Sacred Places of Notre Dame: Notre Dame Stadium Field

(gentle music) – My name is Daelin Hayes. I’m a senior studying Film,
Television, and Theater. I’m from Detroit, Michigan. And I’m a member of the
Fighting Irish football team. My sacred place on campus is the field on Notre Dame Stadium. One of the times that
I feel closest to God is before the game. I feel that deep
connection to my teammates we’re in the locker
room and in the tunnel. And when we run out onto the field, that feeling of connectedness opens up to the entire Notre Dame
family and the world beyond. The first thing I do
when I get onto the field is run to the opposite end zone, take a knee with my teammates,
and place myself before God. I believe that when you’re born, God gives us all a unique set of gifts and what you do with those gifts are completely predicated on you. My gift just was football. I used the game to give
that glory back to God. So for me this year, in any
moment that I made a big play, when I knew that the
spotlight would be on me, I tried to take that platform and give all the glory back to God. I know that this purpose, the
purpose that I’m here for, is greater than myself and anything that I could do by myself. This Advent, let us all consider what gifts God has given to us and how can we use them to serve others.

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