scientific socialism versus democratic socialism which is superior well there's a lot of talk these days about socialism in this country understand and I'm coming to you with the expertise the political science expertise understand they're Diablo SSA scientific sorceress of America former and Tifa former sharp Pharma CPUSA Communist Party USA but now I'm with the hardest group on the left side understand and the thing about it is there's a lot of misconceptions out there you got people running around talking about the Democrats like they left all of a sudden they got a little leftist so-called leftist faction within their party which is center-right neoliberals global capitalists and got nothing to do with no leftism and now you got some jokers and their party going around calling themselves socialism everything like that and then the question would be what distinguishes a Democrat from a so-called Democratic Socialist what's the difference in policy there are advocating the exact same program and the thing about it is if you want to see so-called democratic socialism you look at Venezuela that's the democratic socialism you can't vote socialism in socialism must come to socials revolution the first one was Soviet Union as you know you got China Cuba Laos Vietnam those are socialist nation socialist communist nations communism has never been achieved yet it's theoretical this the first goal is world socialism and that's what these nations are so the very notion of democratic socialism is a misnomer to all of us who believe in it we think that China is more democratic than the United States in this country you need a bunch of money when you got to be part of these political parties and everything otherwise you ain't got no chance to be an elected furthermore there's Electoral College that allows two parties to control the whole system so it's really a one-party system anyway in China they don't got money in politics they don't got that type of thing you're not allowed to be in no different parties one party runs the country besides it's all local government and it's and anybody could work for anybody can work for a cup you don't have to be a part of the party but you'd probably join the Chinese Communist Party if you want to get in their system to understand what you're doing if you got these jokers here running for office hold an office Alexandra castle contest with bartenders Eden handles I need to be in politics and she volunteered some time ago brother put her in addition all the services in the government you guys went way down to the Constitution two worlds and they operating the government brother Dan suppose it work like that so first and foremost democratic socialism is a joke isn't that it's successful anywhere in the world and it's not an actual system socialism come from Marx and then to monsters and Leninism Marxism Leninism hours Dell ISM so I saw the democratic socialism that's a joke where it's at its scientific socialism Marxism Leninism you understand and we don't believe in utopian functions we could look at the book utopian socialism versus scientific socialism by Frederick angles and now to break it down to these jabronis calling themself DSA they're just a bunch of Democrats and liberals and they try to pretend like they soldiers that's won't call them forceless because they're not real social they don't know the first thing about socialism they can't tell you the difference between Marxism and Marxism Leninism they understand so democratic socialism you want to see where it is China you want to see what real social school each other sorry about that I would never disrespect the Chinese democratic socialism is what you see in Venezuela now real social you see in China Cuba North Korea Laos and Vietnam point blank and anybody who doesn't want to admit that and represent those nations and represent the Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin who's the founder of socialism that's the the Bolsheviks that's the first socialist revolution anybody who don't want to abide by that is a foulest jack and that apparently the whole d'Orsay

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