not deserve the Jew Bolsherviks!! Russians wanted democracy but Lenin scammed it away.  Russia can stand strong because prophecy says, the Christians have got this one!  We will be put under pressure, but we WILL win! (Daniel Cht 7).  It seems to me that the Jews may be Esau and Russians must be Jacob in biblical history…

  14. This was not the greates holicaust in mans history. Have you forgotten what the Europeans did to the ISraelites here in the Americas? 100+ million so called Latinos, how many so called Natives? Over 100 mill so called Afro Americans? Well folks they were ISraelites! THAT is the biggest holocaust in all mans history and is why Europe and America is facing Gods judgement now. YES the JeWISH were behind that to, the Bible calls them Edom. The only people who God hates. Christ called them the seed of Satan, yes even the devil has children here and this video is about them and the fruit they produce

  15. All throughout history White people have done some heinous things … Mass murderers (victims in the BILLIONS) till this day they continue to murder at mass scale with their disenfranchise, chemicals, GMOs, cancers, starting wars, stealing natural resources, causing sickness, famine etc etc etc…yet have the nerve to bring up black on black crime!! lmao

  16. Most so-called pro German/pro white/pro Nationalist(everyone against the Jews)are owned by Jews and run by Jews.

  17. The German leaders ended up on trial in Nuremberg because they lost the war,I get called a Nazi etc etc for saying that Hitler loved and cared about his people who had and were being strangled to death by Jews usury,being misled and lied to by the Jews in the press,being led into corruption and immorality by Jewish pornographers and playwrights. The list goes on.

  18. Hitlers major mistake was to declare war on the united states. Also he shouldve controlled japan better. If japan wouldnt have attacked pearl harbor, and germany backing that attack, we wouldnt have went in. So mistakes were made by both sides

  19. Never forget!!!! Demand we have a christian memorial!!!! Demand 200 years together be printed in english. Demand answers to our questions!!! Communism isnt the law in the united states. Enough of us will bring the truth. The media thinks its unstoppable. But we are the majority!! I demand that every christian go to there brothers of every race and pray together, then work together to destroy the lies. Demand the communists in Hollywood be accountable to the country that gives them opportunity. Demand that these communist sympathizers in government and in media explain why they use divide and conquer tactics. Demand a definition of conflict management. Demand that every communist that praises anti capitalism and wants there evil type of system be stripped of everything a capitalist society gives them. Demand our muslim brothers to stop doing the communist wishes of going to war with christianity. And come together to destroy the cultural marxism that is against both of our beilefs. Both leaders of christians and muslims know that removing the self bondage is the path to peace. Communism believes man and only man filled with selfishness and no morals is the right way. Demand the answers on why christianity is hated but the jewish faith is somehow left alone. Demand!!!! Demand!!! Demand!!!

  20. they sure are ugly mother fuckers, they look like child torturer HENRY SHIELDLIK and his friends in dudley ma 01571, the ones mind contyrolling me and kill me with the towers.


  22. Very briefly @ 4:13, the flash of Sandra Bernhardt is unmistakeable, but equally disturbing. The man hater bitch!

  23. the Jew has no good intentions! they stalk people and illegally immagrated into Germany and wouldn't stop barking at the German's about how they are going to be ethnic cleansing them. just walking into government buildings and structures and facilities and services and putting up buildings without even permission to be in Germany! forking food off the military Deaths Head unit's plates can get you killed. when someone illegally enters Your country and goes through your government records and education system and threatened to kill you through ethnic cleansing. you should really punch them OUT!

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