Secret Protestant Churches in Donetsk: Ukraine’s Religious War

  1. I found the video, and the comments to it to be very interesting.  I wanted to raise one point for consideration that I hadn't seen brought up yet (if it has, forgive me).  Also, please forgive me if this comment is long-winded.

    In regards to the Orthodox Church, and the Orthodox Christians, you're talking about a church that was brutally suppressed for about 70+ years during Communist/Soviet rule.  It's only been about 20 years that these people have finally been free to practice their ancient religion again without fear of having their homes ransacked, being placed into forced labor camps, harassed, or shot and burried in mass graves.

    As soon as the iron curtain fell the Orthodox Church in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, ect were finally free to practice their faith without fear again, rebuild their demolished churches (and there were countless thousands), and re-evangalized all those who fell away during the persecutions out of the immense hardship they faced.

    It is against this backdrop of a heavily persecuted church finally emerging to rebuild that the Protestant missionaries seeking to bring their relatively modern and very Western/American version of Christianity to the Eastern European people enter the scene.  When you couple this with the prevailing views a lot of people in Eastern Eurpoe hold of western culture (perhaps unfairly, but then again perhaps not entirely) being one of sexual deviancy, drug use, laziness, and an all around self-centered hedonistic lifestyle, and viewing their churches as being spreaders of this type of lifestyle, you can begin to understand why so many are opposed to Protestant missionaries coming and Churches being built in their neighborhoods.

    I'm not saying that driving people out of their Protestant churches at gunpoint is right, not at all.  In-fact, to my brothers and friends in the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries, I'd say this;  Live a true and good Orthodox life.  Invite the Protestant missionaries and converts flooding your countries to your churches and the Divine Liturgy.  Show them Ancient Orthodox Christianity, and tell them of all that you and your families have suffered these past decades under the brutal oppression of the Soviets/Communists so that they know what REAL persecution is like, and not what they bemoan in their home countries (I really feel that its lost on us in Western Europe/The United States that being marginalized in society by popular media doesn't even begin to compare to what persecution is.  Especially in middle eastern countries and former Communist countries.)

    But perhaps this might help a some of us here in the Western world perhaps understand what exactly is going on and why, at least in regards to the religouse aspect of these conflicts.

    If I've mispoken or offended someone with this comment, please forgive me.  If you're religious in any way, please pray for mercy and peace in Ukraine, the middle east, and the rest of the world.

  2. It shows a total lack of understanding for anyone to believe Russia will ever give up the port it has controlled in Crimea for hundreds of years they will go to any length to maintain full control over this port that they have held for generations of the black sea fleet Navy . Anything said about the ukraine issue that fails to understand this is moot

  3. It seems its the American Evangelist branches that are being targeted, like the Babtists, JWs etc. I know for a fact the Jews, Muslims, Catholics & Orthodox churches are not being targeted at all. The synagogues in lugansk and donesk are fine.
    I think this is a good policy getting rid of evangelist american cults.

  4. America is a scape goat for everyone I guess, when something goes wrong blame America,we would gladly take the blame cause we're not cowards like you😄

  5. Hey! Look at that! Good ol' RELIGION making things worse and giving people grounds to do evil to each other!!!

    5:42 "Are you worried you could be found out/killed for gathering to read a book of old fables?"
    "No. It's part of the job…"
    Fucking madness.

  6. 8:40 I've watched over 100 of these and 1 thing stands out: The pro Putin/Stalinist insurgents and supporters nearly ALL lie with such ease, lacking in any sincerity. They often lie with veiled threats not to question further. I guess that's been bred into their make up after over a century living in, and coming from, such a totalitarian state as "Mother Russia".

  7. this how the life will be there ..biche!!!!   (cause: I am  not afanatic ) having sex in churche …I don t belive that they are christians …they are red flag slaves 
    the history beatween us …they will risk their lifes to cross the boorders to the west as it happened between east and west Germany …you have an exemple north and south Korea

  8. I am from Ukraine, city Zaporizhzhya. Truth is so – RUSSIANS ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. Russia was orthodox country but after Revolution 1917 Russians are atheists.
    Russians hate Ukrainian, European, American etc. because in these countries people can be Protestants, Catolic, Greece-Catolic or Ortodox (not Russian)

  9. Bottom line is both sides are burning each other's churches down. We'll never find out who started this. No reason to start dwelling on it.

  10. Protestantism means believing in a 6000 year old flat Earth and in the idea of being against non-Protestant Christians. Its a stupid group and it has been since the so-called Reformation.

  11. Everyone knows that, USA use their churches for political purpose, thats why a lot of protestant churches were closed due to NKO legislation. These liars are not christian, I would say even more, they paid to say such bullshit.

  12. I would never seek to persecute or harm an Orthodox Christian in the United States. Why would you do this to Protestant believers?

