Scaramucci touts Trump's economy amid criticism of foreign intel comment

  1. Our country is going into a recession, USD is going down and tax increase is coming… Farmers need bailout and the car industry is doomed… So yeah trump is doing great…. Hilarious you people still support him… Lol

  2. Let's look at President Trump's achievements so far:

    Combating Global Climate Catastrophe: Nothing; instead has contributed to it.
    Making America safer from gun violence: Nothing; instead has contributed to it.
    Making health care more available: Nothing; has tried to make it less available.
    Helping the working poor: Nothing; gave big tax cuts to the rich.
    Upgrading Infrastructure: Nothing; wants funds for wall.
    Addressing concerns with North Korea, Russia, China, Iran: No success; made things worse.
    Strengthening relations with allies: Nothing; weakened them.
    Negotiating trade deals: No success; made things worse.
    Inspiring tolerance and understanding among disparate groups in American society: Nothing: has promoted bigotry and animus.
    Providing role model for America's young people: No good parent wants his/her child to act like Trump!

    Grade: F-

  3. The first question is idiotic. Trump baited them into it like a pro, how can people be this stupid not to see it? Now that he got them attacking him for something the dems did 10x over, they will have nothing to fall back on. Fkn Trump is a genius at chess, and it would seem so many out there aren't.
    Don't be fkn sheep!

  4. Comrade Trump-ski has been castrated by Putin. Given their upcoming G-20 meeting in Japan, we need to brace ourselves for yet another boot-licking performance like the one we were subjected to when the two leaders met in Helsinki. Trump still can't get the shoe polish off his face from that spectacle. That image is seared in our consciousness, too.

  5. I'm about fed up with the direction FOX news is taking! Every time the fake medias run with a story…fox has the same people on with the same demeaning manner of our President.
    It would have been nice to have a news source that wasn't all about the drama and reports the great things happening.

  6. Why does the one on the right look like he's hanging upside-down with the camera rotated to make him look like he's the right way up?

  7. Fraud


    Definition: a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. "President of the USA exposed as trickster and fraud"

    Synonyms: Trumpster: fake, con man, snake oils salesman; Trump Jr.: cheater, fraudster; Ivanka: impostor, fake; Eric: sham, pretender, (the dumb one); Kushner:  quack, mountebank, hoodwinker, masquerader;  Barr: charlatan, swindler, fraudster, racketeer, cheat, cheater; Scaramucci: double-dealer, trickster, confidence trickster.

    Informal: phony, con man, con artist; "the Muller report represented as a fraud" dated: confidence man: "Trump exposes himself as a fraud," sham, hoax, imitation, copy, dummy, mock-up; fake, forgery, counterfeit;

  8. Republican Party = Russian collaborators
    Donald Trump = America’s first Russian president taking credit for Obama’s, a true american economy.

  9. Trump has accomplished more for this country than anyone in such a short time! Against the D.C. swamp !
    The man will do his BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY EVERY TIME! Shut up and get out of his way!
    He's human and not a politician…his may not be YOUR STYLE
    But it works!! He's been Right at every turn!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. This is worse than ESPN…which is pretty pathetic. Get some balls and think for yourself, people. Trump and his method of taking advantage of others is insanity / full throttled narcism.

  11. BS"D OK, heard two interviews today with "howie doody" today.
    More than enough. One more cnn member on fox. Shame.

  12. For 2020 what the international community would prefer: Trump or a Dem ? ? ?
    China, North Korea, Russia, Iran ? Obviously a Dem. Reason: weaker policy
    Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras ? Obviously a Dem. Reason: Open borders
    The European Union ? Obviously a Dem. Reason: Very similar leftist policies.
    So the only "allies' Trump has are Israel, Poland, Hungary and probably the UK.

  13. the fundamental market indicators are all bad to horrible … it is markets by tweak and tweeter … this is 2007 all over again … gloom at harvest time … doom in the winter …

  14. Scaramucci has too much to say and does not represent the President. A bit of self-promotion and PR for the Mucc I suppose..

