Scorpio~YOU JUST HAD TO KNOW WHY..SO YOU ASKED!!! AND THE ANSWER...??? July 2019 Tarot Reading

what's up Scorpio so you guys are coming into a very very interesting time there's a twist coming something that will make you think and what kind of and what kind of shock you but at the same time it will definitely make you wonder how long has this been going on how long we've been doing this so if that was one word to describe this energy that one word would be irony the irony and of course to help you further understand what it is that I'm trying to tell you Scorpio I need for you to go with me on a mind trip so you work at this clock shop and you have all these different clocks of all different shapes and all different sizes now you keep this one really really really big clock at the front of the shop and a huge display window that everyone can see if they walk by so this person comes by every single day stamps out the window pulls out their pocket watch and syncs their pocket watch clock with the clock in your window then they do this every single day well I feel like that pocket watch sync the times and keep it moving one buy a pocket watch sync the time and keep moving every single day over and over now over time it starts to bother you start to make you wonder why does this person use my clock to set their time so one day person comes back since their time and you run out there to ask hey why you always use them my clocks to sync your time and a person says hey I am the big city clock operator oh the clocks you see around town and all the fancy buildings and all the digital clocks that you see around town I make sure that they are on time and I use your clock to set my watch to make sure that everything is on the right time and you look at the person like yeah that's interesting because I use all the big city clocks to set all the clocks in my store so Scorpio what does that mean well I want you to get in the comments section I'm always breaking down these mind tricks and sometimes they say some and you may interpret it a little bit differently so I want to know what is this what does this mean to you now this my trip I got when I read I read this a little while ago in a book and I thought it was really really interesting and I have my own particular take on it but I want to hear from you I want to know what is the significance what is the irony and how does this look in your life how do these type of things play out now first when I go through the traditional Tamara I always reference the mind trips to kind of help us understand so I will be kind of doing my own spin and letting you guys know how it's been interpreted and shown to me and how it will play on with your energy however I definitely I'm just curious to know how do you receive that so let's go ahead and let's see what we have at the center of the reading um don't mind me it's like um somebody throw me a box of crayons and I discovered I could paint my face so don't mind me I'm just uh oh no I feel like a kid in a candy store like I haven't been a makeup makeup type person but for whatever reason color right now was just really like inspiring me I literally had on an entirely different outfit an entirely different makeup but I was not feeling it because I felt like I wanted to have fun I just want to have fun I don't want to be serious I want to be uptight like oh like oh my god like you just did not feel right so I redid everything I mean I started rolling from complete zero like I took a whole brand-new shower did a whole brand new set of makeup put on a whole new set of clothes put on a whole new attitude got a whole new aura and now I'm ready okay so who some of y'all may need to do that same thing where you just start over like scratch I don't care about like an on my truck all the time that I just put into that first few hours of video recording getting dressed getting ready and all of that kind of stuff it's like I would rather do it over and do it from my soul then I just go through the Oh shoes okay and that's what's gonna happen a lot of golf and start doing it on yes so all right let's go let's get into this freakin man center of the arena we have oh the start and I'm not do you see how this block oh now you come on y'all go change clothes for real major arcana is matching me this is my favorite car it's arrow you got the magic touch Scorpio just go change clothes and don't they look like a big grandfather clock kind of like in our scenario okay I need you out of oh my god get in the comments section and tell me what you think of that mine trip and tell me what you think okay but this here to me it's just symbolizing that you guys are finally there's some relief coming that's a subconscious energy that has been shifted you know these things start from your subconscious first so a lot of you guys have been very very successful when it comes to shipping your consciousness a lot of you guys have shifted from the poverty consciousness to the wealth consciousness you shifted from the from the unhealthy consciousness to the health conscious all of a sudden that's why listen if I was some you just sitting there that I just want to eat an apple you're probably I had Apple in in a year I don't wanna happen I want to pair you ain't eight pairs in years I want a Kiwi I got a taste for Kiwi you ain't had a Kiwi since you was a kid and I always say you want a Kiwi you know that's how you know you switching your vibration okay a lot of y'all went from that I'm just regular I'm just average I don't have a purpose I'm not important God forgot about me to this abundance yes I am yes I can you can't tell me nothing I'm chill I'm Stacy same way tight attitude you shifted and you wanna dance in the Ryan that no one's watching alright now let's see what we get crossing it the 10 of Wands so this is some burdens this is some things that were weighing you down but some of y'all this is you hiding behind this scrub you listen to me some of y'all are hiding your stardom the person you really want to break out and be because you're trying to do it by the structure you try and do it by the book you're trying to do it the way everybody else saying that you should do it okay you want to break out you want to be free you want to