Russian River Watershed Association – High School Video Contest 2013

Our local creeks and rivers are key natural habitats for wildlife, which is why keeping them clean needs to be our first priority. To accomplish this, simply watch what you put down the drain. Here are some steps for the most environmentally responsible car wash: Step 1: wash your
car on gravel or grass. Step 2: choose vegetable or citrus-based soaps, and
don’t use acid based wheel cleaners. Third, use an automatic shutoff nozzle.
And if you have to wash on pavement, make sure you divert the water into nearby
landscaping or gravel with rolled up towels or hose. Wring out sponges and
empty buckets in the sinks or toilets so the dirty water goes to the sanitary
sewer system. Finally, sop up any studs or puddles and shake car mats into the trash can. And, well, there you go! You’ve made your car spotless without
being thoughtless. Seem like a nice day to wash your car?
Well, did you know that the water that runs off of your car can run into the storm
drain, contaminating our watershed and killing fish and plants? But there’s something you can do: even
using a vegetable or citrus-based soap can help keep our watershed clean. Make your car spotless without being
thoughtless. For more tips and information go to You know what I wish for? What is that Sally? I wish humans didn’t wash their cars on streets or driveways, where all that soapy nasty water runs into the storm drain and straight to us. Yeah but how can people have a clean, cool ride while protecting the environment at the same time? It’s easy! Try to wipe your car with a wet
cloth or paper towel on a regular basis and your car won’t need a wash. Oh and
those fundraisers that church groups or school clubs put on, they could consider asking
a local commercial car wash or even a self-serve car wash. Those are some great ideas! It will make a big difference. Together we can live better, protect
our aquatic ecosystems, and give fish like us a better, healthier life.

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