Serpent za is no doubt going to disappear sometime in the near future. That’s my prediction Today, I’m going to talk about serpent, sir day aka Winston stirs all he’s a youtuber who lives in China, by the way And at the end of the video, I’ll give you my take my opinion what I think of Serpents a day, but before we get started make sure you click the subscribe button and click the bell icon So don’t miss out on anything. I’ve also got a patreon if you want to support me serpent satay aka Winston stirs all About eleven years ago. He moved from South Africa to a little city by the name of Sheng Jian which is just over the Hong Kong border and just south of the third biggest city Guangzhou Shenzhen About 10 15 20 years ago. It was actually a jungle believe it or not the Chinese have developed it so fast and now it is this bustling metropolis just over the border from Hong Kong and is now a competitor to Hong Kong In fact now Winston, I just call him serpents a day from now on about nine years ago He started uploading videos to YouTube It was a very slow start and in the very early days you could tell it was just like a little hobby Just something for him to do on his time off while he’s living in China you see he was a he started out as an English teacher and when you have a look at some of his videos it looked like he was doing a little bit of mechanics work or he Started up a little shop where he would I think fix motorbikes or cars Maybe hired a few local people. So it was good for the Chinese economy and Apparently he was homeless at one stage in China as well And he’s seen the dark sides of China when he’s walking around and he’s filming in different locations that I had never been before When he went on a motorbike tour of China That was extremely interesting and there was a lot of information that he popped out which was very useful For foreigners that were travelling to China good wholesome Educational videos that’s the way I saw it. I thought was really good. But recently serpens the day has become quite negative Communism with Chinese characteristics and that basically means anything they wanted to mean but you know what it means to me It means a capitalist society under a dictatorship So we need the poo came into power He whose name shall not be spoken on this you want to get deported basically Starts to bring back the propaganda you start to see communist propaganda signs everywhere Western TV shows gets blocked, you know things get tougher for foreigners nationalist fervor starts getting built up more and more and You have a situation now where it’s incredibly uncomfortable for foreigners to live here. The writing’s on the wall There is no long-term future for foreigners in China I agree with Donald Trump when it comes to the unfairness of the trade because China has always Had an advantage there is a lot of unfairness when it comes to how China’s treated compared to the way China treats other people, what did Lord Zhu Zhi Shamala look at our boom. Boom pie Okay, so you see this guy says I’m a lot of film either So sure he consolation huh, this is too much water Come Kai the D+ like Tibet right Oh like about the social social media are sorry social credit score in Xin Jiang had there locking people up and putting them in labor camps have any of you guys ever had an assassination plot a public assassination plot put against you the serpens at a T-bar now what this is is it’s like a subreddit basically, he’s addressing his Chinese fellow Chinese people saying I need some you know Chinese friends, you know, like Nationalistic friends to come and help me in my plot to kill him. Basically. He can’t wait You know for the feeling of pulling out the knife and putting in the knife You know that kind of shit you see if you know China You’d realize that a lot of the things that he says are actually quite accurate more recently I commented on on Chinese people not taking any action in Melbourne. There’s a bit tongue-in-cheek but you see the Bystander effect is real thing in China where the Chinese people will just let a child get run over and just walk away They won’t even step in the help or someone’s getting attacked. They weren’t stepping and help. It’s it’s every man for himself in China and this type of culture is not really conducive with the Australian culture because if someone’s in trouble Straight and step in like hey, stop doing that. We don’t live in a barbarian Society this is a civilized country Australia. You know, this is the this is the Australian Way you see but in China they don’t and I’m just bringing this up because recently I had that That website Sydney today personally attacked me and send about 400 Chinese people to send death threats to me in from Australia you see So you can imagine where there’s no filter, there’s less rules and it’s not even it’s it’s their country how Difficult it would be for Winston sizzle aka serpents that a living in China. It’s tough You know, he’s a tough South African. He’s the in my opinion He might disappear soon. Something might happen to him. He might cross the border. You might get arrested And I say things like this and people don’t listen to me But I’ll explain to you the pattern You see what happened was? The the problem with North Korea was ignited by America like don’t be don’t be confused about what’s happening with this 90 day truce between America and China we are in a period of strategic competition and that is not going to change There’s a global hegemon America and there’s this rising power China and they are going to butt heads For a very long time this is not going to stop people so don’t don’t think that this 90 day truce is going to stop After that, then we’re gonna hug and kiss it out. No, we are in a lot of trouble for a very long time And the patterns I’m seeing the reason why I bring up. I feel like Winston stirs. Oh, he’s going to disappear I just call him serpents today from now on I believe I believe he’s gonna disappear