Sales Culture at MNJ

(energetic music) – Here at MNJ, we know our clients are directly affected by our internal climate and culture, so sit back, relax and hear a little bit about what we do to make MNJ special. – The three words that I would use to describe our culture is Family – Motivational – Power – Inclusive – And innovation – Being downtown, fun – Like no other, This is a unique situation. We’ve branded ourselves and that’s what everyone’s
finally seeing now. – I think being valued is important and our manager does a great job of valuing us on a daily basis, whether we land a deal, or whether we close a nice order or have a great month, he’s the first one to send an email to us. – Honestly, I mean I feel valued at work when you know, whether I get a pat on the back or not, I just feel valued when I know that my, you know, work made an impact whether for another team member or our customers. – I think we come in with a work hard, play hard mentality. We take things seriously, but not ourselves too seriously. – I would describe working at MNJ like a professional sports team and it starts at the top with management, then you have to recruit
the right players. You also have to have the right coaches, so that’s what we have in place here and that’s why we’re successful ’cause we built ourselves
a championship team. – The single best thing
at MNJ for me truly is, sky’s the limit here. I really can choose my own destiny, and I can do so in such a way where I have the autonomy and freedom to go about my business as if it’s my own small business within a small business. Yet get all the resources I need, get the support and funding from a vast marketing team and an executive team that understands where we’re trying to go, where we’re at currently and what we can be. It’s just a lot of fun to be
a part of a team like that. – As a sales manager, the most important aspect of my job is making sure our reps embrace
our climate and culture. When this is embraced, there is success for them, as well as our clients. (energetic music)

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