do what you want but you may feel restricted way down by rules policies beliefs it's like Scorpio do you see who you are you gotta break out you gotta break free and you gotta just do it right it's kind of like you have seen those people in the shooting time in the office and they just give them just rip that shirt oh my god can't take it no more and then next thing you know they need like MMA fighter or something completely opposite of what they're doing now okay that is what the energy is you're about to do something completely opposite of what it is that you wanna do because for some of y'all you know your start and it's time for you to break out and just be the star okay for example I got to tell you before I started doing these readings today I had on a completely different outfit I felt so stiff I felt so restricted okay and then it's just like ah I don't care like I'm doing my makeup and I'm like this the way I do my makeup like this is crazy this is but guess what I felt that in my soul like I don't care what nobody say I won't my makeup to be crazy-looking whatever whatever and some of y'all from your soul your soul is like I'm gonna be myself I'm gonna be crazy I'm gonna be quick I'm gonna be cooking on me whatever and you holdin back because tuning rules you need to break the rules break the rules break the rules break up nobody nobody can't say you have it in you okay let's see what's gonna deep root of things the three of Pentacles working getting money second bread collaborating trying to see what somebody nobody but y'all don't look good you know trying to put stuff together in a way when you can involve other people okay we want to work together it's teamwork okay team-building exercises getting to know each other just her icebreaker so for some of you guys you may be having a meet in for the first time we're like a creative group let's say oh you're getting together music for accent group or or you mean it with a creative team to do some type of project or something money related y'all coming together because you haven't a meeting with your lawyer and y'all gonna be talking about the the bylaws or whatever it is you creating because you want to get the LLC but whatever the case is y'all coming together and y'all making something work but it's three or more of y'all okay y'all have a collaborative team coming together for like minded idea okay and the way they start card setup it may be around creative endeavors like we come in together them because there's gonna be your producer this gonna be your your stylist it's gonna be your your hair person and you're the the artist okay you got the role this is your acting coach this is your this this is your neck you know it involves more than one person centered around someone very very important VIP okay let's see what's in the UM and whoa come on now Scorpio jumping out at me the magician y'all been mixing and mastering and remix it in and I keep getting the music thing remix in remastering okay but some of you are this is editing you're making something and and I just got smoking mirrors to lap smoke amir so the smoke and mirrors part imaging branding okay you're making stuff look good for this person or you are this person and every and the things that you're orchestrating around you the people you're putting around you are helping to create this illusion this disguise but it's not a good way okay kind of like if you were an artist and you were getting your image created and this is how you act when you get out there or your acting coach this is what we need you to do when you get on a stick stuff like that okay but this is the way these two major arcanas is set up it's like some of y'all finna manifest that public recognition you've been trying to get somebody off and hit that huge platform but this is all stuff that you have all been creating or you are a producer or artist so you manager and you're looking at someone who has the ability to do what you have in mind okay to do what you're orchestrating ask the magician okay I just also heard this might be a tough cookie to crack who whatever that means to you this person might be a tough cookie to crack well you yourself might be already like a diva or something let's see what's going on in his face though the king of swords this would be some type of agent some of you guys got an agent or some of you guys are looking for an agent or are you thinking about that would be your best bet it's part of your plan of getting on or giving in or getting through to whatever industry you're trying to get in you're like yo maybe your agent okay this person is professional but some of y'all like I said this is a lawyer someone who knows bylaws this is like oh my gosh a lawyer attorneys type energy police energy militant energy and Counting energy that kind of stuff because that's what you would need when you become star you see how these colors are matching together okay this this this person here is very authoritative though very strict very by-the-book lights and laws bylaws knowing your rights and all that kind of stuff okay let me see why this person is here why is this person in your mind maybe this gets some of y'all be a lover let's see why this person is here Oh yep see some that it can be a lover this is the two of summer to a cups so me so some of y'all have a soulmate on your mind or a twin flame and this sense falling in love or making a serious commitment with someone forgiveness and the resolution of a problem don't give up your relationship can be healed I don't know who that's for but somebody you're thinking about you your mate or your ex or someone but this is just saying that it looks like that relationship can be healed but that's what you're thinking about so a lot of y'all got that summer romance thing going on in your head you feel like probably would be nice if you have to share this success with or you think that this person who was your equal to of you know summer your balance your person that share that cup you think that they would bring some type of equality calmness lovingness to your new situation or the situation moving into when you manifest these desires but let us see let me dig into this one more time I mean let me give it to that one more