something might happen to him. The reason is because When South Korea wanted to install the THAAD missile defense system see that was a defense system What happened was a lot of the Chinese people? They actually started attacking kpop bands They refused to go on holidays in South Korea. They started bashing the the windows in of Lotte Mart, which is a Korean It’s a Korean business a big shopping center Franchise that was operating in China and the Chinese people started attacking it the government started saying oh look there’s hygiene problems there We’re gonna have to shut them down. You see they didn’t just deal with this politically They actually attacked everyday people in the street and this is the problem here We notice the whole world notices these things and What has happened recently is the West is like, okay well, you’re gonna attack our people and our businesses screw you we’re gonna start attacking you and your businesses and Chinese businesses are starting to get banned Chinese companies state-owned enterprises are starting to get blocked in Western countries and Something happened only a day or two ago. And this is why I bring up serpents a days because the CFO of Huawei Just got arrested a Chinese national just got arrested in Canada by the American government. I Hope you guys are aware of how big of a deal this is. This is another level, so These guys are talking about trade truce and how everything’s going fine Everyone’s friends and then the Americans arrest a Chinese national this is a big deal because if you think about this if Just say another country arrested a an American national The there would be there would be ships out the front. They’ll be shooting the the country. There’ll be there’ll be big deal happening and The reason why we’re not seeing a big deal happening now is because China America have agreed They’re in a period of strategic competition You see Ukraine just sent a few ships to try and cause trouble with Russia Do you think that was an accident? I think you guys need to be aware that there’s team blue and team red And you got to pick a team. I’m on Team Blue. I like Australia. I like the UK I like Canada I like America And if I had to choose I’m gonna have to go with Team Blue. I like Team Blue. I like democracy I like being able to say what I want on the Internet. I like having freedom to roam. I Love these things and Unfortunately China’s trying to take them away from us the same way they take it away from their own people And I hope some of my Chinese friends out there aware of this the if you’re living in Western country Make yourself known stand up for team blue because We can’t allow this to keep going on And I’m going to just make a prediction right here Serpent said a his time is numbered if he keeps going back into that country something will happen to him. He will disappear he’ll be arrested or He may even be murdered in China. I honestly believe that that is what’s going to happen because Both of these two countries and our targeting individuals it’s not like just Just me just talking about something on the internet from the safety of a western country This guy goes into Emmet an enemy territory and he speaks his mind and more recently. He’s Called si Jing ping poohbear, which is illegal. He’s he’s He said a lot of illegal things especially in the last couple videos that he’s uploaded and I fear for the guy’s safety I don’t think he has much time left on this earth to be honest and Winston if you’re out there listening We don’t go back to that country get your wife out of there serpent said a is in a lot of trouble and There was video made actually a couple years ago by a guy an Australian Asian guy was just making these racist Outrageous claims against serpents today and I contacted him and I stepped in I hate bullies I hate racism – I hate racism although a lot of the Chinese might Call me racist The good Chinese out there know that I’m not and when I talk I’m against racism. I actually want us to work together I want us to be a team. I want this Multiculturalism to actually work. I’m not picking a side here. I want this to work But yeah, this asian guy made a terrible video about Serpents that a and I had to stand in I stepped in and I made a video about this guy and Luckily since then the guy is going to be quiet. He doesn’t really upload videos very often He’s going back to his crappy little charity videos, which I think he’s good. I think he should continue doing his little charity videos, but Stop being a racist prick and too many racist pricks out there and too often all of these things like yellow fever and all these hating on a White men by Asian guys, it’s got out of control and we’ve noticed that for many years and now we’ve had enough That’s why I’m starting to speak up, but I’m not the only one So many people are starting to speak up serpents a taste speak up Other people are starting to speak up All over the world people are starting to speak and it’s out of control with we’re sick of it, too So I believe that You know serpent said a is the the new Nelson Mandela of China he’s the he’s the new Dalai Lama, but he’s still in the country and I I fear that he’s days are numbered and Serpent said I no doubt you’d be listening to this video and Keep safe buddy. Stay out of trouble and Stop stay stop saying stuff that could get you in trouble, please Because we don’t need another Nelson Mandela ordeal because this isn’t South Africa where it’s all free and fair this is China and If they get you serpents today, you will disappear forever You will never be seen again. You’ll never be let out capital punishment something bad will happen to you and you will never be seen again and Yeah, so there’s two parts of this Serpents that are you doing a great job. I love your work. Stay safe, please Don’t get yourself in trouble. If you guys out there check out serpents today’s Channel and Serpents a day while you’re over there in China Don’t let fear stop you

