Sen Warner wants to rein in social media companies

quick reader spawn – so the first question is basically can you walk through for us why your committee will provide the American public more of a narrative and a more detailed assessment of the working organization first area is that's probably going to discuss the most is the privacy area and you know Europe's already got GDP are California's got a GDP our bill there are you know members including me and others who are working on privacy legislation that's bucket number one bucket number two is some questions around identity you know I think there's increasing concern that you know if we may have to move towards identity validation that's a radical step I'm not sure I'm prepared to go there Estonia for example it's already gone there you can't get on the web without some independent identity validator and Sony because there's so much Russian interference but there may be things short of full identity validation you I think that most Americans would agree we probably have a law that says you ought to have the right to know whether you're being talked to by human being versus about know just doesn't mean you get rid of the bots but it does say now that's easy to say it's hard to implement we ought to maybe have an indication that says if Windows posting from DC but all her posts originate from Minsk or st. Petersburg maybe there ought to be some geo indicator that would make somebody say hey well maybe this is not Delinda in DC and the third thing is and this is again I'm not fully there yet but a lot of people were smarter than me in this area have gone for the question around actual identity validation you know if you had to own the hate speech that pops up on the web and you had to put your real identity there it's worthy of debate that's bucket number two bucket number three is the whole question around content it's so called section 230 exemption you know in the late 90s we basically called these companies the social media companies telephone companies and almost common carriers so they have no responsibility for the content and maybe that made sense in the 90s but you guys got to be pretty upsetting around this table I imagine when 65% of Americans get all their news from Facebook and Google and they have liability responses at all of you have to operate on other organizations besides the NRA you know I think we ought to have the ability when people say Oh Facebook and Google or free no they're not free they are giant sucking sounds of information taking about us if you're concerned about your privacy I can assure you Facebook and Google knows more about you than the FBI and the CIA so there ought to be that data we should know what data they have – give me one minute and then we ought to be able to have we got to import some of the old ideas that some of us are old enough to round the table remember what it used to be hard to move from one telco to another yeah we then had a number portability we need data portability so if you want to pick up and move all your stuff from Facebook including your cat videos you gotta be able to do that easily and finally you also have the ability to know what that data is worth the data valuation that's something that Holy Grail they don't want to give up I think we ought to have that right and then you know I increasingly worry if you look for example what Facebook is doing and I met with the Facebook leadership this week in certain areas they want to work with us certain areas went up you know we're gonna have challenges with this whole privacy pivot where you're gonna have one that could talk to a large group thousands I think I have real concerns about not just from law enforcement and the intelligence community but if you look yeah what's app is already encrypted one end to the other but if you look at how whatsapp has been used in countries like India and Brazil just spread hate speech or to you know put out fake news saying to Hindu community these bunch of Muslims out there killing cows which is then smart sectarian violence I'm afraid that they may be using this as a way to avoid responsibility so I think this is need serious look serious work now because once the cats out of the bag it's tough sorry

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