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Salford Community Leisure is run by and for the people of Salford, making great things happen throughout your community. Our dedicated team of employees, volunteers, supporters and partners are committed to enhancing the physical and cultural wellbeing of everyone in Salford at each of our sporting, library and cultural venues. Serving millions of customer visits a year, we ensure anything extra we make goes right back into the heart of the community. We’ve created sporting opportunities for all ages and abilities. “My four girls started to swim here when they were 3 months old and now they’ve all progressed to be national swimmers” Whatever it is, there are venues all over Salford buzzing with activity, giving you the chance to get out there and get involved. It’s all here for you, whether you’re focused on getting in shape, flying high in a brand new sport or like Gemma, getting back your fitness levels after an illness. Whatever it is, there are venues all over Salford buzzing with activity, giving you the chance to get out there and get involved. Our libraries are the focus of the community, not just for reading but places to meet and learn new skills. “What I’ve really enjoyed is spending time with Charlotte in a different way, storyrhymetime opened my eyes to the way books can be brought to life and it’s so much fun!” There’s free computer access for all, from essential services to the many fun activities available online. And each summer, thousands of children take up our reading challenge, receiving prizes along the way. And if you can’t get to your library, don’t worry. The library will come to you where you can choose books in the comfort of your own home. The heritage on our doorstep is rich, varied and inspiring, with lots of opportunities to educate and express yourself. We have artists nurturing creativity through exhibitions and workshops, opening up new ideas to every generation. Whether you’re a budding musician or you’re taking your first steps on the stage, our music and performing arts team will be there to help inspire and encourage you on your musical journey. There are so many ways to get involved Without the support of the community, their time and donations, we wouldn’t be able to do all the great things we do here like restoring the Hall and gardens to their original splendor Salford’s culture opens up new avenues to enrich your knowledge, taking you through our history into the future. Why not come along and enjoy new ways to meet like-minded people. Get involved. Experience new things. Do the kind of stuff you’ve always wanted to do. You might share an exciting new adventure, explore new experiences together, or celebrate something very special. You never know what’s out there, until you grab the chance to live life to the full. Discover all the things you can be and all the things you can do, with Salford Community Leisure.


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