  13. Am I the only one think that the guy at 13:32 looks like shane smith of Vice . He seems like a younger brother to shane . No offence . Peace out

  14. I do not get , how come in Russia more or less exist and thriving Baptist , Pentecostal churches but In Donetsk such oppression against them . That it's not good at all .

  15. What are the Separatists doing? Orthodoxy and Protestantism are two sects of the same religion, they should either be united, or at least one shouldn't be persecuting the other.

  16. This is beyond disturbing. How can Putin claim to be fighting for Christian values when he is persecuting Christians? Furthermore, why on earth are the powers in Eastern Ukraine persecuting Christians at all? It makes no sense.

  17. It is very disturbing to me to see the persecution of protestants by Russian orthadox. I have attended Russian orthadox services,but actually believe that different churches have different gifts. When we learn from each other, and glorify Christmas then He is exalted and revival comes to all his people. God bless Putin and Russia for embracing Christianity, but it will be a false victory if there is not the freedom to see the gifts of the various Christian streams running together.

  18. Would these guys have believed Islam was the one true faith had the Islamic commanders conquered these lands? What if China had invaded would these guys still believe in Orthodox Christianity? Hmmmm I think not. Just goes to show doesn't it, if your lands are conquered by a foreign power, they will enforce their religion and beliefs either directly via governmental rule or indirectly via mass migration.

  19. Hah. Propoganda. Our adelaide church knows many churches in donetsk, and only some of them have been cleared. This is because they were calling other christians false and etc. On the other hand, churches are being ransacked in Kiev.

  20. The separatists should ally themselves with the protestants if they want success. Knowing Russian Baptists; they are are blessed people.

  21. Down with their wicked idols and false christ, state forced religion is always wicked and leads to perdition.

  22. Christians dig their own pit…THERE R NO SECTS IN CHRISTIANS.Anyone who follow Jesus is a christian…Blood colour of a protestant or an orthodox and all people of all faiths r same…

  23. i recently started working with a ukrainian man here in scotland , he is clearly a very proud and intelligent guy and thus i am here wondering what is ukraine? what are its political situations? etc

  24. The Protestant always attacks us. If they claim to be our brothers they can come worship in the Orthodox Church

  25. oh so going to Church every Sunday (aka actually following your faith) is being a 'fanatical' eh? How unsurprising that the 'Orthodox' fascists are so Biblically illiterate.

  26. Great more people who equate a belief in God to that of the Easter Bunny trying to explain to other people with views just as ignorant what religion is. Laughable.

    This is just more post-modern propaganda from Vice. Painting the entire orthodox church with the wide brush of the actions of some DPR fighters, who were radicalized by these same post-modernists. Its clear through one fact inherent in this carefully crafted piece: There was no mention of the Ukrainian Orthodox church, Just the Russian. Why is this? Oh, because they know the current center of Orthodox Christianity is Greece and Russia, and they are hell bent on destroying it, just as they are doing right now with Islam – which with the exception of the murderous doctrine of mohammed that has killed 270,000,000 Kafirs over the last 1400 years – is a complete and utter tragedy.

    Sure there are plenty of religions throughout all countries, and all should be allowed the freedom to practice their faith. I have yet to find an Orthodox clergy member who would not condemn actions of violence or violation of civil rights, quite the contrary. However, I am sure they are speaking with care, as they know Vice would do a hit piece. I am curious as to how they will paint Orthodoxy as a religion of death, as it doesnt have the death toll of Mohammed's Islam, but I am sure once the masses are dumb enough they will believe anything.

    To be clear, the west is currently in the process of disintegrating Islam, and once they are finished there, or perhaps even beforehand, they will come for the Orthodox believers. Ukraine is the spiritual center of Orthdox Christianity of all the Slavic nations, and by dividing it from Russia – to which it is one and the same, was only the first step in complete disintegration. The next stage? Well we are seeing that now.

    If you want to call Protestantism Christianity that is your prerogative, but as a matter of historical accuracy this is simply not true. If the protest is against the teachings of Christ that one doesnt like and NOT against those who wish to change those original teachings, then it would be hard to argue these folks as Christian. That isn't to say they have no right to worship in the way they see fit, but it would be misleading to label it as such. To put it in a way that secular folks will better grasp – If you wrote a book, and then someone else changed it to their liking, would you still be comfortable saying it was your work? I wouldn't.

    You are not getting the whole story from Vice, and it is carefully crafted with Malevolence. If you choose to live by lies go ahead, but lies are lies, and they will bear that fruit. As a fellow Orthodox Christian I would say this: If Jesus Christ is the founder and head of the church, not the patriarch of any country – including your own Prince Volodymyr like the UGCC claims. Be strong and do not let the forces of civil war lead you astray from walking in the steps of Christ, as the farther away from him you are lead, the worse your hell will become.

    Christianization by force is not Christianity, and YES, even Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Russia holds this belief. Look into history and see for yourself whether the perpetrators of this nonsense were walking in the footsteps of Christ, and recognize and forgive those – including organizations like the one that created this hitpiece who try to trip you up and lead you away from Christ.

