#Scorpio Obsessed with a Soulmate | July Love 2019

hi Scorpio this is Kelly from Moonpie Tarot this is your love reading for July 2018 for Scorpios sun moon rising or Venus some of the messages may or may not resonate take what works leave the rest all right so if you guys would like to get a personal reading from me the description box below has every single link you can join me in my daily lives to to get readings from me also for those of you who have Android phones instant go is now available for Android hooray so if you guys have Android and you have been dying to reach out to me which I know some of you have but have not been able to you can now do so through the Google Play Store just download the app it's free and contact me the links to my instant go account are in the description box below okay alright so let's take a look and see this is a love reading and as you know love can be romantic love it can be family friends anything where that has an emotional effect on you okay I've already pulled the cards and I only did that for pixel reasons I'm not going to try to explain alright so let's take a look and see what the love angel romance angels message is for you Scorpio for July before we start okay calling in your soulmate your prayers affirmations and visualizations help bring you together that's very beautiful so there's an energy here of staying focused on somebody who is your soulmate whether you know them or not keep calling that person keep reaching out to keep praying keep saying affirmations keep visualizing the two of you together this is what will bring you both together okay so let's get started with your reading past position is the four Pentacles so there wasn't you know what there was an energy here I don't know who it was I just can tell you the energy the plate out there was a blocking type of an energy in the past and so when we say the past it could be a month it could be two months three months years however long doesn't matter you know your date okay so somebody and this is earth energy somebody could have put up blocks or deflected or presented with this energy of can't get in you can't get in okay anything you say I'm rubber you're glue what you say bounces off me and goes back to you that kind of energy I'm such a three-year-old so or maybe six-year-old so there was an energy here uh somebody didn't want to open up or somebody close the door so many blocked there's also a little bit of possessive energy here in the past could be greed sometimes it really just depends but yes I do feel like that was playing out in the past I'm just hearing blocking I'm hearing can't get in I'm hearing what you see is only what I choose to show and I'm not showing anything else I'm not going any deeper I'm not revealing excuse me anything else okay I I'm putting on I'm showing you I'm putting on it could be a false mask or I'm I'm just I'm presenting this is my presentation this is all you get to see okay yeah that's lovely energy currently five five of Pentacles okay so we go from the 4 to the 5 somebody feels lost somebody feels like they're alone and somebody feels that way while with somebody else okay there's an energy here of two people either still together or disconnected but if still together still struggling within the connection okay although the beautiful thing about this card is that even though there is struggle both have each other through the struggle so it's very strange it's a very strange thing it's almost as if sometimes this can be the card of poverty and so when we're doing a love reading I feel more so it's like poverty in the relationship a struggle in the relationship there's a lack of a lack of cup energy here a lack of emotions a lack of passion it's a bit cold yet still taking this path together still walking side by side still being with it's almost as if the struggle is circumstantial and there isn't anything that can really be done about it it could be financial struggle as well but still no one's going through the struggle alone there's still some type of connection within it okay however the seven of Wands here is that well it's positive because there is an energy here of still fighting and still defending this connection even though it's a bit cold to some degree but there's also an energy here of defensiveness okay I just pick up with all this there's defensiveness there's blocking energy there's possessiveness there's no one is showing their hand yet still defending this connection and I don't know why it's probably because it is a soulmate connection which means that there of course are going to be struggles it's almost as if it's a test of faith to be together that even through the struggle even through the hard times even through one person not getting what they want or vice versa still defending this connection because there's something else going on it's an energy of well it's an energy of well-being basically I don't care I don't want this to be over as what I'm hearing regardless of the struggle there could be testing that's happening here testing to see somebody could be testing to see if the other person is willing to go along for the ride through the struggle is willing to testing to see if somebody will defend this even though it's at its worst even though it doesn't really feel good a lot of the time because there's maybe a lack of communication at times you know but something divine is causing this connection to keep going okay now what's driving the reading is a desire to actually take a risk here write the full card start a new journey I feel like somebody is wanting to take a new path start over it's almost as if I'm I mean I'm hearing like um the test is complete the test is over somebody has passed the test and now is ready to start this new journey this new love journey with someone else is ready to take that risk take that leap make that jump sometimes the fool while always the fool can represent travel a new journey okay the zero as we talked about my terror classes this is um it's just an energy of being so wide open being willing to leap without having any idea where this path is going to lead no idea what is below that cliff once that jump is taken and there are some warnings that are being given as well and these could be warnings based out of fear a little dog you know yelps wait wait wait be careful be careful that could be that little envoy little voice inside someone's head saying you never know like this could be hurtful but this could be this card is about risk but this card is about calculated risk you know the fool knows that in order to get where he needs to go he has to take a risk and he can plan that risk but if this is all about the leap this is all about being up in that airplane and not overthinking it and just jumping just going I'm gonna clarify that because it is Major Arcana card somebody's tired of waiting it's been waiting waiting waiting waiting and is ready to take the risk is ready to make the leap somebody has been waiting for communication somebody's been waiting to hear to have all that they've invested come back to them but it really is taking too long or it hasn't and someone has made the decision to just say screw it I'm going for it I'm just gonna go and get what I want I'm not gonna sit here and wait anymore all right I've put that energy out there I've kept I've been putting it out putting it out putting it out now waiting anymore now I'm gonna go get what I want or I'm gonna go so somebody is willing to take a risk and see what happens here now what's crowning we have more another three card three and three so this is all a lot to do about communicating somebody's in the synergy of case show me what to do I'll do whatever it takes show me teach me learn me somebody may be thinking about speaking with their parents about this together connection how do I do this is getting some advice that could have something to do with this calculated risk you know planning I always have the blueprint these two people always look like they're they've got the blueprint and they're teaching someone how to you know do something this is all about performance so somebody here in their head thinking to themselves you know how do I do this the best possible way I teach me could be communicating that with another person you know or somebody communicating it with some the lover right so somebody's willing here I feel like a test has been passed with flying colors it's worth defending now and the energy is playing out where let's do it now moving forward there is the five of swords I'm sorry the five of cups energy which represents grief abandoned loss okay but this is not negative for me as it plays out with the rest of the reading I feel it's an energy of letting go of the past okay somebody's letting go of