Santa The Socialist

Christmas Santa Claus presents it all sounds pretty innocent doesn't it well there's another name for gift-giving wealth redistribution also known as socialism is old st. bolshie teaching our kids to expect handouts the rest of their lives yes so I came here to see how far the contamination has spread what did you ask Santa for Christmas a new video game for the Wii and my D s and a BMX bike what did you give Santa like in return do you think he should maybe get something back like he deserves a return on his investment yeah I think so we're gonna play a game and you're gonna close your eyes and I'm gonna say a word and you tell me the first thing that pops into your head freedom laughs what about like a low marginal tax rate freedom are you thinking of a slide and a burrito think of a sled and a burrito but not a low marginal tax rate yeah you are thinking of a little marginal tax rate turna say there was a little girl who had no toys for Christmas and then the government took one of your toys and then gave it to her would that be okay would you make her do something would clean your room or polish your shoes or no anything okay can you tell me who this is Santa Santa Claus Santa Santa Claus okay well I got their claws in me deep okay boys and girls would like to thank Scott for coming into speaking to our class today and we actually have a little gift for Scott what what do I owe you what uh what are we talking here couple hundred no thank you oh okay okay oh my parents used to read me this every Christmas Eve is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me thank you so much thank you you know I think I learned something here today these little commies have been spying on me how else would they know what book my parents used to read me it's probably got a tracking device in it or something listen kids don't trust anyone over 80 degrees latitude for 22 minutes I'm Scott Vroman

  1. Voluntarily giving someone a gift is not the same thing as government taking the fruits of it's citizens labor by force. What a bizarre and dishonest comparison to make. 

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