    If you are among the faithful, please pray for the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, but do not confuse it to be the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as if you follow the footsteps of Christ, you belong to him, not the other way around. Leave that for the UGCC/Banderites in the west, As a man, I cannot judge their actions, but I can certainly point out the misinformation and historical inaccuracies – whether that is by malevolent design or by mere mistake only God can judge, I hope you will agree.

    My views are informed through my aspiration to adhere to the teachings of Christ in the biblical stories, and having family members of the Orthodox Clergy in Western Ukraine and Canada. I will die for my faith, but i certainly wont commit murder on its behalf. Looks as though that time may be well on its way. Be right with God my fellow believers, many many more of us will die for it.

    Господи, спаси и защити

  27. It would be interesting for you to record another documentary on the persecution and taken over of Orthodox churches by Uniates and schismatics in Ukraine.

    That way you would not look like biased or having double standards.

  28. Original Christianity at 1st before the Great Schism was Orthodoxy based from Byzantium in modern day Turkey which means Catholicism and Protestantism are new sects and not even close to the original religion

  29. “Oh man, look at those cavemen go”. You should study history, “orthodoxal slavs”. Jesus was not even worshiped by real slavic people. Thus , Orthodoxy is just as foreign as protestantism is! Go look it up, you should have known it from Ukrainian litrature and Ukrainian history classes. Go google what easter traditions actually mean. Kiy, Shchek, Horiv and Lybid probably didn’t even know who’s Jesus. And yeah, while we’re at it, go look up truly “your gods”. Just go google slavic pantheon and then attack other Christans when you know you’re equal back here. That is all.

  30. It's funny when 12% of Greek-Catholics wanna rule over 88% of Orthodox…And regarding Protestants or Jehovah witnesses, you can count them on fingers of one hand! I am Polish and I am Roman Catholic and I am against Ukrainian Fascism from Galicia!

  31. The west is taking everything east,the eastern people is rejecting western construct,even homosexuality they want to imposed on the east

  32. No body talks about this on tv but by God if roman catholics did anything we would be all over the news O but lets keep this off Tv

  33. I am Orthodox and seeing this is just distressing. LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. WHAT DO THEY THINK? THAT THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE ORTHODOX? Take a look at your American Orthodox bretheren, you might learn something.

  34. This is nothing new. I come from a Ukrainian family that immigrated here right after the fall of the Berlin wall. My family is Pentecostal and this is the same exact persecution that took place in the USSR. People gathered in homes in secret and if found out, were arrested and some were sent to prison in Siberian gulags never to be seen again. Yet all the while the Eastern Orthodox church was allowed to worship without any persecution. I visited my extended family in Ukraine back in 2016. Most of them are Orthodox but some have converted to the Pentecostal faith. Even there, in their own village which is in Western Ukraine, they are abandoned by their friends and family when they do this. Glad that Vice covered this.

  35. Hey all… Vice news is run by the satanic temple/illuminati. After weakening Islam by creating rift between shia and Sunnis, the next target is christinity . they r weakening Christianity by promoting hatred between protestants and orthodox. Beware!

  36. I wonder – for a russian or ukrainian speakers, does Simon talk with strong accent of some kind or is his talk very natural?

  37. Vice News: pretending to be alternative media while establishment media conglomerate Fox (a propaganda wing of US foreign policy) injects millions of dollars into it.

  38. When Simon interviewed the DPR leader on treatment of Protestants and Catholics I could tell by Simon’s face that he wasn’t buying the bullshit coming out of the DPR leader’s mouth

  39. No, it's not the role of the Orthodox Church to take up for what he calls their 'Christian breathern' . The Orthodox Church is concerned with it's own affairs and doesn't meddle in the affairs of Protestants. Plus, neither the Protestant nor the Orthodox side have ever seen each other as 'brothers'.

  40. "I am not a fanatic, I don`t go to church every Sunday" – this sentence tells you those people are not Orthodox Christians. Just the fact that they are labeling people that go to church "fanatics" tells you they have nothing to do with being a Christian. The reported is right, the orthodox should speak up and not coward! – It is easy for me to say this not being there. The fact that that "leader" have a picture of Stalin in his office tells exactly who he is – definetlly not a christian.

  41. So are there any priests. Im confused. I know my great grandfather was protestant but the only time i went to his church was for my aunts funeral….. I was shocked my family wasn't buddhist to be honest. My great grandfather was a protestant ruling class samurai? He married the right family I think? Or did he marry for love. I wonder why he left Japan in 1903

  42. Attention Protestant missionaries: Eastern Slavs have been Christians for over 1000 years. You are the ones who need to return to the Mother Church of Eastern Orthodoxy.

  43. This place clearly needs some Bible-believing Christians to come evangelize. I wonder how many Baptists there even are in The Ukraine.

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