their old past relationships breakups they're grieving them finally okay there are two cups here so there's there's there's an energy with a particular person that's waiting where it's divided friendship partnership to people who are meet have a an energy of the meaning of the minds energy where they both see eye-to-eye they're equal in their exchange they're equal in their emotional exchange between each other it's a very they've negotiate very well and this person here whomever it is is it could be you it could be them they're aware of this they know this and somebody's letting go of maybe past lovers our past relationships or past heartbreaks still a little bit in the grieving process because I really feel like this risk is profound because it's life-changing and somebody may be moving okay but it's life changing which means they're letting go of all of their old somebodies letting go of all their old beliefs they're letting go family members to be with perhaps you or it's you to do this with them it's one or the other I'm almost I'm hearing just give me some time I know that we are right for one another here are our two matching cups give me some time to just grieve a little bit here as I'm releasing and letting go of the past and letting go of things that no longer serve me okay so in the position of you the queen of Wands is here so very intuitive energy okay divine feminine energy glowing warm positive confident true to herself okay if you're a male it's the same exact description but you being more in your feminine energy a bit more passive the queen of Wands is not as aggressive as the king of Wands okay for some of you if you're a male it's letting go of this person very popular showy at times okay and that could be in the position of your advice to let go of this person I feel like it has to do with someone from the past now it doesn't have to be a fire sign Leo Sagittarius Aries it can be but it does represent someone with that energy okay what's external and whomever this reading is for is the queen of sorts so this person represents the queen of communication she's a communicator and she's also open and receptive to receiving communication as well okay she likes to work things out she likes to howl resolved she likes to figure things out she likes to solve things she likes to work on things she's not overly emotional not at all she's more logical in her thinking and I'm gonna pull to clarifiers for both of these queens okay so some of you could be dealing with you know another female some of you I'm hearing just as a side thing that fix grief and try to repair the situation with your sister that's what I'm hearing and your mother okay that was just a little something that came through queen of Wands place pretty wide screen once okay yeah trust your intuition about this queen of Wands okay you really need to whatever your intuition is telling you whatever other people have told you trust that okay go in go within get the answer from within this is the situation with this queen of Wands a stalemate it's not really gonna go anywhere hasn't it's hard to make a decision about this person but your intuition is telling you about them male or female okay fiery energy now the Queen of sorts what is the energy for the queen of swords okay native source this screen of swords does not take any alright queen of swords energy can be Libra Gemini Aquarius it doesn't have to be that person just with the energy Gemini mercury ruled is all about messengers and communication so we have double swords here this person basically is you know I wouldn't say she's confrontational she doesn't attack but when she is attacked she does find a way to work things out to solve the problems to overcome obstacles and I feel like you – maybe you Butthead sometimes or there's some type of issue where there's a little back and forth this queen doesn't you know she tends to have I mean okay this could be male or female energy doesn't matter but this clean of sorts you know she kind of sits back and as she sits on her chair she's not up on this night riding this horse and tacking everything and everyone she's just she's basically her energy it's like okay bring it bring it come at me bro and she's just kind of like we'll talk we'll talk it's not a problem I can solve this you know we'll communicate and she's just basically like that with people I like her energy I really do because she surely just doesn't care I feel like the queen of Wands the the fiery energies a little bit more she's very intuitive but if if she were in the reverse she would be a bit more egotistical but I do feel like she's just so passionate fire everything she does like she she just runs she goes headfirst you know what I mean she does follow her heart but she doesn't really she's not logical about things like all the time whereas the queen of swords is that way all of the time and she's willing to solve solve things she's willing to work something out so if you have a connection with this Queen of sorts just know that she wants to communicate she wants to solve a problem or fix something all right so the position of your hopes and fears the Emperor's here there's some of you hoping to fix a situation with a father figure or at Ares mill try to maybe even be more like this person where the emperor this is a male or maybe you're attached to an Aries I feel like some of you want this you're hoping for this Emperor to come through as an emperor to be structured and stable that might might not be the case down here but again a fear that this person will not be in your life or fear that this person won't follow through again its hopes and fears okay and in the case of it being like a father figure hoping hoping that he will give good direction as well but not sure worried about fearing a little bit this ever doesn't have to be in Aries it's just someone who's um you know he represents all of the kings so it could be a water sign he could be it could be earth sign air sign fire it could be any sign okay it just comes across as structured and a bit commanding okay this queen of Wands energy I just keep going back to this I feel like I feel like this queen of one this queen of Wands has like a particular conviction and maybe you don't agree with this okay and I feel like you're going within to try to find your own voice you know and not to take the voice of this queen of Wands it's just a strange message the outcome is beautiful the Wheel of Fortune is here okay everything is going to shift and turn in your favor whatever it is for you and another person it's going to be a very fortunate time for both of you alright let's take a look and pull another clarifying card for this okay all this stressful energy here this anxiety or the stress that two people have been dealing with it's over okay now it moves into and onto bigger and better things in this connection there's an energy here of Oh calling in the soulmate this person whoever whoever the soulmate person is it's your for both of you you are each other's lucky charm that's how I feel it's a lucky charm okay whatever the stress the dark night of the soul the energy that needed to play out has played out it has completed I feel that it is finished and I feel there's movement now okay there's movement your soulmate is hearing you even from afar okay whether you're in communication or not they're receiving your messages they're getting those downloads they know there's an there's an energy they know they know now they know and they stressed about that for a while and so did you and I feel that there's I just feel it's the wheel is beginning to turn now in your favor in both favors whether this is a your soulmate please remember can it doesn't have to be a romantic soulmate you soulmate convert can bring a friend a friendship or it could be a family member or someone who is we have many soul mates I know if you sit here and listen you'll count maybe maybe you've got like 20 but whoever this reading is specific for right now this is what's going on with that soul me okay one more card and then I'm gonna end your reading I'll pull from the lovers Oracle angel messages to see what your messages are hear me spirit give me a message here for Scorpio passion a magnetic and I'm sorry see if you can see it it says a magnetic and seductive quality surrounds you I present enjoy it it's a very beautiful connection passionate about each other this is more on this is for the lovers okay not for your sister or your brother remember it is alright Scorpio that's here reading for the month of July again check the description box below if you'd like a personal reading and do find me on the Android Google Play Store as it's now available for instant go where you can reach me there to get readings now alright take care bye

