S. Korea reviews ways to contribute to int’l community’s security efforts in Strait of Hormuz

eyes are on whether South Korea would
send troops to the street of her Moo’s where tensions have gone up due to
Iran’s threat to close the Strait and the use of the troop deployment as
leverage in the defense cost-sharing talks with the USR since a man has more South Korea’s presidential office says
it has reviewed the possibility of sending Korean troops to form an allied
forces fleet to safeguard waters in the Strait of Hormuz with tension is
mounting in the Middle East in recent months during the weekly session of the
National Security Council on Thursday presided over by the nation’s top
security chief Charlie young the top office said at standing members have
agreed to beef up Korea’s corporation with neighboring countries for progress
and the Korean peace drive and they also discussed ways to protect Koreans and
ships and the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz and contribute to the
international community’s maritime security efforts in that region it’s the
first time in months that the South Korean government has openly mentioned
the idea of sending troops to the region during an NSC meeting in July
speculation lingers and that the impossible deployment may also be
directed at the ongoing negotiations between Seoul and Washington over the
sharing the defense cost for American troops stationed in South Korea this
especially as the NSC meetings readout – also said it talked about strategy and
the tough negotiations with Washington on military defense cost-sharing the
idea of sending a Korean warship to the Middle East came to light shortly after
a visit by the US national security adviser John Bolton now removed from the
post to Seoul in July this year with multiple sources familiar with the topic
saying that Washington wishes for Seoul to send troops to the region the u.s.
had consistently been trying to build the international support for a military
coalition in the seas of Iran and Yemen to which Australia the UK and Bahrain
have already joined and if Seoul decides to assist the us-led campaign it is like
lady 300 men strong chunk a unit in the Gulf of Aden may be deployed to the
coalition since a min Arirang news

  1. Not a good choice.
    Russia china rocks.
    Korean are inocent people. Stop making korea conspiracy.
    Stick togather.
    The devil wants vs vs games in asia.meddle east Africa and in south America.

  2. Why Hormuz became dangerous?
    Israel & US attacked Iran.
    Israel & US fabricated false statements.
    Israel & US should back off.
    Israel & US should stop hunting other countries’ resources. Period.

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