I love Burlingame the only thing that is
a little pressuring is the fact that it’s always upgrading there’s a lot of nice cars it gets a little intimidating where you know do I have to keep up with that or is this kind of like an unknown standard that I need to live up to Both my parents immigrated here from the Philippines First my mom came here actually she was a dentist she had her own practice but then she had me and she gave up that okay I have a kid now I’m putting all my love and effort and I’m sending her to the US in the hopes that she has a better life than what I do My dad also he was, in fact, a family doctor in the Philippines It’s more of I say inspiration my major is gonna be nursing I always get this all the time they’re
like “oh you’re just doing nursing just because your family did it” but I don’t see it as just because they did I see a more of me carrying on a tradition almost I’m kind of their legacy – I’m the first gen San Mateo County has huge economic disparities We are down the street from Google, YouTube, Facebook, Apple So you have these industries that have really a lot of money and influence in society and that sort of spills over to the county and on the flip side, you have communities that are very poor and very low-income Community colleges are about access so historically it’s anyone can come to community college the focus has changed though to success We focus on what can we do to help better the lives of the students that come here because a lot of them are in poverty so if we can get them a credential, if we can get them a degree then they can change the life not only for themselves but for their entire family for generations to come and that’s really what community colleges are about You know life isn’t perfect like anything, really there was a time where you know the family was our family wasn’t doing so well like I was like super sad, my motivation gone – no idea what I was doing until I graduated high school then I went to CSM so it was when I was part of the Promise Scholarship I met my counselor Gil and he really helped me out A lot our students are first-generation college students which means that neither of their parents have a bachelor’s degree Parents want to be able to support their students but they’re not always sure about what the actual resources on campus are just because they themselves haven’t been through the process The Promise Scholars Program is absolutely amazing so we are able to support students academically, as well as financially Students are always surprised we say – we have your tuition, we’ve got your textbooks, we got your back that we got your back part is like
“I don’t know what that means” until they get here and then they meet us And that’s really the feedback that we get from students is all about engagement Somebody knows I’m here and I’m not just a face in the crowd and it’s all because the counselors are able to have all that information at their fingertips Now with our Education Cloud technology
the dashboard is right there and they can find out what’s happening here, here, and here – it’s all in one interface The biggest thing we struggle with is the
attrition rate – students dropping out and once we know they’re dropping out it’s too late to bring them back into the system so we want to catch them before they drop out of the system completely When a counselor has an alert coming on his dashboard we have the real-time data to be able to reach out to the students to see how can we help them This is powerful for us we didn’t have this information before For a very long time, I was the only person in my family that had gone to college It takes one person – right? to change historical trends within neighborhoods, communities, families it just takes one individual these students that we work with are those one individuals Promise has helped me so much from the community, the tuition, the books, the counseling, the gas card I’m enormously grateful it’s honestly
life-changing Really In a way where I don’t feel so alone

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