  1. You're spot on… just electronically called it quits… words are imp and I dont allow ppl to play with my emotions, play with my intelligence or think I'm gonna wait for them to "situate" shit… I dont wait, I walk.

  2. I'm a Capricorn my ex is a Scorpio he the one who ghosted cheated lied I financially supported him for 6 years he broke my heart

  3. He mad. How when I was the one upset. Gave a taste own medicine. No communication for a day. Took my positive energy to my dad who's ill. He to upset to talk now. I'll handle it as usual. Need some balance. I have called him and I have manifested I have waited I have put more energy money time love tell dial it's either or for me. But I love him so much and I know he loves me because he's mad as hell right now. But as I tried to leave you for a couple of times something just won't let this connection in not even for a day. He going to have to get over it and I work it out he'll be all right soulmate connection here Virgo Scorpio. I'm thinking we're being tested hurry Moon get out of here. Thank you

  4. You are unfortunately 200% accurate about this reading from beginning to end. Hopefully, this journey will take our travelers to where they both want to be with each other and take advantage of that … passion. We're soul mates and divine intervention at play.

  5. Libra sun scorpio moon Taurus rising man .. Honestly I wish she would stop waiting and step into the light and at least say hello or something ๐Ÿ˜’

  6. My Leo sister is screwing around with my cancer ex and father of my son's! They can both go to hell! Gonna take many years to heal this wound.๐Ÿ˜  She recently messaged me on an alt FB acc I told her I didn't care and not to send my regards to my ex, she blocked me and so did he! Meh, pair of losers are good for each other, I'm happier without their scum floating in my life! She's was a cancer to me my entire life and finally I am free, she put me down my whole life and was jealous of everything I had an copied me or tried to take it, she is nothing like me. Not keen on this read, I have no fear here! Much love ๐Ÿ’ž

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