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president Trump is in the middle of a 12 day trip to Asia where he's trying his hand at solving one of the world's most intractable foreign policy problems after publicly ridiculing the idea of direct talks with North Korea Trump seemed to backtrack in Seoul today I really believe that it makes sense for North Korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of North Korea and the people of the world I do see a certain movement yes but let's see what happens it's a strikingly softer tone and most likely a concession to a host country that's growing increasingly nervous about a rush toward war [Applause] here in Seoul people were hoping president Trump would hear their message and see their English language signs many of the people here listen to Trump say things like this no matter what it is we have the greatest military equipment in the world and South Korea will be ordering billions of dollars of that equipment which frankly for them makes a lot of sense they see that kind of talk is leading to more militarization in a way that could actually make them less safe beagle cookie what together on some Cherokee okay I've seen another do I hear G could take turns outside any closer don't you think Omaha get that on Ichigo and William Inge up window will Johnson it up the missile defense equipment used in South Korea is called bad which stands for terminal high altitude area defense system and the United States helped South Korea set it up about three hours south of Seoul our team had to hike with a local protester to try to get a glimpse of it it's hard to see but those two beige objects sticking up right before the mountain line that's bad it's made up of six launchers which contain 48 interceptors it was supposed to be the first part of a larger system to protect the country but South Korea's new president isn't totally sure he wants to go ahead with that partly because many of the people who live near it don't like it don't put it too young we hungry get a sore hand and open charity oh okay Kang young man to Canada on Kangana and Kaylee you don't want to hurt Emmet ah he had been doing and Kim Jong it was funny money teacher in Johnny's photo need to go to we will get to London get ready okay to underhay saw to Connery okay we open hanging today or big wound collegial robery Torah Jesus how crooked Cooney on Apache nuggets man paralytic app two-tone and how deep it is unknown how do you Kim Jung inkyung Arabic we get in contrast to South Korea Japan has been working on a complicated umbrella of missile defense since the 90s they have a portable system that is deployed to multiple ships as well as 13 sites on the island designed to target incoming weapons in August the Japanese government asks the Parliament for 48 point 1 billion dollars to help install another land base defense system there's no way to know how effective the system will be if it's actually needed but we know it's very effective at one thing pissing off China the country Trump is going to next China doesn't see missile defenses defense it sees it as office and they may feel the need to respond if US Japan and South Korean missile defense systems develop and getting better and better China has to increase the number of the warheads and the missiles greatly it will have to change a nuclear strategy is that about defense for China is it about being the most powerful actor in the region I think that both okay both you know so far as a nuclear power state China has to defend its own you know territory from the possible a nuclear attack but on the other hand if China possesses the very strong and capable nuclear forces which can counter-attack the United States then it will secure the the state of China is a great power in the world anything Trump says or doesn't say on this trip can have significant consequences and when global security is dependent on what trump decides to say well that's real-life drama whether you thought you cared about missile defense or not as Trump makes his way through Asia Republicans in Washington are pressing ahead with their top priority tax reform lobbyists and industry groups are watching closely and many are concerned about how the bills provisions will affect their specific interests but there's one group that sees a big win in the making social conservatives and I will repeal the Johnson amendment if I am elected your president I promise so that's one of the few highly specific promises the very vague candidate Trump made during his campaign which leads to the obvious question what is the Johnson amendment the Johnson & Johnson amendment is Lyndon Johnson before he was president the amendment was part of a 1954 tax law that firmed up the separation of church and state churches risked losing their tax-exempt status if they directly endorsed candidates or donate to campaigns well check this out on pages 427 and 428 of the 429 page house proposal the Johnson amendment is changed I have to change passes into law churches will be allowed to expressly endorse candidates of their choice is that a political issue is that a moral issue I think it's a deeply moral issue that finds its way into the political square so for laws to be passed to curtail speech that doesn't allow you to express what you believe about these deeply held beliefs I think is not what our Constitution our country was framed on that's Jim Daly he's president of Focus on the Family a conservative evangelical Christian group Daly has been watching the tax bill very closely just as most conservative evangelical Christian groups have been doing changes to things like the Johnson amendment show how powerful tax policy can be in shaping social policy lawmakers have been doing this for years the current tax code pushes you to get married have kids and buy a house it's social engineering the House proposal adds in some work for example if it became law you'd be able to set up a 529 college savings account for an unborn fetus that's a significant step I think in the pro-life community that you're saying okay this person that's in utero can be recognized as a beneficiary to the 529 savings account that that's that's big the House bill isn't perfect he says take the adoption tax credit the house proposal eliminates it Daly thinks that tax credit means families will adopt more children which of course goes hand in hand with the anti-abortion stuff so Daly's lobbying the Senate to put the credit back in he says he's found a friendly audience why would the Republicans want to open themselves up to paying for a portion of the tax cut on the backs of orphans and I've had conversations senator blunt and others have agreed with me this is how the Religious Right gets what it wants in the tax code and what does it once in the Johnson amendment and wants churches to play a bigger more active role in American politics there's a lot of tax policy riding left to be done but so far it looks like the new tax code will make guys like Jim Daly very happy yesterday the Department of Homeland Security revoked temporary protected status for close to 5,000 Nicaraguans living in the u.s. they'll be eligible for deportation in just over a year temporary protected status or TPS covers more than 400,000 foreign nationals and is supposed to prevent them from being deported when a crisis like a natural disaster or civil war has broken out in their home countries in some cases it's allowed people to stay in the US long after the crisis has ended when Santiago Monroy came to the u.s. in 1986 he was undocumented but in 1998 hurricane Mitch tore through Central America in Honduras and Nicaragua in the United States for granted the origins of TPS date back to the 1980s when our salvador was caught in a civil war between the us-backed military government and left-wing guerrillas with hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans crossing the border into the u.s. to congressman representative Joe Moakley of Massachusetts an Arizona senator Dennis deconcini proposed a bill that would stop people from being deported back to a war zone it was controversial because the politics involved in the violence that was going on down there there wasn't a whole lot of consensus Republicans were worried about encouraging illegal immigration and didn't want TPS to become a backdoor to amnesty they're not gonna stop and tell the illegal aliens from Central America are given permanent status that's their purpose forget all the definition so the congressman made a deal TPS wouldn't last forever it was not comfortable making a temporary based on their circumstances at the time that's the best we could do and we thought if we got this accomplished maybe sometime in the future broaden their but that again the program never was officially broadened never included a path to permanent residency but for many TPS recipients temporary status evolved over the years into something that seemed more permanent TPS has to be extended by DHS every 6 to 18 months so in theory Santiago could have been sent back to Honduras a long time ago but the government has now extended Hondurans protected status 15 different times essentially recognizing that conditions in the country have deteriorated since the 1998 hurricane 80% of people currently in the US under the program have been here for more than 15 years critics say the fact that people like Santiago have been able to stay here for so long is a problem they argue that the temporary and temporary protected status is there for a reason the Trump administration seems to agree in her memo yesterday acting secretary Elaine Duke told TPS holders to plan for the program's end Nicaraguans have until January 2019 to leave the country or apply for more permanent residency Hondurans got a six-month reprieve but it's still up to DHS to decide whether to continue the protection after July which means their future in their adopted home is far from secure today Russians marked the 100-year anniversary of the October Revolution the Bolshevik uprising that started in Petrograd modern-day st. Petersburg and introduced communism to the world 26 years after the collapse of the USSR the Communist Party is the second largest in Russia technically and its aging leadership is working to bolster its ranks with a new generation of young comrades [Applause] a hundred years on from the revolution this is what the Russian Communist Party looks like Canaries igano has led the party for 25 years he's running for presidential elections twice against Vladimir Putin and come in second every time if the Communists really wants to threaten Putin's United Russia in the elections next March they're going to have to win over a generation of young people who never lived under communism this is why zag on of went to the World Festival abuse and students which this year was held in the Russian coastal resort of Sochi held once every four years and attended by 25,000 young people from 150 countries this conference is a bit like a student politics Olympics they're socialists branding everywhere and a lot of young Russian communists the Communist Party says around 40% of its 160,000 members are under 35 the Komsomol the party's youth group claims 20,000 members between the age of 18 and 35 we met Borislav Cassatt c'n at a party celebrating the festival's opening night an out-of-work dancer and former soldier borislav joined the Komsomol two years ago he's a committed communist so how many people would you say are communists – my brothers Albertina start a machinist a madman okay it's a formula car coming yeah how would you go about convincing and none of the young people who are here that the Communist Party is the people that they should be supportive lugia Samia – nuketown prettier but yeah toshiaki lobotomy of the casino yes talent is Lavazza east or is not jealous wasted on me yes sir if she was too knows Mattias Mattel bottom of ezel stoic ah so it's a Subaru she meet economist cosmoline which are some nicer communistic with pasta en estilo Buddha show alive when was like the Golden Age of communism in Russia oh yeah knees higher it was sporting a postman some jelly gosh the poor cannot possibly more agitated when you Carla no boosters some novice 302 caper sauce a nice immediate investment assertive reporters new the next day borislav marched in solidarity with his comrades through the Olympic Park very nice very nice they were heading to here's a gun of speak but some of these younger members feel they're gray leaders are failing not only to deliver a classless stateless society but provide any genuine opposition to Putin as a gun of has voiced support for the church and doesn't criticize the president publicly instead he's backed Putin on crucial issues like the annexation of Crimea this communist party plays by the Kremlin's rules offering a harmless alternative for Russian voters who missed the Ghana has no intention of stepping aside for fresh blood off the ball may have the card he gave over to some special guests from North Korea [Applause] even che guevara daughter made an appearance when we finally caught up with him at the conference we asked what the key issues of his fifth presidential campaign would be even the young diehards of the Komsomol aren't overly enthusiastic about cigar nose chances on Shabazz love I am an individual forgive me boys the optimist or judicata reasonably better or worse situation but do you actually think the Communists have any chance of winning an election monster dusty music space alien year Astana Lewisohn the youngest of policy that was fun now I forgot where I was well that's honey cool is that Nickelback how are you picking these songs hello it's work that's alright yeah well I really like that it was one of few things to occur where I'm not trying to pick apart like an individual sound or break it down or anything I was just kind of taken with the whole overall wash of sound that was happening in the guy's voice was was wonderful and there was imagery going through my head who is it cuz I'll get this destroyer [Applause] runs me up Paul van Dyk after playing one of those European festivals getting on that bus and like just driving through the European countryside until the night jamming to Paula Fanta there's definitely some of that understands like a rhythmic fabric and it's like the bass rental we've been super challenging chords over the top of it I kind of wonder are these guys like super classically trained and that's how they're coming up with it or do they have no idea what the they're doing they're just like wow that sounded cool anyway I loved it [Applause] is that Nickelback that was I the mighty i the mighty okay sounds like a k rock hit probably be seeing them on the festival circuit soon reminds me music from like fifteen years ago except with the like poor modern production relatively live drums yeah the drummer was really good I'd hate to be that drummer cuz that's that seems like a lot of energy to be able to play double bass like that does not compute that's vice news tonight you

  1. I ask you commie scum do you think your government would live like communist?? No of course not they will live like capitalist while you white knight wannabe dickheads get just what you asked for Haha

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    And all the death it has occured during, lets say, the last 100 years. Its fascinating.

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    I'm actually Russian I think it's bullshit

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    Yes that what we wanted you to think


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