time can you tell us why and what's going on with this king of Soros this person that's Aquarius leave your gym and I energy by the way why is this person here what's going on just love and trust all cuz they went quite well look at them jumping away they just went away huh then wind goes because this person may be quiet or y'all mass separated okay you may have separated from your love maybe you're trying to manifest this person back oh wow maybe you're trying to manifest this person back by becoming popular or becoming some type of public figure and voting they should be coming sweeping on back in so yeah a lot of you guys your plan is through the pain through the burdens of like past relationships and people that you want to come back you manifested through not call them and come back to me but it's just like no I'm gonna become the greatest most ultimate version of myself and hopefully that will bring back this love and even though this person is quiet right now and does say that this could be healed okay now that's the summary of you in an abusive relationship I always recommend to leave always okay oh wait ever hear a change here no I'm just numb nope but if you when goes from this person or this person what goes from you it looks like there could possibly be some reconciliation but this person is on your mind or vice versa you're on their – well y'all own each other mine let's see what's not going on in the near future two swords so it looks like we're not gonna be saying anything right now internet within the near future this hermit mode what this person is gonna be quiet also with that um like I said something about some diva mode or something that may put you in a gridlock situation with contracts moving forward with approvals with any of that kind of stuff okay or you may something your stuff that makes you start hold up pump the brakes let me get this straight and we're gonna get this no order before I move forward okay but it's not to say that anything will be taken back or retracted cuz remember where it is to a source but it's not going backwards it's just saying moving forward as quickly as we wanted to so let's see why that's here let's see can you please tell us why this is here but over oh my god I got a good energy from y'all 700m okay see we're talking about waiting we're talking about being patient okay you've already put the investment in you've already put in the work you've already done what it is that you're supposed to do and at some point you have to fall back and let the supernatural take over you have to fall back and wait on the return on the investment okay but it says here that you're gonna have patience and don't worry time to rest and plan the next steps and it's a prudent investment of time or money so whatever it was that you invested in whether it was investing is self invested into your career invested into this you know public figure nests that you wanted to be it looks like that investment is telling you to have patience okay – its stagnant right now it's tough for a reason that's stuck but it's not moving for for a reason sometimes when you have these moments where you're in the waiting period or the resting period it is for your own good like I said with this here something may make you say pump your brakes but this thing here says have patience and they say pump your brakes and you ain't never name nothing never gonna ever move forward again not sense have patience that means we blew again calm cool collected We Trust it we have my faith that everything's gonna work out I am who I said I am I am the directory the creator and the master of my future I know what my future my destiny holds and even if my if it ain't here right now I knows it's coming okay so let us see what's in your fear space cuz you know I'm supposed to be having no tears oh yeah so we're figuring okay so right now while I'm waiting on this investment whether it's an investment of love the friendship investment in whatever work or grind I'm putting in what if it goes from the two as I'm waiting being patient giving it all that that having my face woo-woo-woo okay and then it turn out like this I know that something I'm saying like well what if I did all that already and I went from a tooth to the heartbreak you got to keep remembering who you are I tried him before it didn't work out you gotta remember who you are how many how many wands is on this person back ten to me that represent the number of times that they tried and failed and tried and failed and try to fill them you know I mean some of y'all wrote one song it didn't pop off oh well some of y'all audition one time didn't get the role oh well some of y'all into the competition you lost the first time oh well you tried out you didn't make it first time oh well they have fifty tryouts and yet or maybe they have once a year but fifty years ago in buying every year after the first one you never win oh well you know but in my spirit I feel this time but this time you know forget all them other times this time you see they'll say it's gonna be something different it's different we had a whole nother vibration y'all especially if you already living in that 5d if you got that duality going on what you probably do cuz we got these two tools pop songwriting you better look out for that – two – that's just synchronize to me that's your sign now let's see what you look well I'm trying to okay oh I was gonna say when you look like and here you come popping out looking like that the Queen of Sheba beautiful like you're moving for this is the chariot major arcana we've kicked it off with the star card because you have been the magician so it's only natural that when you manifest this wonderful person is hired my Brading person in your head you're going to be the star but you got to look good as to start to again I'm feeling this is that whole individual interview like you're an individual you're stepping out you're being different at all cost it may cost you some friends it may cost you you know a few looks of disapproval it may cost you you know some so a little bit of heartbreak this is again what you fear you know you may have to lose some friends to be yourself I keep getting this coming out the closet energy you want