  15. I don't like the way Fox is covering this. The press has VERY selective hearing. They are deaf and clearly did not hear him say that he would do BOTH. Of course common sense says that he has to listen first to find out the gravity of the situation before passing on the info to the relevant authorities. How stupid do you think we are that Potus has to explain what is obvious as if we are very small kids. Foreigners listening to this bruhaha will think the press is very stupid focusing on something so inconsequential and apparent that even a kid would understand what he originally said.

  16. The President has the right to listen to anything he chooses to (as do we) – and then refer it to the appropriate authorities. This is all a beat-up.

  17. Trump's barking dogs trade war advisors are leading him on a wild goose chase. They are fumbling from one blunder after another.

  18. Those guys in America elected DJT warts and all, as the saying goes. Together with his lack of most of the qualities which make a grown up a grown up. He is not the sole cause of the handwringing and breast beating currently on display in the American political arena. He is a symptom of a deeper malaise which is eroding the American ideal in plain sight from within. The causes, greed, hubris, ignorance and fear, in that order. I can say that after living there for twenty years. However; as Winston Churchill once famously said "America will do the right thing after they have tried everything else".

  19. Researchers scanned the brains of Trump supporters and found lower activity in parts of the brain associated with reasoning and cognitive control. "The neuroimaging studies were meant to rule out posturing—you can't consciously control these brain processes—and to show that the behavioral results of willingness to believe the repeated lies of Donald Trump is truly rooted as deep-down as it goes in human cognition and brain processes" Not a surprise.

  20. Yeah, there are so many honest people you could call at the DOJ or FBI. What would you ever have to worry about? And why is FOX still going on about this nothingburger? They sound more and more like the MSM!

  21. Trump said he would call the FBI!!! Listen to the whole tape. Also, most media is " The Enemy Of The People" because of fake, lying, misinformation, and hate. That right there can be so harmful to the public that only want the truth. It's really dangerous.

  22. Good comments by Scaramucci. Donald Trump knows that you have to be assertive in business and in politics. This is why he likes social media, in particular Twitter. Or, you will give others the opportunity to re-define you in a manner that you may not approve of. In the 2000 campaign, VP Al Gore was too passive. He was attacked a lot and he did not respond. A lot of critics mocked him and accused him of saying that he invented the Internet. Al Gore should have responded and clarified that he helped to fund the creation of the Internet as a legislator. Obviously, he did not invent the Internet. Al Gore knows that he did not invent the Internet. The Internet was a Department of Defense creation by MANY individuals, in particular Vincent Cerf and Robert Kahn. A lot of critics ripped VP Gore apart for supporting President Clinton even after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. VP Al Gore should have responded and reminded everyone that loyalty is paramount when you are Vice President and that you never bite the hand that feeds you! The VP works for the President! The President is his boss and he can fire him! Because Al Gore was too passive, and too polite, he allowed others, such as Karl Rove, to re-define him. As a consequence, VP Al Gore lost an election that had a good, sound economy, in a very tight margin of defeat! The last time that had happened was back in November 1960, when VP Richard Nixon lost a close election due to few lucky breaks for Senator JFK, such as Richard Nixon deciding to run in every single state, which strained his health and led to the famous first tv debate win for Senator Kennedy, and President Dwight Eisenhower's unwillingness to help his VP to get Martin Luther King Jr. out of jail in Atlanta, because of his position on federalism not infringing on states sovereignty rights. This GREATLY helped JFK by accident! RFK and JFK feared losing the Jim Crow Dixiecrats. Had Ike helped his VP, the overwhelming majority of African American voters would have swung to VP Nixon's side! Like VP Nixon, VP Al Gore had to deal with a situation that was out of his hands, in particular the Elian Gonzalez case! President Clinton's administration forced Elian Gonzalez to go back to Cuba! This really hurt VP Al Gore! So many Latino voters swung over to Governor George W. Bush of Texas AS A CONSEQUENCE OF WHAT THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION DID! That alone would have made a HUGE DIFFERENCE ESPECIALLY IN FLORIDA where the Elian Gonzalez case occurred! The end result: the good economy in 1960 did not help VP Nixon enough, and likewise for VP Al Gore four decades later. History does repeat itself in strange ways!

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