  1. australians dont worry about russia……china is the greatest threat….when the shit hits the fan and it will america will not be there to rescue you .

  2. He won't. Both him and cmilk are very knowledgeable about the powers of the ccp. Why would they stupidly bash the ccp publicly? They didn't criticize them directly anyway. They're just giving out a lot of hints and a few cut out opinions. But yes, serpentza needs to be careful now. Atleast cmilk can be safe with his wife vivi in america

  3. I have seen his Vlog & Yup! I knew that this would happened. C-milk (Good friend of Serpentza) also need to be careful… I hope he is okay.

  4. You said "Freedom to roam" at 10:05. The intelligence agencies of Australia, America, The UK, France,Israel, etc, video audio tap people's phone calls, internet activities plus they manually surveillance people through people's roommates, coworkers, managers, employees and owners of restaurants from where people buy their food and drinks, etc.

  5. 3 points about this video. 1st point, I hope Serpentza will be OK, if I were him, i'd get the F out of China. 2nd point, I knew China was bad, now I think China is awful, 3rd point: Dave is right, this grand standing between China and the USA will last for decades, as China rises and the USA declines( but USA will not decline by that much, it will go from 1st place to 2nd place, economically speaking). Maybe China would have been better off being overtaken by Japan in world war 2, I don't know, maybe.

  6. China is like an old teacup and it could crack all apart so easy.
    China government is internally week and dysfunctional.
    That is why they need a dictator.
    The people of China know this in their hearts.
    It is only great fear that stops them from becoming free.
    This is so easily said I know when over 60 million Chinese were wiped out from the face of the earth in the '40s and '50s.

  7. Serpentza god bless him.
    I been few times and China is very Barbaric very cruel. I ❤ China.
    No democracy in team blu. I been banned on twitter. All media is owned by the Jews. Brain washing us. Vaccinating us until we become stupid. Serpentza speaks his mind. Australia has to many law's. The Glass–Steagall legislation in Australia. Passed over nite. This gives Australian government to dip into your bank accounts in time of depression.
    Thats right! ! Power take your money . Just Google it. The Glass–Steagall legislation

  8. I sadly think your right mate. a shame because he's pretty politically correct about the Chinese, he doesn't say things generally that would be bad for the Chinese government, he actually came out and said it wasn't his place to say these things. But this social credit scoring thing is a worry, particularly when google / facebook look to be setting up operations there, and both seem to want socialism regardless of what the democracies they work in want.

  9. Watch the movie, The Sand Pebble, that shows the explosive nature of Chinese Nationalism.
    Desaparecido can happen to anyone anywhere.

  10. It is truly every man for himself in China. Among every individual Chinese person, their quest for wealth equals destruction of the planet. They are emptying the ocean of every kind of protected marine life, as well as pumping out emmissions with no regard. Japan and South Korea are good examples of how this has nothing to do with racism. Its about Chinese culture.

  11. I am sure he knows the risks. That's why he and C-milk are setting up in the US and will start exploring other countries. He's between a rock and a hard place because his channel is all about China so it will take a while to make the change.

  12. CHINESE GOVERNMENT is the worst thing it can happen to HUMANITY, CHINESE that have ZERO influence on Chinese GOVERNMENT are I think good people but believing in new CHINESE GOD will be a NIGHTMARE EVIL NIGHTMARE FOR HUMANITY including animals and regular good CHINESE (the new GOD of China he thinks of himself is XI JINPING) Also the God of many colonies of China like VENEZUELA,Tibet, Xinjiang ,south China sea ,Cuba, British Columbia, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Philippines, Panama, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Cambodia, Bolivia, Tonga, Russia, Africa the whole continent, Argentina, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia,dominic republic ,Egypt, Ecuador, Haiti, Portugal, Italy, spain, Greece, soon india, MEXICO, Europe and soon the God of USA democratic party will be Xi Jinping??????🤔

  13. The whole world is SILENT about China keeping China from depleting the whole world and using their power and money to take over the jobs of the whole world

  14. I really feel sorry for Serpentza. I thought his channel was pretty fair because he exposed the good side and the bad side of China. It's the most unbias channel on China. Unfortunately China won't accept any negative side of them, the dirt must be swipe under the carpet. Keep save for you and Serpentza…. the mainlanders they are like communist brainwashed terrorist all over the world.

