all right Scorpio let's take a look what's going on with your energy for this week welcome to your weekly general of reading for the week of June 24th through 30th of 2019 for those of you that are new to my channel welcome my name is Marella and for the rest of you that have been with me forever welcome back it is always a pleasure this reading is good for Sun Moon rising as well as a Venus in Scorpio and that's always important to note also for those of you that are looking for a private session with me all the information that you could possibly need or want will be in the description box below this video Scorpio if you're currently single like a Pringle and ready to mingle check out my singles mini weekly series because those energies and messages may better resonate with whatever is going on with you currently in terms of energy however if in fact you are dealing with somebody specific whether you're together physically or not but you and each other's energy this actually may be the reading that you resonate better way speaking of resonating for my newbies for people who are new to energy work Tarot general versus private readings my channel this whole thing entirely please keep in mind that these are general collective readings that here I as a reader tend to connect with different groups of you and not just one specific case scenario or situation because it's it's not a private reading and due to its nature that's how it usually is it is very rare that I will connect with one straightforward like energy that is just about one specific situation in a general reading because of that even during the weeks that I connect with you very strongly keep in mind that not everything will be for you or about you do again to the nature of the reading okay due to the fact that its collective um these will not resonate with everyone they're not meant to do to the things that I just talked about and things that I did not talk about that I am going to talk about these are only meant to resonate with those of you that are that need to hear the message the most and that's not going to be everyone or the same group of you for from we two week okay do keep in mind that there's only one of me and millions of you out there and it is impossible humanly impossible for me to connect with absolutely every scorpio out there in less than 15 to 25 minutes on weekly basis in a general reading okay so please keep that in mind also for those of you that I do not connect to it either it's not you're reading I'm not connecting with your energy and that's all there is to it I don't get to decide who I connect with and neither do you whatever comes out I go by it and that sometimes is about you and other times it's not and that's all there is to it and that's how the cookie crumbles and for others of you it may be one of those situations where it actually is your reading but you do not recognize it as such at the time when you watch it what do I mean by that I mean that the energy is fluid not all of us or all of you should I say we'll be dealing with the energy at the same time in the same way so for some of you you may come in and and know exactly what this is because it already unfolded for others of you you you know we'll be dealing with this energy in the week that this reading was was intent attended intended for I can't speak I swear to God or for others of you it may even happen a couple of weeks or a couple of days or whatever after that after the week that this reading was intended for okay so you know it kind of depends where you're at feel free to check out any other awesome YouTube tarot readers that we have in this community that lately has has grown and became really huge there are many people that put in a lot of work effort dedication into their readings energy into their readings that I have a lot of respect for check them out somebody should be able to connect with you during the weeks that I don't and then you're more than welcome to reconnect with me later on you guys already know what the deal is especially those of you that have been with me forever but for my newbies needless to say I need to cover some things okay you'd be surprised um all right so let's go ahead and take a look at okay look at your energy you guys this week what I'm getting is that for some of you you want to reach out to someone but you don't know where their ads could be somebody or something that you did not take seriously or did not take you seriously this person I feel like either has another another option someone that they're dealing with from their past currently or they want to deal with you but they were waiting waiting waiting waiting and you were not offering something solid and they moved on I'm getting that type of an energy from this reading in all honesty and it could be that both of you are kind of defensive currently and focusing on yourselves but let's go ahead and start the reading and we'll get more into it as I go along okay so Scorpio how do you see this person currently seven of cups and future ones it could be that they're just having fun currently maybe they're focused on their career creativity with the page of Ron's it's like you know they're they're doing their own thing there's a lot of confusion either they have multiple options and they're not taking anyone seriously or you know you're not it could be that you see them as one of the options and somebody to have fun with or you things are up in the air when it comes to reaching out and actually doing something about this situation and it could be that they're confused they don't know where they stand or you don't know where you stand with them major ones definitely like could be very playful but it could be also about reaching out and doing something about this situation are there and how do they see you well Scorpio they see you as the fool and knight of Pentacles what does that mean that means that they see you as somebody who is focused on a brand new beginning either with them or without them and that you're kind of very slow when it comes to making an offer or coming towards them okay in terms of something solid anyway okay some of you may be dealing with Aries Sagittarius Leo Taurus Virgo Capricorn what else am I seeing querías Gemini Libra another water sign so another Scorpio Pisces cancer okay so they see you as somebody who is focused on themselves possibly a new beginning whether that's with with them or without them like I said but like very slow moving energy with the knight of Pentacles here like dragging their feet or being completely stationary in terms of energy so and that's how they see you okay on your side how do you feel about this person seven of swords ace of Pentacles either you feel like this person lied to