Sen. Rand Paul’s New Book, The Case Against Socialism

– Hey everybody, this is Rand Paul. My wife, Kelley, and I have
just written a new book called The Case Against Socialism. We decided after many long conversations at the kitchen table that
we had to do something, that this is one of the
most important issues that we should be spending our time on. Why? Because too many of America’s young people are falling for the false promise, the allure of a kinder, gentler,
more democratic socialism. But the promise of a better,
more fair and just world under socialism is dangerous. It’s a lie. In practice, the story of socialism is a story of evil that inevitably and inexorably leads
to poverty, starvation, and ultimately, violence. Socialism is a story of
the continued false allure and sophistry of an evil that
has killed millions of people and even today, threatens a
new generation of the naive. It’s story of an evil well-documented, and yet still somehow
enticing, even in America. How is this possible? We certainly can blame empty,
feel-good political promises, but the real culprit
is our education system and the ideas taught on college campuses, or more accurately, what’s not taught. Young people don’t learn
about the body count under Mao’s brutal
experiment in socialism. They don’t know about the
persecution of artists and free spirits and speech itself under Stalin’s equally
brutal socialist regime. Do they know that even
today, starving Venezuelans have had to resort to eating
their family’s beloved pets just to survive for another day? Well our book, The Case Against Socialism, tells those stories. We recount the history. We explain why it is that
socialism always devolves into violence and political oppression. We go through the great
Austrian economic critiques of socialist planning and explain why socialism always leads to economic chaos and starvation. So I’m asking you to read our new book, The Case Against Socialism, and I need you to help spread the word to help teach what our education system has failed to teach. Tell your neighbors. Tell your kids. Tell your grandkids. Buy copies for your kids because
the battle against the evil that is socialism is one
fight we can’t afford to lose.

  1. Hear more about Sen. Rand Paul’s new book on the Kibbe on Liberty podcast with Matt Kibbe:

  2. Get it before they burn it! There are competent rebuttals to the 'isms that threaten our freedoms. Educate yourself at the minimum and share as you are able. It's not illegal… yet.

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