1. All that's missing is vaush pasted over a royalty free gif of the star spangled banner with the national anthem playing in the background (with .1 second frames of the hammer and sickle blipping in every 30 seconds)

  2. Moron. Thinks weather is the same as climate.
    He’s showing exactly what Environmentalists are really about. A massive redistribution of wealth and progressive government takeover of most everything. No voting, no discussion – no time! We’ll be dead soon. We need to put the local, state and federal decision committees and policy groups in charge before we’re dead. Now hand over your money and stuff and get ready to go to your assigned environmental work camp before we all freeze to death in the dark.

    Question: if climate change was real….wouldn’t half of wall street be investing in it? Why aren’t they? Why is beach front property still highly priced and valued…when we’re told the earth will flood in 10 years?

  3. Hey thermia please cut the clip where he talks about the nazis taking over and what that would look like. Its unironically his best speech and i have to send it around

    Im unsure which stream is it but its either debating tactics meme or one of the recent youtube videos

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