Senorita || Official Tamil Short film || Social || With English Subtitles

Song Playing in Radio Your Bike taxi is on the way Rapido? Lets go Mind Voice : Oh God! Mind Voice : Am I really going with a girl? Mind Voice : Am I really going with a girl? Mind Voice : Where is this gona end? Mind Voice : Where is this gona end? Where is the location? Nungambakam Whats the Fare shown? Whats the Fare shown? I didnt notice it Are you a Director? ah yes, I take short films ah yes, I take short films In true caller your name was shown as Film Director In true caller your name was shown as Film Director Thats why Oh and why do you work in Rapido? Thats a situation… Thats a situation… Justice for Sindhu!? Bullshit! Reason for All the problems are only girls! Why are you saying like this? What else? Gets cheated by Some one so easily… And Simply argues for justice and starts protests.. If she wears short dresses and Roams some where at some time… what else will happen instead of rape? Liquor,Cigars, F*F also More over.. Having 4-5 boy friends Dating them online, Not knowing what to share to whom They themselves go fall into their traps! According to me, Reasons for most of the rapes in INDIA are the Girls Themselves! 4-5 boy friends? atleast was one of them true? Or looked at the girl with a good intention? Every girl has her own past! Some are Physically Abused, Some have violent parents, Pubertal issues, Black in the name of boy friend, Ex Lover’s forced Sex, Maternity Problems, Obesity, family problems Divorce problems, suicide attempts, exam problems She has faced these many problems,and if she faces the society boldly.. Dont point her out with her past! Even though if u dont appreciate her, Dont point her out with nick names and stuffs and hurt her even more.. Instead hold her hand and go for a walk with her, Do you know how much she will start trusting you? She doesnt need to be any other girl… she could be the girl in your own house.. why?…Even your mother.. do you know how many problems your mother has faced? But she’ll forget everything with just your smile.. this smile is enough for her to spend the rest of her life.. Why are you getting so tensed? I didnt mean all of them…Some are like that I just meant it..not anything else.. Why are you even angry for this? When a girl said no to a guy, She was kidnapped, and was induced with drugs.. from a small boy.. to an old man.. couldnt anyone in the lot, see her as.. their sister or mother…. for 4 days…. if she was willing or not… All she said was no.. nothing else right? she… was over dozed on drugs.. so she was affected psychologically… into a sex addict like a slut… with torn clothes… in the middle of the road… called every men who passed by.. to hu…hug her…. and she behaved Psychotic After seeing this…Imagine the pain that her parents would have endured seeing their daughter in such a state shortly after… treatment under medical condition…. shortly after she was under intensive psychological care… when she comes back into the society…. Please dont critisize her based on her past… like a psycho.. or like a slut…. akka, Dont know if this is true or a lie…. I Could take this as a film and put A film by me.. yeah okay….Use this story but mention, Its based on a true story… oh…true storyy what?…true story? what did u mean? You have reaced your location… true story..? Did that happen to you? Hey..? Did you get shocked? Its not a true story…but mention it so… only then audience will get emotional and ur movie also becomes a hit! oh shoot…! Made me cry with just a story!? hey thambi..! now what!? Pay for your ride da… money?…how much? 350! Enakey 350 ah!? you girls are sharp at this… girls arent one who gets cheated… they are the one who cheats! but the story was nice! Appreciation! Song from : Paazhum Pazhamum live long ma… vanakam, the recently released brutal rape clip potraying a young girl, who has now turned her life around by being employed in the bike service RAPIDO The fact that her parents commited suicide and she was psychologically affected, are to be noted.. The story of her reformation…is Price worthy…. SHOT ON IPHONE Xr The biggest help a man can do to any woman who is turning her life around from her traumatic incident is by not pointing out her past. No one is inferior by the law of nature…. Shot on Iphone Xr

  1. Kanna you guys have a wonderful future. Romba sandhosam. Kannamma a bold attempt. People like you are the real change makers in the society. All the best for you future projects.

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