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[MUSIC PLAYING] JOHN AITKEN: Reproductive science
enables human beings to understand and take control of our own fertility. It can give us the
ability to choose when we have children and may even help us to
have children when we can't on our own. JESSIE SUTHERLAND: But there also
are a range of social factors, like education, wealth, and
sexuality, that influence the choices we make about reproduction. JOHN AITKEN: I'm Professor John Aitken,
the director of the Priority Research Center in Reproductive Science at the
University of Newcastle in Australia. JESSIE SUTHERLAND: And I'm Dr. Jessie
Sutherland, a reproductive biologist and research fellow at the
University of Newcastle. Join us and other experts in
reproductive science and the humanities in Sex, Science, and Society. JOHN AITKEN: Together, we will look at
the biological and social factors that influence human reproduction. See you on edX. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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