  15. Well, Americans don't admit that they are the ones exploiting slave labor in China and violating the human rights in a large scale. Serpentza is Alex Jones of China but the Serpent is still here unlike poor Alex in the US have been diffused.(From Singapore).

  16. Winston is going to be okay. He's recently announced his plans to leave China and concentrate on travel videos in other countries, with his business partner and fellow YouTuber C Milk. I think in view of this, it's not so bad that he's making his final blunt comments before he leaves. I know his high profile and huge support base make him a target, but it also gives him some protection against recriminations, and I seriously doubt he would do anything without being very certain about his safety, and taking out "insurance". I think it's unfortunate that things are ramping up, with the Huawei arrest, and while I believe Huawei are a threat, I think this arrest was a bit dodgy, seeing that she was in Canada, and the charges seem a little tenuous. Making this prediction about Winston is a bad idea, and won't help him. Nonetheless, I will be glad when he, Sasha, C milk and Vivi are in America.

  17. Serpentza and his friends are friends of the CIA and part of the US propaganda machine. I used to watch this crap – not any longer. As a Chinese quote tells us "One time see, is better than 1000 times hear".
    I think the Chinese should arrest all Americans in exchange for the Huawei woman.

  18. Dave, this video clearly exhibits Serpetza telling the CCP to back off as he has taken precautions should anything happen to him or his gorgeous wife. Smart man that Serpentza. Married a beautiful and intelligent Chinese wife FGS! Both will be safe soon enough in The USA…

  19. There's no team red or blue, there's team mankind, all mankind, of all lands on earth, and team bankers/corporations/government and it's team "bankers/corporations/government" that is plotting the divide in "team mankind", It's called "divide and conquer" and it's been running for at least 1500 years

  20. You have been brainwashed, most chinese love foreigners, especially white, because most chinese think blond hair and blue eyes are beautiful。No Chinese hate westerners. peace.😍😍

  21. Just to correct one thing. The Americans CANNOT arrest someone in Canada, the Americans asked the Canadian authorities to arrest her as she transferred aircraft.

  22. There's nothing racist about making an observation. Am I not allowed to speak about a certain culture or a way of life? Am I not allowed to give my honest opinion from MY point of view? I think we have taken this racism game too far.

  23. Other countries have arrested American nationals without the stuff you're saying happening (shooting, ships, etc). It's not as big of a deal depending on the circumstances.

  24. I thought you value freedom and freedom of speech. Why are you asking SerpentZa to censor himself? Instead, he should keep telling the truth, but get himself and his wife, and his white friends out of China.

  25. There's a Chinese saying: "People conquer mountains, they trip over anthills." Meng Hongwei is a mountain. Serpentza an anthill.
    Have you seen his last video (his eyes) 'Let's watch some Cringe South African Adverts'. He looks already frightened and intimidated to me.

  26. God knows better than you. God loves China. The LORD God "hath chosen a Chinese to be a special people unto himself", from a nation "more in number than any people".

    From the Bible (KJV): (The Forthcoming Christ Is A Chinese)

    Deuteronomy 7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.

    Deuteronomy 7:7 The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people:

  27. Seems like you watched his "why I don't air chinas dirty laundry video" And tried to get views by making a video about him. Lol.

    Too bad you have 1/8 the views on this video as you have subs and most of them are probably from people like me who were binging his videos before your video interrupted my autoplay.

  28. Democracy is a farce. All the things that have happened to our country, especially mass immigration was undemocratic against the majority and not wanted.

  29. I hope the Chinese people overthrow the communist party someday soon. Then Taiwan can takeover or reunify with a Democratic Mainland.

  30. Considering he's spent the last ten years sucking up the the CCP and white washing most of Xi's repressive policies, I think he'll be fine. He's not a free speech hero. He's an opportunistic high school dropout who fled to China to avoid paying child support for his illegitimate daughter. If worst comes to worst, he'll just lick the bottom of Xi's boots like he always does.

