Ryze’s 10-Year Realm Warp | League of Legends Community Collaboration

Greetings Summoners. It is I, Ryze, a Rune Mage. For us to protect the future of Runeterra, it is vital that we understand its past. And you are in luck, since I’ve spent the last 10 years here, collecting everything in this book. So if you’ll hold still for just a second, I will cast a nostalgia spell that should send us through the last decade of League of Legends. Things might look a little different than you remember. That’s totally normal. Okay, first up: the early days. As you can see, these were strange times. There were only 40 Champions at first, myself included. And some of us were nearly unrecognizable compared to our present iterations. This was the age of exploring new Champions, abilities, and strange methods. Yes, that was standard. Many of these things have been reworked or phased out. But some things… will never change. Alright, let’s continue. Oops, this isn’t right. Sorry about that, hang on. Still not right. Wait. Here we are. The dark times. You might be surprised to hear that League has had its share of miscalculations. There were many things that sounded great in theory, but in practice they ended up being… suboptimal. There have been times when certain Champions were notably stronger than others. You might even say they were OP. But balancing has been and always will be a challenge. When you are experimenting for 10 years, you’re bound to run into complications along the way. Let’s get out of here. Skip ahead a few years. Aha, see? Things can always get better. Summoner’s Rift grew new life. And the Jungle bred new and interesting creatures. New Champions were released, while others were completely reworked. Strange new skins were introduced, and became iconic. Competition grew fierce as Summoners around the world competed to be the best. Many great moments were captured. Many great teams have risen, and fought. Above all things, the community has grown, and created unforgettable moments throughout the years. I must confess that I don’t always understand the jokes. Oh, and this bossy little penguin showed up. I think he’s part of a new mode. I haven’t participated yet. So a lot has happened in 10 years, but there’s still a lot to be done, because as long as you’re with us, we are going to keep working, and reworking to make things better. Even if one of those things has been reworked like 20 f**king times already.

  1. I hope they release star guardian urgot for the next april fool , just for a month and everyone can test it for free !

    👇if u like the idea x))

  2. rip ap Master Yi you Q the 5 of them and then another Q and then W in case non of them died and then you Q to kill the 5

  3. Senku from dr stone is on the chalkboard at 1:25, I don’t recognise the other faces on the chalkboard but they must me Easter eggs as well.

  4. To think I created my acc way back by the end of 2009… Indeed, what a ride.
    Getting UFO Corki when LoL won the Golden Joystick, seeing soraka's infuse changing from " Gives you Mana " > "Gives you half mana and your friendly target half mana or silences enemy " -> "Gives double mana if cast on self " – > AoE Silence… lol
    Getting Judgement Kayle from playing dominion.
    Seeing Taric's "Radiance" changing from an AoE damage / sec Toggle hability to a "nuke" , and then the current "immunity".

    The Sunfire Cape shenanigan's….
    Watching Ionia VS Noxus , and GuardsmanBob wreck as Udyr.
    Witnessing Udyr lose his beloved "locket"… lmao….
    getting heartbroken when Poppy lost her "Diplomatic Immunity" ult…. it was so much fun >:l

    what a rush….

  5. As funny as the video seemed, having to remember all the great times I've experienced with the game made me tear up a bit. So many nostalgic things in this video just made me miss the good ol' days when it was all about fun with friends and just playing League.

  6. Terkoiz has seen or made Poppy hentai before, I can just tell from how she's the cutest of all mentioned champions.

  7. My computer is too old for me to play league now, I don’t have the money for a new one 🙁 idk how long it’s gonna take me to save up to play league again lol

  8. Ok they acknowledge it soo 😱 but literally not joking about the urgot star guardian skin.Release it soon pls and ty

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