you and they were really sneaky about investing in a new beginning with you in when it comes to something solid or you snuck off somebody definitely self-sabotage on you beginning the had potential here okay and for some of you this was definitely you Scorpio why because the person that you're dealing with is like how they feel about you king of Pentacles and 3 of Wands so they're waiting for some kind of investment they see was having a new solid beginning but that you're dragging your feet in terms of energy it could be seeing you as somebody who they had a potential to have a new beginning with so if you're mad dealing with a woman she obviously is waiting for you to go from the night energy to the king energy and offer her something solid okay for my scorpio men that's kind of the energy that i'm getting also in your come I'm getting that the man in here possibly did not take the woman seriously was kind of sneaky possibly sabotage the situation and hurt his feelings this person's feelings in the process now could you be as a scorpio woman dealing with someone who did this to you huh yeah hundred percent okay could you have done this to someone yeah as a scorpio woman you could have done that as well some of you are dealing with Taurus Virgo Capricorn some of you this person may be having somebody from their past is coming back who's a Taurus Virgo Capricorn okay who's trying to talk to them but what do you want from this person well now currently if you're feeling left out in the cold neglected what you want is solid ground investment you know whether moving in together engagement stepping up the plate you want to express how you feel or you want them to okay what do they want from you will score view they want communication because they miss you there's memories there between both of you I don't know if you knew this person from childhood or if you guys have kids together but there's definitely memories there and past that is somehow relevant and either ones they want moving forward they want you to reach out to them and talk to them okay some of you may have snuck off to focus on work on business on money when it came to this person but I feel like for some of you're trying to figure out a strategy on how to have the ace of Pentacles with this person you may not be telling them that it could be kind of like on the down-low not really telling them how you really feel but for some of you you're this seven of swords could be you being sneaky when it comes to creating a plan and how to have this all at you beginning with this person but I feel like for some of you somebody definitely self-sabotage the situation and it could have been a solid opportunity here with the ace of Pentacles I'm talking about solid opportunities something that actually takes work and effort okay some of you there was plain and simple lies deceit sneaky behavior either from you or from this person okay you guys know the type of a tarot reader I am I don't sugarcoat anything even if it is for my own benefit even if my life depended on it I'm just not one of those readers so what I see is what I'm gonna tell you and again energy in a general reading could be something you're doing to someone or have done to someone or something that they're doing to you and as much as I do my best to kind of separate the energies you could fall on any side of the fence when it comes to this because it is a general reading and there's too many of you out there so somebody definitely cheated themselves out of an opportunity that was solid that's all I'm gonna say there whether that was you or this person but for some of you this person feels like you were very slow very dragging your feet in terms of investment and for some of you maybe you're expressing your love to this person and they see you as a new beginning and they finally see that you especially for my Scorpio man you with a woman that you finally got some sense and when it comes to whatever this is in terms of offering something solid but for others of you this person sees you as somebody who is completely on a new path very slow very slow in terms of commitment or doing anything about this situation and they're waiting for you to do something and they have been waiting for a very long time okay and it could be that eventually they turned around and focused on something else and whatever is in front of them on their future because they feel like maybe you're completely on a new path and you're not making the offer you're not doing anything about it okay for my Scorpio men between both of you seven ones and the magician so what do we are kind of defensive both of you are feeling like the other person is being kind of crafty yeah either that or somebody refused dealing with the trickster whichever way it is I feel like both of you are being defensive standing up for yourself and focusing on self-improvement south growth manifestation alchemy you're kind of all about yourself for the time being or somebody refused to manifest something even if they had all the tools and everything necessary in order to make it happen yeah I feel like somebody sabotage something in a huge way something that actually had potential and future and it could be that now somebody's regretful yeah okay so let's take a look at what's in your outcome here queen of swords where is Gemini Libra for some of you for others of you either you cut someone out or somebody cut you out okay queen of Pentacles somebody could have deal be dealing with multiple women or a woman in here needs some kind of solid offer something solid and you know is is needing some type of a decision but it could be that the man decided to take a break not do anything here see the man de I see Scorpio cancer and he broke someone's heart and it could be that's why the person got cut off or somebody had multiple options and now they're currently not doing anything about it or taking a complete break and because of that somebody ended up with a broken heart okay yeah it's like somebody wants stability in here and they had a potential of doing that manifesting that but somehow either they were dealing with multiple options or they were not invested or they were dragging their feet and somebody got tired and decided to check out even if there's a strong bond here even if this person wants you to talk to them okay or they want to talk to you that's kind of what I'm getting on your side how do you feel about the person that you're dealing with romantic feelings your feelings are real and worth exploring and getting to know each other as you reveal your innermost self to each other your bond even so this is this is somebody definitely who is new who you have romantic feelings for on their side for yourself it's time to disconnect