Shared economy is a new communism? | Aziz Shahhuseynov

uber and lyft have changed taxi sector according to Adam Smith the capitalism
is built on uneven distribution of information shortly how it works
the seller he knows more than the buyer the seller knows where to take goods, how much it will cost, where to take cheaper and the most important that buyer wants
to buy it in this case seller can play with the price
and this difference in having information and lack of information creates interest and in some
cases business internet change this rule thousands of websites offer you at the
same time to compare price of goods, price of airplane tickets, of hotels, or
hostels, places to stay and even if the buyer the customer is lazy one he will spend his time and compared how much it cost that's why a lot of businesses are
closing to reborn and to adopt to new rules – new era traditional businesses cannot compete because uber and lyft have changed taxi sector Airbnb has
changed the hotel sector and now you having only your place can compete with
Hilton and Mariott and most probably you will win this tendency that I'm
explaining is called sharing the economy and even if definition is new the idea
is not that new for example outsourcing the business that started being practiced like 20 years ago is one of them another example are laptops:
almost all laptops in the world have been manufactured on only three
factories in China and Thailand secondhand one more example, or business incubators another example or the most common example are buses together it's cheaper and funnier so shared usage of power and of assets, cars, flats, houses,
servers, officers, clothes this will increase the effectiveness and will decrease expenses and for sure it will improve the quality
of our life wait isn't this what communists we're teaching So you mean,
where old industrial model failed, where USSR failed internet wins? let's call it communism 2.0 the Western community afraid of the phrase communism as a hell that's why they create new definitions like shared economy the communist
leaders according what they did they never been industrialists they have been more like feodals lack of information made the job the system stopped and at the end collapsed according Adam Smith at the end of its existence Soviet Union became something
like super capitalists monopoly I'm not talking about taking from one and
sharing with others I'm talking about shared usage that will keep the private
property and in some part it will make iteven stronger so we will create new
mechanisms to support and to protect it thank you for watching like this video
subscribe my channel and write and comment what you disagree it's not hardfor you it's easy for me bye bye

  1. One difference between Communism and Capitalism is: In Communism the richest 1% own everything, while keeping the other people down by law (equality, no property…), until the people at the bottom start to starve. In Capitalism the richest 1% own much, while the other people have the opportunity to get rich too and have property. I somehow have the impression that the richest 1% in the western world would want Communism at some point, exactly because of what i wrote already. Just look how the schools, universities, the colleges get filled by the rich people with leftist professors and teachers. Has anybody else noticed a leftist trend in what the western media is presenting and promoting, in the last years…!

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