to come and be you want to be like this you want to be fabulous you want to be a diva you know but something you guys you may get in a room and you get real quiet but you know you're a fabulous and you have so much to say you have so much to contribute but you don't want to look foolish you don't want to have people mad at you for being so fabulous and so wonderful but let me tell you something Scorpio when you're the magician when you ride in on the chariot and you know you're a star you can't help it you can't help it what you gonna do go hear me move you did that already and they still talked about you why he wasn't there so anyway let us see what is going on in your hopes there it is that three so we're talking about the three of cups which is celebration reunion is something to celebrate there's something to celebrate pop the champagne let's come together let's celebrate we worked hard in this three energy we did what we have to do we got that plan together we stuck it out we collapsed we came together as a team as a squad and boom what we want is the celebration bring me the trophy go set up on the stage of internationai and the winner is Scorpio and all y'all clapping then we put in our work my moves in the lab remember we was in a gym this is what we want the celebration we want to get over that hard part and make it to the other sad where we swim it where we have fun okay let's see what's gonna happen at the end of all of this this whole transits who the nine of nine swords so not only do we have that stuck energy of the dinosaurs but we have that energy of anxiety as well so a lot of y'all are in this energy but this is why this card has to come out because when you're waiting for things to manifest okay when you're on the edge of your seat because you got a nudge in your stomach like oh my god something is about to happen I know what I'm feeling I sense it like smell it in the air you know something's about to happen so if you can wake up anxious you can even stop moving like this may even be a warning like some of y'all just like freeze Jack don't do nothing don't move at all you don't even want to do nothing cuz you don't you don't know what's gonna happen right but this is why we pulled this cuz let me remind you you're gonna have patience they say don't worry take time to rest and plan your next steps you see that person sitting up in the bed at night with all those worries and problems and issues that's not even touching them that's not a person who is not worrying okay this says take time to rest do it look like that person is resting no day up at night worried they had a big day over thinking they over analyzing the options they over analyze all of the different ways that this could turn turn out that's negative that will hurt them and this is telling you man be patient my child have faith then dear Scorpio remember it who you are let us see I want to know why or I want to know this Niner source what energy the spirit have to offer you here oh I feel so good like if this is good the star just in case you didn't see that would the spirit want to tell you I want to reconfirm some things to you that I already told you a long time ago I already told you at the start I told you who you were okay you go insist I gave me dreams and your visions and I gave you the power to manifest those dreams those visions those insights that I gave you onto this physical plane and shine like the star I told you you are I told you this before you even came to the earth now your act like you forgot because I put a human body suit on you are threw you in a human body suit now you forgot No hey over there tears go do you have patience you cannot wait you're gonna know thyself you're gonna know that you are who you always thought you were listen look to the future with hope and optimism to do this person look like they look into the future with hope and optimism know they look worried they look like they doubting fearful they don't have the faith but hope and optimism the power of faith to move mountains happy changes that bring relief from challenging times scorpio take a deep breath then take a deep breath out it's time for you to break out same car different day double confirmation spirit is speaking it's time to you to break out do what you feel in your spirit is right for you do what you feel your higher-self would want you to do okay so that's what I get for you Scorpio thank you guys so much for all your likes your subscribers your shares I appreciate you guys so much if you need a personal reading hit me up water star mines at please make sure you guys look in the description box to see how you should list your questions and just give me a brief description if it's necessary okay and for those of you who are new here please go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you like what you saw or heard today I am more than happy to have you as one of my subscribers alright so thank you guys so much once again and I see in your next video


  2. Poppin. release , don't hold back. rules are made to be broken. I have been talking about my Acting career with a friend on a cruise last week. this is me. it's time.

  3. Mindtrip…. having more of and influence thn i ever thought or believed. That my judgement is trusted.

  4. Everybody sets their clock by us. What's Scorpio doing…. They watch and they act like their not. But it's our path that's the Real real.

  5. You look like a gypsy ❀❀❀❀❀
    Im ready to change my hair too.. similar to your make up colors and colors.
    Im not sure yet what it means that mind trip means. I was eating kiwi.. but im pregnant.
    I'm ready to give up on this relationship of 11 years… πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  6. to me the clock represents ones life , what we set ripples out there and comes back to us. (and I noticed your make up …. I thought it is well suited to you, and your great personality !! I love it)

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    (i think i need to save this video because of the powerful reading..something i want to watch ifever i feel down.. This will remind me of what im capable of and whom I supposed to be – THE STAR🌟)

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