  31. If he hates China that much he should just leave. He's a just a disease that won't go away. I think he has mental health problems. I think ppl like this deliberately make trouble for your own ego under the guise of standing up for the Chinese. The truth is they make money by being racist and spreading hatred.

  32. He's looking for opportunities outside China if they present themselves. He, no doubt, will remain in China until he can no longer see it viable for him and his wife. He loves China, however, his informative videos may set him at odds with the CCP. I hope he remains safe and well!

  33. SERPENTZA has left china, he isnt dumb but his wifes family can be lent on and if his wife and kids are targets too. It sucks, been a fan for a long time!

  34. He is crying wolf, he has made several claims that he will be expelled, but nothing happened, that's just a trick trying to get some money…cough…sorry…get some sympathy from his fans.

  35. Lol he got beaten up for not paying for hookers . He went there to teach English 😂
    No one gives flying fuck about this pedo let alone the government .
    He's been looking you guys and making money 😂

  36. Dave Lee your comments are mostly very uninformed, petty
    nonsense sprinkled with some guesswork and a little paranoia. The primary
    difference between yourself and Serpentza it that he acts and speaks more like
    a man, a man with a level of wise insight and maturity, where you still seem to
    be speaking like a teenage boy with nearly all of your comments. Maybe I'll
    come back and listen to what you have to say in 10 to 20 years’ time when
    you're actually grown up and possibly have a level of life experience. (By the
    way please lose the Australian flag with your vlogs, as you’re a bit of an embarrassment)

  37. No one has the right to force anyone to love a country. If you have so much complain about a certain country, just leave, it’s that simple.

  38. He can simply go out of China if he's in danger. Why don't you these Anti-Chinese racists think with a brain? And Sadly to say that you are also in danger to be a loser if you believe such a jerk and liar as serpentZA. All in all, haters are haters, just like how ignorant you are.

  39. tells you the truth about this Serpentza, a fraud guy created many videos crazily smearing China culture and common people. Be aware of this mad thug! Please note that China is world's least xenophobic nation, a place with the lowest crime rate in this planet.

  40. The team blue and team red analogy is a good. But, when you get into the US the colors are flipped the "Blue" states are the socialists/communists, while the red states are the capitalist that believe in the republic. Basically, the Democratic Regressive Socialists have labeled the real Libertarians and pro bill of rights citizens as the "Alt-Right" Fascists. Basically flipping the true definitions like they have flipped the colors.

  41. OK, just to clarify something here. The Huawei CFO was NOT, I REPEAT NOT arrested by the Americans in Canada. Police from one country do not go into another country to arrest people. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP – Canada's Federal police force) or the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA – in charge of policing Canada's borders) arrested her as she was changing planes in Vancouver at the REQUEST of the American government. She is being Held in Vancouver and allowed to live in her 41 million dollar home in the Dunbar area of Vancouver, with restrictions placed on her movement but she is not sitting a jail cell like the 13 Canadians who have been arrested in China in retaliation. She will have an extradition hearing in accordance with the law to see if she will be transferred to the US. So at this point, it is up to the Canadian courts to decide what happens to her. Because the Chinese are in negotiations with the Americans they will not do anything to antagonize the Americans but have no hesitation in sticking to Canada any way they can, which they have done in numerous ways. So, in short, the Canadians did something at the request of the Americans and Canada are bearing the brunt of Chinas anger, but she allowed to live in her very nice home with only restrictions and curfews placed on her movement around Vancouver, the Canadians arrested by the Chinese in retaliation are not so lucky.

  42. Are you living in a sifi movie? SerpentZA is not that big of deal. He's just a guy speaks with his a-hole.What's your evidence by saying these things?

  43. A good bit of paranoia is called for with potential of wild and misdirected 'fads' originating in CCP and being universally digested by unsophisticated Chinese people. They seem essentially confused. View their comments and you see the moth and fire. Even that dance club in the background of Winston's video were running around in pseudo-dramatic synchronizations that look and feel quite irrational/queasy. I rather admire the Chinese people, while recognizing their group strength can quickly become their greatest weakness. Paradoxical, but proven over and over in a history they fail to learn from. An overly conditioned urge to all run quickly to the same (wrong) action.

  44. I hope you're wrong, but you make valid points. Remember that Winston is a South African national. China has no beef with SA, and although Winston is visible and vocal, he's not as important to Beijing as an American business person or academic. And let's not forget C-Milk, who is a U.S.-national. Good video, sir.

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