from the it's time to take back the control of your life and you deserve love you're lovable yeah this person feels like either you're stuck on something where you need to free yourself because you're deserving of love or they're trying to release themselves from a situation where they're stuck where there's no movement and they feel like they deserve more so if you have been keeping them for instance in a state of limbo this person feels like they deserve more and they you know are setting themselves free kind of depends where you're at then you have swords what is this three of swords about what is this three of swords about the outcome Emperor okay some of you may have been dealing with an Aries the High Priestess yeah somebody could be taking a step back step back not engaging with you things being kind of in a limbo the woman could have been dealing with an Aries man who hurt her there was a third party situation for some of you involving an Aries but I feel the man in here hurt the woman and she's kind of pulling back and paying attention to her intuition and her intuition could be telling her to not do anything about it for the time being some of you are dealing with business owners somebody who is very much in control of their life this person could be an empath a psychic a tarot reader somebody who's very in tune with energy you could also be dealing with the woman who cuts you off was kind of focused on business money work and is trying to make a decision on how to move forward with her life but I feel like when it comes to you if you're a man dealing with a woman it could be either that this person feels like you're dealing with multiple options or you are not offering them enough and even though there's a strong connection there and you have memories and you have like Poole towards each other this person is choosing the woman is choosing to move forward because whatever this was that was offered obviously lacked some kind of solid ground or they were waiting for way too long and nothing happened and they decided to move on for some of you you're dealing with the person who you need a lot of patience and compromise with with the woman who has been hurt and just needs time and needs security and needs to know it's real and it could be that for some of you you kind of self-sabotage something and this person cuts you off and decided to walk away and that hurt your feelings as as an eighth score for your men as a Scorpio man I'm sorry but yeah and you could be feeling really upset because this person is not talking to you or my Scorpio men for my scorpio women likewise it could be that you cut someone out because they hurt you could be that they were dealing with multiple women or they just want we're not offering you commitment and stability you wanted and they were taking forever to make up their mind and even though you felt like they're your soul mates they kind of broke your heart or they did something to sabotage the situation and you kind of pulled back and now they're they're brokenhearted or disappointed for some of you you could have been self sabotaging when it comes to this and now you want to offer this person something and they're out the door or they're not speaking I don't feel like they're out the door completely because they still want communication and they miss you Scorpio no matter what you did or whether you're a male or a female but I feel like this person is is not wanting to be in a stock situation that has no solid ground no future no you know unnecessary timeout okay that's kind of what I'm getting from this I feel like people in in my two years of being here on YouTube and I've known about taro and taro for a long time but more heavily in the last couple of years like on public scale I feel like people are I as a reader I feel like people complicate their life for absolutely no no good reason and usually it has to do with the baggage with access with past hurts with whatever they do not take time to heal that or they bring it into a brand new situation your partnership and they kind of mess the future mess up the future of it okay or they don't listen to the first and if they're dealing with something they listen to answer but not to truly hear or they hear one thing and what's being said is completely different it's like you know what I mean but I feel like the woman in here is kind of needing solid ground and that's what it boils down to whoever it is that the woman is whether that's you as a Scorpio woman or Scorpio man dealing with a woman okay specific woman and that's and they want to talk to you but they want something solid and they don't see you doing that okay some of you may be dealing with the man who's completely focused on finances and kind of turned their back on you some of you could be dealing with somebody who's reaching out but you see them as a player and and you know complete liar and deceiver and dishonest when it comes to solid offer okay especially for my scorpion women anyhow you guys um I feel like whoever it is that you're dealing with whether you're the queen of swords queen of Pentacles and two of Wands here you're kind of sticking to what stable what has longevity there's a decision and it could be that you're coming across an emotional and you're trying to make a decision based on logic rather than your emotions you could be dealing with somebody who you cut off to you to multiple partners for my scorpio man you may be dealing with a woman who's kind of needing solid ground in terms of future and until you show that to them or until you show that you're actually invested in put effort into it they're gonna cut you off some of you may have been dealing with multiple people as well and ended up like hurting now because this person is not talking to you um but that's kind of what I'm seeing I'm seeing wanting to talk to each other but somebody needing to make a solid offer and if that does not happen a person whoever is not getting a solid offer but once the solid offer is kind of moving on getting setting themselves free so check out your birth chart placements and cross watch my weekly videos for those placements at those signs please keep in mind that one and Venus apart from your Sun Sign are directly linked to love and relationships this being a love and relationship focused reading it would make sense for you to check that out you guys I love you no matter what the reading is or what week week we are on or no matter who is doing what and I wish you a good week ahead take care of yourself stay strong and I will catch up with all of you in your next weekly general love reading for the sign of Scorpio until then take care and thank you so much for watching

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